New And Exciting Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

All new exciting and original Super Mario Bros coloring pages – choose your favorite!

Super Mario Bros has been around for decades and is no less popular today. The release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017 only increased the demand for video games featuring Mario and all of his friends competing and going on wacky adventures.

Since the ’80s, Super Mario Bros has featured tons of fun characters. There are, of course, the classic brothers Mario and Luigi, as well as Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and more!

The popularity of these video games has translated into a huge demand from our readers for Super Mario Bros coloring pages that you can print for free.

So at long last – here are 30 new and exciting Super Mario Bros coloring pages that you can print and color for free.

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Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages – 30 All-New Printables

Of course, Super Mario Bros wouldn’t be complete without our favorite mustachioed man, Mario. Here he wears his classic hat, gloves, and overalls. He looks very excited to see someone in this adorable printable.super mario coloring pages

The other half of the Mario Bros, Luigi is Mario’s younger fraternal twin brother. He is taller and thinner than his older brother, and seems a little more reserved, giving just a  friendly wave in this coloring page.
luigi coloring page

Mario and Luigi’s sidekick is a friendly dinosaur with a shell on his back named Yoshi. He looks ready to give someone a big hug as he runs in this cute printable. Yoshi is usually green, but he sometimes changes colors in Super Mario Bros games. What color will your Yoshi be? yoshi coloring page

Koopa Troopas have been one of Mario and Luigi’s common enemies for a long time. However, we can’t help but notice how cute these turtle-like creatures are. The one in this coloring sheet is technically a Koopa Paratroopa because of the wings on his back.

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Mario looks great in his Tanooki Suit, a special costume that gives him and Luigi extra powers, like the ability to fly. The suit is meant to look like a raccoon, and Mario looks super excited to have transformed with leaves swirling all around him.

Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario’s love interest. She always wears a crown and jewelry to show her royal status. In this coloring page, she seems to have some extra sparkle about her.

This little Lakitu rides through the skies on a smiling, fluffy cloud. He wears goggles to protect his eyes as he zooms through the air. Although he looks sweet, these creatures have been known to cause trouble by dropping objects on other characters from overhead.

We can’t get enough of this adorable printable of Toad sitting in a field of flowers. He holds a heart shape in his hands and seems to be thinking nice thoughts. Maybe he is thinking of Toadette. toad super mario coloring page

This little mushroom-like creature is another enemy of Mario and Luigi called a Goomba. He has wings in this coloring page and a very grumpy expression on his face. We wonder what makes Goombas so grumpy.

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Boos are the ghosts of the Super Mario Bros universe. This one has a round body with very small arms and a tall. Its mouth is wide open in a scream, showing its sharp teeth as it floats in mid-air like it is trying to scare someone.

There are so many wild and wonderful characters in the world of Super Mario Bros. This creature has a large plum of hair on his head and waves a spiky scepter. Remember that all these Super Mario Bros coloring pages are completely free, so feel free to print as many as you want.

Bowser is Mario and Luigi’s main enemy throughout Super Mario Bros. He has horns, a spiky shell on his back, and spiky cuffs on both wrists. He is an enormous reptilian creature and in this coloring page appears to be shouting threats and waving his fist. bowser coloring page

Sometimes Mario gets special powers after finding certain objects, like in this coloring page of Raccoon Mario. Mario grows a tail and raccoon ears after finding the Super Leaf. He can even briefly fly, which he seems to be doing now!

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Thank goodness Mario always saves Princess Peach from Bowser’s evil clutches. In this coloring page, he runs excitedly with Super Stars floating above his head. Peach watches from the background with her favorite parasol.

Bowser Jr. looks just like his dad, with his own little crown and jewelry and a smaller spiky shell and horns. In this coloring page, Bowser Jr. rides in his favorite mode of transportation, the Junior Clown Car. The helicopter-like object has a face on the front that sometimes changes expressions.

Bowser and Mario have been enemies since the beginning, especially since Bowser is always trying to kidnap Princess Peach. In this printable, they glare at each other and look ready to start fighting at any moment.

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Mario and Yoshi are best friends in the world of Super Mario Bros. In this coloring page, Mario rides Yoshi through the skies on to their next adventure. It also appears that Yoshi can breathe fire. What a powerful team!

Something all fans of Super Mario Bros probably know is that Mario often jumps off of the backs of turtles. Our coloring page artists have imagined him doing just that in this printable, but the poor turtle looks a little worse for wear from being stepped on.

Wario is another of Mario’s enemies. In fact, he is the evil version of Mario and even wears clothes that are similar to what Mario wears, with the M upsidedown to make a W. In this coloring page, Wario looks very devious and shakes his fist at anyone who dares to defy him.

Mario will always be there to save the day. Don’t forget to post your finished Super Mario Bros coloring pages to our Facebook page. Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!

Maybe this is why Goomba’s always look so grumpy. In this printable Mario is stepping on the creature’s head. Jumping on smaller creatures seems to be a habit with Mario.

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Oh no! Now Mario is about to kick a turtle like a football and send it flying. The turtle is understandably startled and hides inside his shell.

Luigi’s love interest, Princess Daisy, is featured in this next printable. Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland and is known for being very beautiful. She seems to sparkle in this coloring page, and just like her name, she has the symbol of a daisy on her dress.

Whenever Mario finishes a level in his games, a flagpole appears that he must jump on to complete the level. Here Mario hangs off of the flagpole and raises a fist in the air in celebration. The higher he jumps on the flagpole, the more points he will get.

At one point Mario’s pal Yoshi hatched from a spotted egg just like the one in this coloring sheet. Mario carries a similar egg that seems to be pretty heavy. Perhaps it contains another Yoshi! What do you think is inside?

All kinds of mysterious and dangerous creatures arise in the world of Super Mario Bros. In this coloring sheet,  Mario narrowly escapes the spiky vines and sharp teeth of a monstrous Piranha Plant. It looks like Mario was able to dive out of the way just in time.

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Luigi seems to have learned some new skills in this printable. He floats in midair while creating a ball of fire in one hand. Luigi also has a flower in his mouth. Perhaps it is a daisy to remind him of his love interest.

Our coloring page designers love to imagine the heroes of Super Mario Bros in a Tanooki Suit. This time, Luigi gets to power up and fly through the air dressed as a raccoon. He looks very excited that it is his turn to wear the Tanooki Suit.

Bowser is often shown screaming or looking menacing, so we love his coloring page of him in a more calm mood. He seems to be showing off a little bit. Bowser has his back to us with his arms crossed and one foot resting on a turtle’s shell. Those poor turtles really have a rough time in Super Mario Bros.

Ouch! This time Bowser has been hit in the head by a Super Star. He holds the top of his head like it really hurt. We wonder who threw the Star. Perhaps it was Mario or Luigi.

Remember to check back for more fun characters and animals that you can print and color. We are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets for you to enjoy. There is so much more to come.

We hope you have enjoyed the adventures of Mario and his friends.  Don’t forget to post a photo of your finished Super Mario Bros coloring sheet on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’ll bring to life these super fun images.

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