Sea Turtle Craft

Download our template and follow our easy instructions to make a fun paper bowl sea turtle craft with your kids!

We love sea turtles at my house! In fact, any time we see an educational video or documentary about ocean animals, we anxiously sit in wait, hoping to catch a glimpse of baby sea turtles.

sea turtle craft made out of a paper bowl sitting on a pink background

I find the life cycle of sea turtles fascinating. Especially how their Momma comes back to the place she was born to lay her eggs. They are such amazing creatures!

paper bowl sea turtle craft laying flat on a pink background

This turtle craft is fun and easy to make with preschoolers and kids of all ages, after you learn all about sea turtles together. Using a paper bowl as the turtle shell gives the craft a fun 3D effect that kids will love!

horizontal zoomed in front view image of sea turtle craft

Easy Sea Turtle Craft for Kids

Whether you’re looking for a fun preschool craft to add to your ocean theme or you’re looking for some fun, new summer activities for kids, this sea turtle craft is perfect!

Read our easy step-by-step instructions below for how to make your own sea turtle craft. Make sure to watch our video tutorial inside this post before you get started too.

Supplies needed to make this adorable sea turtle

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  • sea turtle craft template <—– Get the Template Here
  • 20 oz. paper bowl 
  • paper plate (to use as a paint palette)
  • brown paint
  • green paint
  • sponge paintbrushes
  • green cardstock paper
  • black marker
  • pencil
  • googly eyes
  • stapler
  • scissors

Instructions for how to make your own sea turtle kid craft

1. Pour some brown paint on a paper plate. Use a sponge paintbrush to paint the bottom of a 20 oz. paper bowl.

2. After the brown paint has had several minutes to start to dry, pour some green paint on your paper plate. Dab a sponge brush into the green paint lightly and then carefully add some splotches of the green paint around the brown paint to add some green color to your sea turtle shell. Set aside your painted paper bowl sea turtle shell to dry completely.

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four square collage image showing steps for making a sea turtle craft

Note: You don’t need very much green paint on your sponge brush at all. In fact, it might be helpful to practice dabbing the brush on the open areas of your paper plate palette until you’ve reached the desired consistency before applying it to your paper bowl.

3. While your painted paper bowl is drying, download and print out the sea turtle craft template on green cardstock paper. Cut out each of the pieces of the template.

square four image collage with pictures showing how to make a sea turtle craft

4. When your turtle shell is finished drying, use a pencil to lightly draw out turtle shell shapes on the paper bowl. You don’t have to use a pencil but it is super handy for you to take your time and get the design exactly how you want before making it permanent.

It might be helpful to look at some images of sea turtles on Google to help guide you as you create your design. Or it’s also fun for younger kids to use their creativity to make any shapes they want.

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square four image collage showing steps for how to make a sea turtle craft

5. When you are satisfied with your pencil drawn turtle shell design, use a black marker to trace each of the pencil lines. We also added a solid line around the bottom perimeter of the paper bowl and then added lines on the outside perimeter of the paper bowl.

6. Use a stapler or glue gun to attach the head at the top of your paper bowl turtle shell. Then attach each of the arms and legs onto your sea turtle craft.

vertical collage photo showing finished sea turtle craft positioned four different ways

7. Add two googly eyes on your sea turtle face. Then use your black marker to draw two small nostrils at the end of the sea turtle face.

Your easy sea turtle craft is complete. Kids can now move around their paper bowl to watch as their adorable turtle crafts swim and dance around. 

vertical image of finished sea turtle craft on pink background

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