Donkey Kong Coloring Pages

Have some video game themed fun with these Donkey Kong coloring pages!

The Donkey Kong series is one of the most influential and important in all of video games. He first appeared in 1981 in a wildly successful arcade game alongside Mario and other characters.

Since then, he has appeared in many other famous and beloved games and other media. Sometimes he is a villain, but more often he is a good character in the games as well.

One thing is for sure, he is a highly beloved character that is enjoyed around the world. We wanted to provide fans with a collection of free Donkey Kong coloring pages for kids.

And that is exactly what you have in front of you! This collection has 15 pages for you to enjoy, so settle in for some coloring fun as we begin the collection.

15 Brand New Donkey Kong Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

No one can say that Donkey Kong has no confidence, and this is shown on this first Donkey Kong coloring sheet! He is strutting his stuff on this page, and it makes for a really fun image.

In the games, Donkey Kong’s fur is usually dark brown with lighter brown for other elements of his design. For a splash of color, he has a bright red tie with a yellow DK logo on it.

Will you use these standard colors or maybe something else?donkey kong coloring pages

Swinging from vines is the best way to get around the jungle, and that is what Donkey Kong is doing on this next page! He is swinging from some vines and appears to be having fun as he does.

The vines and tree details not only look cool but also allow you to add some lovely natural colors like green and blue for the sky.

You could really make the colors pop, so it will be great to see how you chose to color this one!donkey kong coloring pages for kids

Donkey Kong is moving at full speed on this next page! When you have a character moving really fast on a page, there are a few ways that you could go about coloring the background.

Using lots of colors done with some small strokes of the medium that you use can help to make it look like the background is whirring by fast. It’s an easy way to create an illusion on the static page.

You can print out a few copies of this page for free if you want to try and practice the technique a bit before the final attempt.donkey kong coloring sheet free download

There are some great details on this next page, and Donkey Kong looks ready for adventure!

The look on his face makes it look like he is full of energy, and it makes you think he may have just acquired a powerup.

If there is a favorite powerup that you like to use in the Donkey Kong games, then you could draw and color it on the page. You could even make your very own unique powerup as well.

Which power ups could make Donkey Kong look so confident and ready for action?donkey kong coloring pages for adults

Donkey Kong loves to feast on some fruit, and that is what he is about to do on this next Donkey Kong coloring printable!

He has some grapes that he is about to snack on, and it’s a fun picture indeed.

Not only does it look good, the grapes allow you to add some smaller color details. If you would like to add even more fruit for him to eat, then you could absolutely draw some in.

Drawing extra fruit would let you add some more color as well, so let your imagination run wild if you choose to add these!donkey kong coloring printable

It’s easy to see who the king of the castle is on this next page! Donkey Kong is standing on a high platform, and he is looking pretty confident as he does.

The background has been left fairly blank on this page, and so you could add some more of your own.

If you have a favorite Donkey Kong level from the games, then you could use it as inspiration for the background.

Which stages would you use for inspiration if you were to use that suggestion?original donkey kong coloring pages

Donkey Kong looks like he is ready to take on anybody on this next page! He has faced off against many adversaries in his video game history, and it could be fun to add some of them to the page.

It could be regular enemies, or you could draw some more well-known enemies. For example, Donkey Kong has sometimes faced off against Mario himself!

He would be a great addition to the page, and would allow you to add some brighter colors. You can surely think of many characters to add here as well, so definitely go for it if so!new donkey kong coloring pages

Donkey Kong can jump really high when he needs to, and that is the case on this next page. He seems to be performing a mighty jump, and it makes for a really fun picture to look at.

If you want to create a real sense of height, you could draw some clouds in the background. That would make it look like he is soaring into the sky from his mighty jump.

It’s another page that would be great to add your own favorite level backgrounds to.cartoon donkey kong coloring pages

Even video game characters need a snack break every now and then! Bananas are an important aspect of the Donkey Kong games, and so it’s no surprise that he is feasting on one here.

He is about to bite into one, but there is nothing stopping you from adding even more bananas to the page. It could be a pile of bananas that he is about to tuck into.

Or, you could draw a pile of banana skins to show he has already begun his banana feast. Will you add some more snacks for Donkey Kong?donkey kong coloring book for children

So far, this collection of Donkey Kong coloring sheets has focused on the main man himself, Donkey Kong. This next picture focuses on another character, Diddy Kong.

He has a similar color scheme to Donkey Kong, as his fur is dark brown with some beige elements for other parts of his design. He also has a bright red cap and shirt to add some color.

You can use his normal colors, but don’t worry about using different colors if you have other preferences, as these are your pages to color as you wish!donkey kong coloring pages for kindergarten

Diddy Kong fans will be happy to see that we have another depiction of him for you to color on this page! This time, he is having a fun time while sitting on a barrel.

Anyone familiar with Donkey Kong will know that barrels are a common feature in the games, and so it’s a great setting for this character.

There aren’t many details in the background, but you could definitely add some more of your own to create a setting for this page. Which setting would you choose?donkey kong coloring printable free download

We have one more page for the Diddy Kong fans with this action-packed picture. He is riding his skateboard and is performing a cool trick.

It looks like he is flipping his skateboard over some flames! If I were coloring this page, I would use some bright reds, yellows and oranges for the flames.

This would make them really stand out and would create a bright focal point for the page. Of course, there are many other ways that you could color the flames!

What art tools and mediums do you think would do the job?donkey kong coloring book for adults

The focus was off of Donkey Kong for a while there, but now it is time to bring the focus back to the main man himself. This time, we see Donkey Kong carrying a barrel on his shoulder.

That would probably be heavy for most, but he seems to have no trouble lifting this barrel! What do you think could be in this barrel?

If you have some ideas, you could add some details to show things spilling or dropping out of the donkey kong coloring sheet

Most of us will use our hands to hold and eat a banana, but Donkey Kong has this practice down to a fine art! He is so nimble that he can hold a banana with his feet.

That is what is happening on this next page, as he can snack on that banana without having to lift a finger. This would be another great page to add some extra details such as a pile of bananas.

Drawing more details isn’t just fun, but allows you to add even more color variety to the page. What are some other fun details that you could add to this page?full size donkey kong coloring pages

The final Donkey Kong coloring page in the collection makes it look like he is in a jungle gym or taking part in an obstacle course.

He isn’t even breaking a sweat, which makes it seem like no problem for him!

If you wanted to make this activity even more distinct, you could draw some more obstacles in the background.

Adding more characters from the games would also be a fun way to add more life to the page.

What obstacles and characters would you like to add to the background here to finish it off?donkey kong coloring drawing

Donkey Kong Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of Donkey Kong coloring printables for kids certainly had a lot of wild coloring fun to enjoy! We wanted to show Donkey Kong in many scenarios to give you many opportunities for color.

It was made even better by the appearance of Diddy Kong as well, so there is plenty of variety. We are sure that any Donkey Kong fans you know would love these pages too.

The collection is free to share and enjoy, so feel free to send it to your friends and family! If you want to show off your finished pages, you can share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

We can’t wait to see how they look!

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