Wooden Spoon Mermaid Craft

If you have mermaid fans at your house, they are going to love making this simple wooden spoon mermaid craft

This past Christmas I bought my daughter a mermaid tail blanket. She hardly goes anywhere without it. She loves sleeping in it and wearing it around the house, pretending to be a mermaid. I knew with her love of mermaids she would adore this simple mermaid craft.

blonde haired and red haired wood spoon mermaid dolls laying flat on blue background

These fun mermaids are made out of a wooden spoon which makes them easy for little kids to grip and hold onto them and use them as a puppet.

My daughter is so excited that she now has some little mermaid friends to play pretend with and put on fun puppet shows for me.

How to Make a Wooden Spoon Mermaid Craft

Your kid are going to love making and playing with these darling mermaid puppets! Read our easy step-by-step instructions below for instructions on how you can make your own pretty mermaids.

Supplies needed for making these Mermaid Puppets:

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Instructions for making the Wooden Spoon Mermaids

1. Start by wrapping purple yarn around your spoon to make the mermaid shell top. Tie a knot in the back and cut off any excess yarn. Now wrap green yarn around the bottom of the spoon for the mermaid tail. When you get to the end tie a knot and cut off any excess.

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red-headed wooden spoon mermaid laying flat on a blue background

2. Cut off several strands of your red yarn (or color of your choice) and use tacky glue to glue it to the top of the spoon and some on the back of the spoon for mermaid hair.

3. Cut mermaid tail fins out of your green felt and glue them onto your green yarn to finish the mermaid tail.

close up vertical image of red-haired wooden spoon mermaid craft laying on blue background

4. Glue on your googly eyes and use markers to draw on a mouth and smile.5. Finish your mermaid craft by using glitter glue to make some glittery highlights on your mermaid tail fins.

Vertical close up image of two wooden spoon mermaid puppets, one with blonde hair and one with red hair.

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