25 Creative Rock Crafts Kids Will Love!

Has the rock hunting craze hit your town yet?  We recently joined our state rock hunting Facebook page and have been surprised to see just how popular this activity is.

If you are looking for a fun-filled activity to participate in the rest of summer break, try painting some rocks together as a family and hiding them around your town for others to find. Here are 25 Creative Rock Crafts to get you inspired for your rock hunting expedition.

creative rock crafts

25 Creative Rock Crafts Kids will Love!

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1. This colorful patterned snake craft is a fun way to paint rocks and couples as a great way for kids to work on patterns.

2. This painted rock flamingo puzzle might be the most clever rock craft I’ve seen. Kids will sit and play with this puzzle endlessly re-positioning their flamingo in different ways.

3. These bright and colorful rock bugs are a great rock to paint and hide around town for others to find.

4. Here is a fabulous way to turn painted rocks into awesome photo holders to display around the home.

5. How cute are these adorable cactus rocks?! They might be the cutest rock craft I’ve ever seen!

creative rock crafts 3

6. Aren’t these galaxy rocks stunning?! You’d be surprised just how simple they are to create.

7. Have a pile of broken crayons laying around the house? Use them to make these awesome melted crayon rocks.

8. Turn rock painting into an art history lesson while making these colorful Kandinsky inspired rocks.

9. Did you know you can die rocks just like Easter eggs? These dyed and decorated rocks are sure to be a hit!

10. Use chalk markers to draw beautiful rainbows on rocks to hide around your town. Whomever finds one of these rocks is sure to have a good day!

creative rock crafts 4

11. I can’t get over how cute these shake painted snail rocks are! A fun way to paint and create!

12. Oh my, this cute painted mouse rock is just too cute. Just don’t hide it in mom’s cupboard or you’ll give her a fright!

13. Painted owl rocks…Need I say more? I am obsessed.

14. The texture created on these rock fish with a vegetable bag mesh is incredible! I imagine children will spend hours playing with this rock pond set up.

15. These adorable hedgehog painted rocks would make darling paper weights.

creative rock crafts 5

16. This painted rock people craft is so fun! Kids will love making everyone in their family into a cute rock. You can even attach magnets to the back and hang them on the fridge.

17. Turn a small rock into an adorable DIY strawberry stone ring. Think about all the other possibilities for decorating a rock ring!

18. Gather some rocks on a nature hunt and embellish them to create pretty flower nature stones! A great summer activity for kids.

19. Looking for a super simple way to decorate rocks? Stickers and Modge Podge work perfectly together to make these mess-free sticker rocks.

20. These fluffy pet rocks are a great option if you don’t want to deal with the mess of painting. All you need is some yarn, googly eyes and glue.

creative rock crafts 6

21. Rawwrr! This pet rock lion craft is so cute! The addition of yarn creates awesome texture.

22. I can see this rock campfire craft being a huge hit at summer camp! Make sure to add the clay marshmallow on a stick for some extra fun!

23. I usually run away from spiders but I’d coming running towards these adorable rock spiders any time.

24. Using paint pens to doodle on rocks is a great way to add intricate details. Samantha also shares lots of different tips and tricks for drawing on rocks.

25. I saved the most fun for last…Aren’t these painted rock jailed minions a hoot?! You can also make them in their regular blue suits too.

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Have you made any fun rock crafts lately? Stop by and share them on our Facebook page.

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