Unique Horse Coloring Pages

The latest, exclusively original, and charming Horse Coloring Pages — Which One Will Catch Your Eyes?

Horses are an important part of the world’s history. Legend has it that horses were man’s most reliable ally during the times of war. Folklore tells the tale of horses’ existence as mythical creatures and spiritual beings.

The horse is a magnificent animal that symbolizes courage, freedom, independence, power, endurance, nobleness, triumph, competition, and heroism. An ideal representation of human nature and we just can’t get enough of these magnificent creatures.

This striking similarity to human virtues has generated high demand from our esteemed readers for Horse Coloring Pages that you can print for free.

So, here it is, the 30 latest and original, Horse Coloring Pages that you can download and print for free. Enjoy!

Horse Coloring Pages – 30 All-New Printables

Every horse lovers know that horses are not called majestic creatures, for the sake of it. Every step a horse takes exudes elegance and majesty. This coloring page shows a horse walking majestically on a ranch.


There are only a handful of pictures and videos that show a horse feeding. So, you probably didn’t know that all horses eat grasses. This printable shows a mature horse feeding on grass and a younger horse in a lying posture on the pasture.


Horses mostly love running once they have the freedom and enough space around them. This printable captures a running horse with the background company of a few birds in the sky. The horse visibly enjoys being free and looks focused on going as far as possible.


Horses are free-spirited animals that enjoy wandering about in search of the next adventure. For this reason, humans place a bridle around the horses so they can ride them and control the direction of their movement.


It is a beauty to see a free horse running at top speed — especially those with a flowing mane. The mane is the long hair that grows around the neck of the horse. This print paints perfectly the elegant moment of a running horse with a long mane. Such beauty!


A trotting horse moves at a slightly fast pace. The horse on this coloring page can be easily seen trotting majestically with excitement writing over its face. A happy horse enjoys taking a trot when in the company of other horses.


Horses are sensitive to their environment. This makes it easier for them to sense danger and avoid it. The horse in this printable knows there’s danger ahead and is turning back to safety. It might even be screaming, “Danger ahead, steer clear.”


This printable shows the elegance and athleticism of a horse all rolled in one from a beautiful angle.


The spotted horses are popularly known as the Appaloosa — and they are rare to find. This coloring page features one of these rare spotty horses. Amazing!


Every fan of horses enjoys those cute moments shared between the parent and baby horse. Indeed, it is a wonderful sight to behold. This printable shows a parent and child horse walking side by side. Did you know that a baby horse is called a foal?


The trees and bushes in the background give this horse a true feel of nature. It’s clear this is a relaxed atmosphere for this horse.


This coloring page shows a galloping horse with its mane blowing in the wind. The sun is out and the sky is clear — an ideal time for a gallop.


We love this coloring page of a fast and furious horse. It’s beautiful. Don’t forget these coloring pages are free. So, you can print as many as you wish to.


We love this printable of this adorable horse with a stunning mane and rears up on his hind leg prepared to leap.


It’s an undisputed fact that horses are adorable, but you don’t want to mess around with them. Or things could get ugly. This coloring page shows an angry horse ready to attack.


We all love to where there are greater opportunities for us. The horse is no different. The grass is greener on the other side and this is where the horse in this printable runs to.


You will agree that we all feel a sense of satisfaction when a get a better alternative. For the horse in this coloring paper, finding land with more than enough grass to feed on is satisfying.Horse_16

This coloring page shows a horse readied for riding, tied to a tree or something strong enough to hold it — anticipating the arrival of the rider


Just like humans, horses are also emotional. This coloring page shows a horse feeling lonely and sad. It’s different from the norm, and that’s why we love it.


Sometimes, as humans, when we feel sad, a walk around the park or down the street, does a lot of good. This horse in this printable is taking a walk.


This coloring page shows a horse paw the ground and stomps his hoof. Horses stomp their hoof when they are impatient or need attention.


We hope the stunning poise of this beautiful horse on this coloring page is pleasing to your eye. It’s all shades of classy.


We love this coloring page that shows a horse with his hoofs in motion. It almost seems as though those hoofs are dancing to a specific groove.


Horses are charming. Those with a full mane, little mane, or no mane. This printable shows a horse with little mane staying in isolation. It’s a wonderful sight.


In similarity to humans, horses know they are beautiful creatures. This is why they move around majestically and adorably.


This printable shows a horse landing with his legs still off the ground after taking a great leap. Powerful strides!


Horses are competitive. We hope you will love this coloring page of a horse stamping his authority on a territory.


Horses are courageous and always ready to go on an adventure. This coloring page shows a horse pumped up to run.


We love this printable of a happy horse. Horses are most excited when in the company of family. We all are.


Our final horse coloring paper shows a horse trotting home eagerly as if anticipating a surprise. We hope you love this one.


Remember, we consistently update our spectacular coloring pages and printable sheets. So, anticipate more of this goodness, in the nearest future. Horses are popular worldwide for a unique reason. You can have a feel of this uniqueness when you print and color with these exciting horse characters. Don’t miss out on the fun.

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