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Explore all 45 of these all new powerful Pikachu coloring pages

On this page, you will find 45 all new Pikachu coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Anyone who is a fan of Pokemon knows who Pikachu is. This adorable Electric-type Pokemon has been around since the beginning of the franchise.

Although many things have changed in the Pokemon series and video games, Pikachu remains.

He is actually considered the mascot of the franchise in addition to being Ash Ketchum’s very first Pokemon.

Recently Pikachu has become even more popular with the release of the 2019 live-action film Detective Pikachu. We can’t get enough of this adorable Pokemon.

The popularity of Pikachu has translated into a huge demand from our readers for Pikachu coloring pages that you can print for free.

So at long last – here are 30 new and exciting printable Pikachu coloring pages that you can download and print for free. Enjoy!

Pikachu Coloring Pages – 45 Brand New Printable Sheets

Pikachu is one of the cutest Pokemon around. He has a short chubby body with black-tipped ears and a lightning bolt-shaped tail.

Pikachu also has red circles on his cheeks that store electricity for his attacks.Pikachu coloring pages for kids free download

Pikachu is always an adorable character, but that is especially true in this Pikachu coloring sheet.

He is wearing a cap in this picture, and it is definitely a bit too big for him! In the anime series, Pikachu’s trainer, Ash, wears a similar cap to this one, so it’s easy to assume that it could be his one.

If you wanted to make it look even more like Ash’s hat, you would need to use alternating red and white for the sections of the hat.

Do you think you will make it look like Ash’s hat or will you go for a different design?Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

This Pokemon is known to be quite excitable, and it will often say its name and variations of it.

That seems to be what is happening here, as Pikachu is exclaiming something while looking very happy and excited.

For a fun extra detail for this image, maybe you could put a big speech bubble above Pikachu and have him exclaim his name!

Other than that, what other ideas do you have that could finish off this picture?

There are lots of fun and creative ways you could add your own personal touches to this picture and we will love to see what you come up with.Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

This Pikachu coloring page shows this electric Pokemon listening to some tunes on his headphones! It makes you wonder what Pikachu would choose to listen to, and you could show what you think.

You could do this by writing a line from your favorite song above Pikachu to make it look like he is listening to that song!pikachu coloring pages

Pikachu’s best friend is his trainer Ash. Perhaps he is calling to Ash in this Pikachu coloring sheet.

He waves his short arms and seems to be trying to get someone’s attention. Did you know that Pikachu was Ash’s very first Pokemon?
Pikachu coloring pages for kids free download

This Pikachu looks like he is thinking curiously about something. He has one paw on his mouth and his long ears are flattened to the side.

Pikachu is a very curious Pokemon. What do you think he is thinking about? Pikachu coloring pages for kids free download

It looks like Pikachu is enjoying a dance in this cute picture! The image gives off a fun and happy feeling, and we think it would be great to match that with the colors that you use.

Because it is such a happy and delightful scene, we would use some bright and vibrant colors to create a party atmosphere for the picture.

What are some of the colors that make you happiest to see and use in a picture? Whatever they may be, we’re sure they would look incredible on this image!Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

Pikachu is ready for anything in this next adorable image! He’s decked out in outdoor clothing, making it seem as if he is about to embark on an adventure.

You could show where he is venturing by drawing a background behind him. What sorts of weather conditions do you think Pikachu could be braving in this picture we have for you?pikachu coloring printable

The next page in our collection of free Pikachu coloring pages for kids is another one that has our favorite electric Pokemon looking very pleased with himself!

He looks as if he is announcing something in this image, and seeing as he can only say his name it is safe to assume what it is that he is saying.

When you have colored Pikachu, you could also add some background details, extra accessories or other fun touches to make this picture look even better.

What are some creative ways you can think of to finish off this page?Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

Pikachu is a very kind and compassionate Pokemon. We love this adorable free coloring page of him looking up at someone with a little flower in his paws.

He must be giving the flower to someone he really loves, or maybe to a crush. Pikachu coloring pages for kids free download

Sometimes Pikachu just wants to play. This printable sheet shows him acting very silly with his cheek pressed into the ground.

You can also see that Pikachu’s two horizontal stripes that run down his back. Pikachu coloring pages for kids free download

Everyone can use a nice nap every now and then, and that is exactly what is happening on this adorable page.

This one gives off such a calm and sleepy feeling, and we would keep the colors a bit more muted in order to suit that sleepy feeling if we were coloring this page.

Some watercolors would be a great soft medium to use here, but there are many others that would also look great!

Maybe you could also draw a bubble over his head to show what he could be dreaming about.Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

Wave hello to Pikachu as we begin this sixth page! Pikachu is giving a friendly wave, and it’s a picture that makes you feel a little bit happier just by looking at it.

This happy feeling will get even stronger once you have added some colors! We think you should use all of the colors that make you the happiest as you color this page.

Pikachu is normally a bright yellow, but you could also use some unique colors if you feel like changing things up a bit. You’re in charge here, and it’s all about creating what you want to create.Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

Although most Pokemon spend a lot of time in their Pokeballs, Ash’s Pikachu didn’t like to stay in his at all.

He insisted on walking out in the open, like the Pikachu in this printable sheet for kids. This Pikachu looks he wants to be picked up. Pikachu coloring pages for adults free printable

This Pikachu coloring sheet for kids is just too cute! Pikachu is looking super happy here, and it would be great to use some bright, cheerful colors in this picture.

Using colored pens or markers would be great for making the colors pop. You could use all manners of colors and mediums, so be sure to use what you would like!original pikachu coloring pages

Pikachu is known for being a curious and cheerful character. In this coloring sheet, he looks like he is watching something amazing.

He sits with his front paws on the ground and exclaims with delight. Perhaps another Pokemon is putting on a show.  Pikachu coloring pages for adults free printable

Look at how cute Pikachu is crossing his paws in front of him, maybe in preparation for a battle.

Remember that all these Pikachu coloring pages are completely free to print, so feel free to print and color as many as you want.
Pikachu coloring pages for adults free printable

This Pokemon is a very capable one that is useful in many different scenarios, but even the most capable of Pokemon can be a bit clumsy!

This Pikachu coloring printable shows off a moment where he has tripped up a bit and taken a tumble.

He is looking happy and smiling despite this mishap, so we imagine that he has fallen over while goofing off rather than in the midst of battle.

How will you capture this fun and silly scene with your colors and art tools? We hope you will share the finished page with us!Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

As we have seen in this collection, Pikachu is usually a very happy and cheerful character. Sometimes a situation will call for some seriousness, and that is the case in this next image.

Pikachu is looking very serious here, and that would suggest that he is either in a Pokemon battle or is about to be.

Maybe he could be charging up one of his electric moves, and if you think that is so then you can use some bright colors to represent that this move is charging up.

Will you add any extra details to this one?Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

Pikachu might look cute, but you can see in this coloring sheet that he is a very powerful Pokemon.

He squeezes his eyes shut and holds his breath as he powers up to unleash a huge bolt of electricity. Pikachu coloring pages for adults free printable

Pikachu has some interesting markers on him in this picture, and this gives you the chance to use some color details on him instead of the standard brown and yellow.

What do you think could have caused these markings on him? You can show us by choosing colors that tell why Pikachu looks a bit different here.new pikachu coloring printable

Pikachu usually runs on all fours, like he is in this printable. Although it might not seem like it, this cute little Electric-type Pokemon can be pretty fast.

One of his signature moves is even called Quick Attack. Pikachu coloring pages for adults free printable

Our coloring page designers seem to enjoy seeing Pikachu unleashing his powerful attacks.

Here Pikachu puts his paws to his cheeks as they shoot jolts of electricity. He might be gearing up for his powerful Thunderbolt Attack. Pikachu coloring pages for adults free printable

Sometimes you can be so happy that you have to leap with joy, and that is what is happening in this picture!

Pikachu has gone back to looking very happy, and it’s a mood we’re certainly used to seeing from him.

For the background of this one, we think it would be great to draw a background featuring somewhere that would make Pikachu very happy.

What kind of location do you think would be making him feel so joyful? We would love to see what ideas you have!Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

It’s no mystery as to what we have next for you to color, as detective Pikachu is on the case in this next Pikachu coloring page!

This wonderful variation of the character has the beloved Pokemon taking up the role of Sherlock Holmes as he solves mysteries and cases.

Maybe once you have chosen how to color Pikachu here, you could draw some clues or a Pokemon crime scene for him to be investigating.

What sort of case do you think he could be working on for this particular page?Pikachu Coloring Pages free printable

This next Pikachu printable coloring page shows him drawn in a simpler, cartoony style. It suits him, as he looks even cuter than normal!

Now it’s up to you to show the colors you think suit this adorable interpretation of this iconic Pokemon. Feel free to add a background or other details as well!black-and-white pikachu coloring pages

Pikachu could not get any cuter. He is one of the sweetest Pokemon around and there are actually three stages of evolution for a Pikachu.

He starts off as a Pichu, evolves into a Pikachu and then becomes a Raichu. Pikachu coloring pages free pdf download

Pikachu looks like he wants you to choose him to be your starter Pokemon. Did you know that he is the only Electric-type starter Pokemon?

Usually, the starter types are Fire, Grass, or Water types, but Pikachu is the exception. Ash ended up with Pikachu because he was late to choose his starter Pokemon. Pikachu coloring pages free pdf download

This Pikachu looks a little lazy. He lays on his stomach on the ground and squints open one eye to look up. Maybe he is tired of walking.

Ash’s Pikachu would sometimes sit on Ash’s shoulders when he got tired as they continued on their journeys. Pikachu coloring pages free pdf download

We wonder what could have made this poor Pikachu so sad. His face is scrunched up like he is about to start crying.

In the very first Pokemon movie, it is revealed that Pokemon tears actually have healing powers, but we hate seeing Pikachu sad. Pikachu coloring pages free pdf download

Thankfully now he has cheered up! He sits on the floor and laughs while holding his cheeks in this cute coloring page.

Perhaps one of his Pokemon friends has cheered him up. He might accidentally shoot lightning out of his cheeks while he is laughing. Pikachu coloring pages free pdf download

Most domesticated Pokemon eat special Pokemon food that their trainers give them in the anime. But they like to eat other foods too!

We love this coloring page of Pikachu finding a treat on the ground. It looks like it must be some kind of fruit! Pikachu in the wild roast berries with electricity to make them tasty to eat. Pikachu coloring pages free pdf download

Pikachu looks like he is flying through the air. Although Pikachu can’t really fly, in the Pokemon trading card game, there is a card called “Flying Pikachu.”

It shows Pikachu flying through the air attached to a bunch of balloons. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

There is plenty of cuteness to go around in these Pikachu coloring pages. Here Pikachu appears to be skipping happily along.

He puts one paw on his face as if he is thinking about where he should go next. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

It looks like Pikachu has something tasty to drink in this printable. He licks his lips and grins happily.

In the Pokemon video games, lemonade and soda are tasty treats that help heal Pokemon. Maybe Pikachu is drinking one of these beverages. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Every Pokemon needs to rest and Pikachu is no exception. He looks very tired in this coloring page.

Pikachu especially needs to sleep to be at full power. The electric sacks on his cheeks recharge while he is sleeping. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

This curious little Pikachu hangs upside down by his tail.  A Pikachu’s tail is very important to them. They use their tails to communicate with other Pikachu.

The tail is also the way to distinguish between male and female Pikachu. He can even use his tail to conduct electricity. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

This Pikachu looks crouched to spring at someone! Remember – when you finish coloring your Pikachu coloring pages, post your finished masterpiece onto our Facebook page.

Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize! Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Pikachu and Ash are always together, and sometimes Pikachu wears Ash’s hat! It’s a little too big on his head, but that just makes him look extra adorable.

Pikachu in a hat is also featured in the Pokemon trading card game. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Pikachu looks like he is laughing at something in this coloring page. He chuckles while raising one paw and squints one eye at whoever is making him laugh.

Pikachu is a very happy Pokemon with a great sense of humor. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

In this coloring page, Pikachu rolls playfully on his back. Although Pikachu is sweet and likes to play, you don’t want to get on his bad side.

Pikachu will attack if someone pulls his tail or messes with his friends. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Even though most Pikachu in the wild forage for berries, Pikachu have been known to eat people food too.

Ash’s Pikachu has shared a snack with him on several occasions. The Pikachu in this coloring page is enjoying a huge lollipop. What a great treat! Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Pikachu is one of the most loveable Pokemon around. In this printable sheet, he chews on a large heart-shaped object.

Pikachu is actually called a Mouse Pokemon, so he must have pretty sharp little teeth. Pikachu coloring pages for preschoolers free printable

Ash’s Pikachu is an exceptionally powerful Pokemon, capable of beating even more advanced Pokemon evolutions.

For this reason, Team Rocket is constantly trying to steal him from Ash and his friends. It looks like Team Rocket has struck again in this coloring page. Pikachu is being hoisted into the air by a rope!
Pikachu coloring book free printable

Although Pikachu is a Mouse Pokemon, in this coloring page he rolls onto his back on the ground and looks a lot like a cat.

Pikachu is actually the same species as a few other Pokemon, including Rattata, Raticate, Sandshrew, and Sandslash. Pikachu coloring book free printable

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets.

Keep checking back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which new characters are ready for you to print and color. There is so much more fun to come.

We hope you have enjoyed the adventures of this adorable little Electric-type Pokemon. Don’t forget to post a photo of your finished Pikachu coloring pages on our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’ll bring to life these super fun images.

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