All New Fortnite Coloring Pages for 2024!

These printable Fortnite coloring pages will be a great pastime for any child who likes video games

On this page, you will find 20 all new Fortnite coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Computer games and their characters have always been popular with children, but in today’s world, they have even surpassed comic books and cartoons in terms of popularity.

Fortnite, an epic online action video game, is one such example. Its in-game characters are now everywhere, from comic books to smartphone apps or toys.

And now, with the following collection of unique, free printable Fortnite coloring pages, they’re making their debut in the realm of art and coloring.

Print your child’s favorite characters from the new Fortnite season and let the fun begin!

20 Brand New Free Fortnite Coloring Sheets – Free to Print and Color

This Fortnite coloring page features a character skin that is one of the most popular ones in the game so far.

The helmet that the character is wearing looks like a giant marshmallow with a cool facial design on it, and there are other cool details on the character as well.

This character skin can come in many variations, and you could use any colors you like to finish the design.

How will you color this iconic Fortnite skin design? You could color it in to match how it looked in the game or create a brand new look!Fortnite coloring pages free printable

The character featured on this page is a really cool-looking one. There is a real sense of mystery to this one, as his face is hidden behind a really cool mask.

He is also wearing a really awesome jacket that has a lot of small details to the design.

You could work in a lot of colors into the details of this character’s skin coloring, and there are so many cool looks you could create for it.

Why not use the blank space in the background to draw your own version of the Fortnite logo?

You could also add some more details or accessories for his design to really finish this page off. Fortnite coloring pages free printable

We begin our list with Trench Raider, a rare and beloved skin Fortnite released in 2019.

Because these cosmetic skins appear random in the Fortnite shop every day and Trench Rider was not seen since January 2020, it means this is quite a rare skin.

If your kid loves Fortnite and was not able to get the Trench Rider, maybe you can make them happier with this amazing coloring sheet.

Kids can follow this character’s black and gold color theme, or they can let their imagination go wild and color Trench Rider in any way they like.Fortnite Coloring Pages free printable

This Fortnite coloring page depicts Snake Eye, an epic Fortnite outfit added in January 2021.

He wields a katana and has an all-black outfit, but your little one is welcome to color this character in any shade imaginable.

This outfit is part of the Arashikage Clan set – a favorite among fans – and features a complex costume design.

If your kid is a Fortnite fan, they are surely going to love coloring Snake Eye when they take a break from playing the game.realistic Fortnite Coloring Pages free download

The Garrison Skin is a rare Fortnite skin first made accessible in September 2018.

Garrison has a green-toned outfit and includes a lot of details, such as the unusual chest armor and the hat, which resembles a Green Beret military soldier.

But who says Garrison can’t have a blue, purple, or even red military outfit?

These Fortnite coloring sheets are meant to help kids explore their creativity, so they should be encouraged to experiment with various shades and forget about any rules. In the end, it’s their work of art, right?Fortnite Coloring Pages free download for kids

This is the Wrangler skin, which was launched in January 2020 as part of the wild frontier set and is considered a rare finding in the Fortnite shop.

The character features a brown vest worn over a red shirt and classic jeans, but the various belts this character has attached are what truly complete the outfit.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to convince kids to spend less time in front of the computer, but if you give them another fun activity, you may be able to succeed.

Download all of these pages and create an unofficial Fortnite folder of printables for your little one, and we promise you they are going to forget about the controller for a few hours!simple Fortnite Coloring Pages free download

We have another great character design for this next page we have for you! This Fortnite girl is wearing a mask and her gloves and hat finish off her trendy look.

She is holding a can of spray paint, so we think it could be fun to use some paint on this picture to fit this accessory.

There are a few different kinds of paint you could use, but we would suggest some acrylic paints for some more vibrant color.

Another fun idea would be to draw and color some graffiti behind her to show what she has been working on. What kind of picture do you think she could have painted with that spraypaint?Fortnite coloring pages free printable

For the next page in this collection of free Fortnite coloring pages for kids, we have one of the weirdest character skins we’ve seen so far!

This character looks like a giant living banana, and it is made even more bizarre because it is wearing a fancy suit.

Because this is a banana, you would have a great opportunity to use a lot of bright yellows for this image if that is a color that you like.

Once you have chosen how to color the skin of the character, how will you color his suit?Fortnite coloring pages free printable

This next skin belongs to Vendetta and was available for a very limited time.

It was launched as the tier 100 legendary skin for Fortnite’s season 9 of the Battle Pass, so you can imagine how unique and beloved by fans it is.

Vendetta can look exactly like in our coloring page if the player reaches Stage 4, as his outfit changes once the character evolves.

The costume is blue and black, with red elements on the hood, gloves, and shoulders. But how will the Vendetta from our free Fortnite printables look in your kid’s imagination?cartoon Fortnite Coloring Pages free printable

This amazing water-based character is Surf Strider, which has an aqua jacket and an advanced diving mask with blue painted visors.

This Fortnite outfit is also an epic one, which means it’s quite rare to find. It was a limited outfit available until the end of March 2021, and any player with an Intel CPU could download it.

If your little Fortnite fan did not get the Surf Strider outfit, brighten their day with this coloring page.

Not only will they be able to color their own Fortnite character, but they can also experiment with colors and give Surf Strider a whole new look.Fortnite Coloring Pages free printable for kids

Desperado was added in 2017 to the Fortnite shop and has become a rare outfit in the game, as it is only available for purchase every few months.

His outfit is inspired by Mexican bounty hunters featuring grey and black clothes with red details.

Some fans say his look could use improvements, as it was launched quite a few years ago, so why not let your kid create their own Desperado outfit?

The character uses the Hawk model, one of the most popular ones in the game.Fortnite Coloring Pages free print out for adults

This next character has a rather sinister feeling to his costume design. There are many different sections and parts to his outfit, and it gives you a lot that you can color in.

When coloring this or any other pages in this collection, you could try to match it to how it looked in the game or create a unique look.

We think that some darker shades of colors like grey, blue or purple would look great on this character, but it’s up to you to decide what you think would best suit him.Fortnite coloring pages free printable

Next, we have a character design that mixes cuteness with a bit of a punk style. Because of this, we think that this design would look amazing with some bright, neon colors.

If you agree with this, then some mediums you could use would be some colored pens or markers. These mediums can create some really vibrant colors that really pop off the page.

They are a few mediums you could use, but what are some other art tools you could use to make this awesome design look even cooler?Fortnite coloring pages free printable

Headhunter is one of the most popular Fortnite characters and has had numerous skins and outfits throughout the years.

This one is the rainbow racer outfit and was launched for free if players completed certain steps in the Refer A Friend campaign.

This particular outfit is a very colorful one, with shades of pink and yellow.

It is similar to the Slingshot skin and other racing suits created for Headhunter, which means that just by using different colors you can get an entirely different look – this is a good lesson for kids!female Fortnite Coloring Pages free download

In Fortnite: Save the World, Constructors are one of four playable Hero Classes. They’ve honed their skills in order to construct defenses quickly and effectively.

This Fortnite coloring page features the female constructor in her classic outfit, accompanied by her hammer.

The little details in her costume are going to be very fun to color, as the kids can experiment with different colors and come up with countless combinations.female Fortnite Coloring Pages free printable for children

This Slugger outfit uses the character model for Jonesy and draws inspiration from baseball attire.

The original costume is dark blue with black and orange, and so are the stripes painted on Jonesy’s face.

The Slugger coloring page is great if your kids like both Fortnite and baseball, as they can create their own baseball look using whichever colors they want.

You can even make an art competition among kids and see which one comes up with the best color combination for Slugger or any other Fortnite coloring sheets you can find here.male Fortnite Coloring Pages free printable

This Fortnite coloring printable shows a character who has a mask that makes him look quite angry all of the time.

This is one of the most detailed designs we have seen so far, and all of these details can seem a bit intimidating to color.

You can use mediums that allow for precision to make coloring some of these smaller details much easier.

Some mediums we recommend for this would be colored pens, pencils or paintbrushes with thin tips.

Once you have chosen your medium, what colors will you use to bring this strange-looking character to colorful life?Fortnite coloring pages free printable

There is a bit of a military theme to the next character we have for you to color.

We say this because she is not only doing a salute that a soldier would do but she is also wearing some dog tags around her neck.

For that reason, we would probably go for some darker olive greens for the main color of her outfit.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even draw and color a camouflage pattern onto her clothes and gear.

You could look up some pictures of this pattern online if you want to get it looking perfect!Fortnite coloring pages free printable

Here we have another character that looks pretty weird but also really cool.

There is a contrast to this design, because the body of the character is large and muscular while the face has a simple smiley design on it.

If you recognize this skin from the game, do you think you will try to replicate that look for this interpretation?

It is the kind of design that could look cool with a wide range of different colors, so be sure to have fun getting creative with it as you finish off the page!Fortnite coloring pages free printable

This Fortnite coloring page features another really creative design that is also one of the most recognizable and popular skins in the game.

The strange mask is probably what will catch the attention first, but there are some other cool details on the design as well.

This includes the heart pattern that is on the clothing the character is wearing, and these make us think that you could incorporate some colors like reds or purples.

We think that would suit the pattern, but do you think you may use other colors?Fortnite coloring pages free printable

Customize Your Favorite Fortnite Characters

If you have some favorite Fortnite characters and skins, chances are they were featured in this collection.

When it comes to coloring your favorite skins and characters, you don’t have to stick to how they look in the game.

Once you have chosen your favorite Fortnite coloring pages from this set, you can then decide on how you would like to portray them. You can use the colors from the game, or make them totally unique.

Fortnite has a really creative art style, and the gameplay lets you get really creative as well. This same creativity can come out when you color in your favorite pages too!

For example, maybe you would like to use a pattern such as a camouflage print on the clothing of your favorite character. Or, you may like a fun twist and draw a smiley face pattern over the clothing.

In Fortnite, you also have many fun and unique weapons to use. Some of the characters in this collection already have some of these weapons ready to go, but some leave some room for you to add some!

If you have some favorite Fortnite weapons, you could draw them into any of the images that are lacking some firepower. You can also get more creative with it by designing some of your own weapons.

You could get as creative as you like with these, and it doesn’t matter if they’re silly or over the top. The wilder they look, the better!

If you have some favorite stages and environments from the game, then you could add them as backgrounds to your favorite pages as well. As you can see, there are many ways that you can get creative with it.

What are some ways you would like to customize these awesome Fortnite coloring pages?

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