Paper Plate T-Rex


Paper Plate

We went on a play date yesterday to the Dinosaur Museum with a friend. On our way home, my dinosaur enthusiast son said he wanted to make a Paper Plate T-Rex. Paper Plate Dinosaurs is one of our favorite crafts, but we’ve only used the patterns to make a Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus. Since my son’s favorite dinosaur is a T-Rex, he was so insistent that we figure out how to make one. This is what we came up with.

Paper Plate TRex 1

I’m pretty excited about how they turned out! To start, we painted the front of a paper plate with water colors. We have used acrylic paint in the past, but watercolors is much less messy. You could also use bubble wrap to paint the plate to resemble scales, like we did making our Dragons.

(I remembered to take a picture after I started cutting it.)

When the watercolors are dry, draw this pattern on the back of the paper plate and then have your child cut out all the pieces.

DSC0002 1

Use a hole punch and metal brads to attach the pieces to the dinosaur body. I attached one leg and arm to the front and one to the back to give it more dimension.

DSC0036 1

After we got all the pieces put together I made a few adjustments. I ended up trimming the head to make it more rounded in the back, and I also trimmed down the tail. Just so you can see the difference, here is a before and after photo of me trimming the tail.

Tail Differece
My son is now in heaven with his new creature.
DSC0018 2

We finished the night off reading one of favorite Dinosaur stories, Oh say can you say Di-no-saur? by Bonnie Worth. It’s from the Cat in the Hat series and it’s wonderful!

DSC 3030

Happy Crafting!!


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