Mario Kart Coloring Pages (100% Free Printables)

Rev your engines and dive into a world of fun with these all new Mario Kart coloring sheets!

On this page you will find 15 all new high-quality Mario Kart coloring pages featuring the awesome characters from one of my all time favorite video games!

Each of these pages are free to download and print as many times as you like.

These pages really capture the fun, excitement, and vibrant world of Mario Kart, offering endless creative possibilities for both kids and adults alike.

With characters like the ever-brave Mario, his trusty sidekick Luigi, the charming Princess Peach, and the mischievous Bowser, each page invites you to bring these iconic figures to life with your own unique touch.

In our household, Mario Kart is more than just a game – it’s a cherished family tradition.

My children and I spend countless hours racing through tracks like Rainbow Road, dodging obstacles, and using power-ups to outsmart each other.

The laughter, excitement, and friendly competition make for unforgettable family moments.

Inspired by our love for these adventures, I wanted to create these Mario Kart coloring pages to capture that same spirit of fun and creativity for other families to enjoy.

So, grab your colored pencils and crayons, and join Mario, Luigi, and the whole gang on an all new colorful adventure!


Mario Riding in His Kart

Mario holding onto his go kart


Bullet Bill from Mario Kart Coloring Page

Bullet bill from mario kart coloring page


Luigi Riding in His Motorcycle

Coloring page of luigi on motorbike from mario kart


Princess Peach from Mario Kart

Coloring page of princess peach from mario kart


Didi Kong From Mario Kart to Color

Diddy kong from mario kart to color


Easy Outline of Luigi From Mario Kart to Color

Easy outline of luigi from mario kart to color


Kirby Kart from Mario to Color

Kirby kart coloring page


Mario and Luigi from Mario Kart to Color

Mario and luigi from mario kart to color


Mario Kart Coloring Page

Mario kart coloring page


Princess Peach Flying Kart

peach flying in her glider go kart


Princess Peach racing against Mario to Color

Princess peach racing against mario to color


Red Turtle Shell from Mario Kart

Red turtle shells from mario kart


Star Man from Mario Kart to Color

Starman from mario kart to color


Super Mario racing in Mario Kart

Super mario racing in mario kart


Toad and Toadette from Mario Kart

Toad and toadette from mario kart

Here are 10 ways you can have even more fun with your Mario Kart Coloring Pages!

Coloring Contest Featuring Mario

Host a friendly coloring contest centered around Mario. Let kids color the Mario page and award small prizes for creativity, neatness, or most original design.

This activity encourages children to express their creativity and provides them with a sense of accomplishment.

Displaying their artwork can also boost their confidence and provide a fun, engaging way to spend time together.

Luigi Storytelling Time

After coloring a Luigi page, encourage kids to create a story about Luigi’s adventures in Mario Kart.

They can write their stories or tell them aloud, fostering their imagination and storytelling skills. This activity not only entertains but also enhances their narrative abilities and creativity.

Educational Fun with Princess Peach

Combine coloring with learning by asking kids to color a Princess Peach page and then write a short description of her.

This could include her characteristics, role in Mario Kart, and why they like her. This activity helps enhance their writing skills and encourages them to articulate their thoughts clearly.

Yoshi Memory Game

Print two copies of the Yoshi coloring page. After coloring, cut them into cards and use them to play a memory matching game.

This simple yet fun game improves memory, concentration, and fine motor skills, making it a valuable educational activity disguised as play.

Bowser Room Decoration

Use the colored Bowser pages to decorate a child’s room or play area.

Let them create a Mario Kart-themed corner with their artwork, adding a personal touch to their space. This activity allows them to proudly display their creations and fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their artwork.

Donkey Kong Themed Party

Plan a Mario Kart-themed party using the Donkey Kong coloring pages as activities and decorations.

Kids can color while socializing, and the finished pages can be used as part of the party decor. This activity ensures that the party is engaging, creative, and memorable for all the children involved.

Toad Puzzle Craft

After coloring a Toad page, cut it into puzzle pieces and let the kids reassemble them.

This craft project is not only fun but also helps enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities.

It adds an extra layer of engagement to the coloring activity.

Koopa Troopa Race Track

Create a race track on a large sheet of paper and have kids color Koopa Troopa characters to place on the track.

They can simulate races, which encourages imaginative play and helps them learn about sequencing and basic math concepts like counting laps.

Wario Storybook Creation

Compile the colored Wario pages into a homemade storybook.

Encourage kids to write a narrative for each page, creating their own Mario Kart adventure.

This activity fosters creativity, enhances writing skills, and provides a keepsake they can be proud of and revisit.

Family Bonding with Daisy

Schedule a dedicated family coloring session featuring Daisy. Parents and children can color together, fostering quality time and creating a calm, enjoyable family activity.

This not only strengthens family bonds but also provides a shared creative outlet that everyone can enjoy.

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