Zelda Coloring Pages

Go on a coloring adventure with these Zelda coloring pages!

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic and beloved video game series in existence.

The series has taken on many forms and told many amazing stories over multiple different gaming consoles.

Millions of people worldwide love this series, and this collection of 15 free Zelda coloring pages for kids is made for them!

You can relive some of your favorite adventures with Link and other characters thanks to this collection.

You’ll be able to make the characters match their video game counterpoints, or you can make them look unique. It’s all up to you and you can have tons of fun with each and every page!

Now, let’s begin this coloring adventure with the first page.

15 Brand New Zelda Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Zelda coloring sheet shows our hero Link riding his mount through some tough terrain.

Does this remind you of a moment you have experienced in one of the games?

If so, you could use your colors and some extra details to recreate the feeling you had when you experienced it. Otherwise, it could also be fun to take Link on a whole new adventure!

Where do you think he could be heading in this picture? It will be great to see which colors and details you use to make this awesome picture even better!new zelda coloring pages

Next up, we have a wonderfully detailed picture of Link for you to color. This shows him in his classic outfit, and he is of course wielding the iconic Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

There are certainly some intricate details to color on this page, and it should be a fun challenge! I would definitely get my colored pens and markers out for this one if I were coloring this page.

Of course, you should go ahead and use any colors and art tools that you feel would suit this picture. What do you think you will use?original zelda coloring pages

The next picture we have for you to color shows Link drawn in an Anime art style, and I think that this style really suits him! Because of the style, maybe some brighter colors would work best for this one.

What do you think? He is also joined by a dragon creature, and this may be another one that you may recognize from one of the games.

Is the dragon helping Link or is he fighting against it? You can be the judge as you add some amazing colors to this incredible portrayal of our Hylian hero.new zelda coloring printable

Our next picture of Link may look quite cute as it is drawn in a cartoony style, but it is also a fierce portrayal of this hero. He certainly looks like he means business!

There are so many ways that you could color this page, and you could have too many ideas to settle on one. Each page in this collection is free to print, color and enjoy as many times as you please.

So, you could print multiple copies of the page and try out all of your ideas. This is also a great way to try out different art tools and mediums as well.

You can really have fun experimenting!zelda coloring printable for adults

This free Zelda coloring printable is quite an awesome one, and it is one of the most detailed yet. Link looks really tough in this one, and so I would use darker colors for the page.

Using paint would help to make the portrayal of Link look really cool as well, so it’s something to consider. He is also surrounded by all sorts of magical creatures.

It’s once again not certain whether he is being helped by them or not, but either way there is plenty for you to color on this page!zelda coloring pages for children

So far, there have been plenty of pictures of Link to color, but now we will focus on the character who gives the series its name: Princess Zelda herself!

Zelda has appeared in many different styles over the years, but she is always recognizable by her bright blonde hair. You could portray this iconic aspect of her design in many different ways.

The background is also segmented, meaning you could add so many amazing colors to the design.

Which art tools and mediums do you think would best suit this page?new zelda coloring sheet

I just love the details on this next page, as it gives you so much to work with as you color! This is another one that I would use colored pens for, as it would allow for more precision.

If that is not your style, then colored pencils or even small paintbrushes would work as well. You have a lot of options no matter what your preference may be!

When choosing your art mediums, try to not only think of how it will look but also how it may make it easier or more difficult.zelda coloring sheet free download

Link always rides into battle with courage and conviction, and that is captured on this next page! He is on his trusty steed, riding full speed into danger.

The background on this page has been left blank, so you could try to draw a background setting for the page. Maybe you could think of your favorite landscapes from the games to use as inspiration.

Drawing a unique background is also a great way to imagine some grand new adventures for Link. Which approach do you think you will take for this particular page?zelda coloring pages free download

Many times in the series, Link spends much of the game trying to find and rescue Princess Zelda.

However, this awesome page shows them reunited and ready to face anything!

It’s also a page that has so many details that you can have fun coloring, so I think this is one of my favorite pages so far! If I were to color this page, I would use watercolor paints.

The soft colors would make this look really classic, and it would help to make it look like a painting you might find in Zelda’s castle.cartoon zelda coloring pages

I don’t know about you, but I would love to enter this Zelda coloring sheet to join Link for this meal! He is ready to tuck into this meal, and it looks so tasty.

Imagine how delicious it will look once you have added some colors! When you color, using crafts and other art supplies can make a big difference.

Sticking beads or glitter on some of the details would help to give it an extra dimension to enjoy, and can add some texture and sparkle.

What are some crafts you could use for this page?realistic zelda coloring pages

This next page makes a great companion piece to the previous one. This time, Zelda is ready to enjoy a meal, and it looks like she is at the same occasion as Link in that last picture.

It would be awesome to take both of these pages and color them in similar styles! Then, you could display them together to make a Zelda display.

I would sure like to hang both of these pictures on my wall once they’re done, maybe you could as well!black-and-white zelda coloring pages

It’s always fun when we get to see different interpretations of our favorite characters. This next picture is no different, as we see Link drawn in a stylized cartoon form.

The background is also great, as there are loads of segments that you can add some color to as well. This picture would look great with some bright or more muted colors.

It really depends on your own preference, so you should go where your creative instincts lead you! What do you think you will do for this page?zelda coloring printable for kids

The sense of adventure associated with Zelda games is really captured on this next page. It really reminds me of the Breath of the Wild game, but you may have other games brought to mind.

Whether you go with inspiration from a game or forge your own path, there are no wrong ways to color this amazing page. You can really take your time on a picture like this.

I know it will look amazing once you have finished coloring this one, so have fun with it!zelda coloring sheet for preschoolers

Next up, it is time for Princess Zelda to get the cartoon treatment! This picture may be highly stylized, but it still has tons of details and captures Zelda’s character beautifully.

Remember that you can also have fun coloring the background of pictures like this, and the colors you choose can complement the ones you use for the character herself.

Using multiple art tools and mediums on the same image can also be a good way to bring out great color contrasts, so don’t be afraid to get experimental!

What will you do for this pretty depiction of Zelda?new zelda coloring sheet

The final page in this collection of Zelda coloring sheets is one of the most awe-inspiring.

It is an incredibly detailed picture of Link and Zelda, and I can’t imagine there are any Zelda fans who wouldn’t love this one.

It’s another page that you could spend a lot of time on, and it will look amazing when it is done! I think that this one is so cool that it would look great framed once it’s done.

Do you agree with that idea? What are some other ways that you could present this artwork once it is complete?zelda coloring printable for adults

Zelda Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

What an adventure this collection of free Zelda coloring pages for kids was! There were so many amazing styles and poses to color here that any Zelda fan should be kept busy for a long time.

You could print and color every single page or focus on the ones that catch your eye. It’s really up to you, so get ready for as much fun as you like!

The different styles would allow you to choose all sorts of different colors and mediums, so let your creativity flow as much as you can!

Be sure to also share the collection with any other Zelda fans that you know.

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