25 Fabulously Creative Cardboard Tube Crafts

Who else finds themselves with a hoard of cardboard tube rolls every few months and wonders how you can use them in a creative way without throwing them out?…{Raises Hand!}…I love crafting with recyclables!

Whether you have only a few cardboard rolls saved up or have a big surplus, today we are sharing 25 Fabulously Creative Cardboard Tube Crafts you and your kids will love creating!

Don’t have a collection of cardboard rolls but still want to make some of these crafts? No worries! You can buy some (affiliate) cardboard rolls on Amazon for crafting any time.

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25 Fabulously Creative Cardboard Tube Crafts

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1. Kids will love playing with these cardboard tube space shuttles with their favorite toy figurines.

2. An afternoon adventure is waiting to happen with these moving cute cardboard tube cars.

3. Do you have a mermaid fan at your house? They will have a blast making these cardboard tube mermaids.

4. Time for some Ki-Ya! fun with these awesome cardboard tube ninjas.

5. Craft from pretty flowers out of cardboard tube flowers for an afternoon craft!

cardboard tube crafts 4

6. Aww, isn’t this cardboard tube koala adorable?!

7. Have a trip planned to the zoo soon? Make some cute cardboard tube giraffes when you get home.

8. Here’s a unique way to turn a cardboard tube into a cute bee craft. I love those newspaper wings!

9. Another clever way to turn a cardboard tube into an insect…this time cute ladybugs.

10. These cardboard tube dogs take the cake! So fun!

cardboard tube crafts 5

11. Your little explorers are going to have a blast discovering critters with these cardboard tube shark binoculars.

12. Combine painted handprints and a cardboard tube to create the cutest butterfly craft.

13. Isn’t this cardboard tube grasshopper AMAZING?!

14. Have a bundle of washi tape laying around the house? Use them to make this fun patterned cardboard tube snake craft.

15. Here’s a fun way to turn cardboard tubes into cute little fish.

cardboard tube crafts 6

16. A cardboard tube is a perfect base to make a fun jellyfish crafts. Those curly tentacles are awesome!

17. Use cardboard tubes to create some colorful jungle parrots. Perfect to go along with a jungle theme.

18. The cardboard tube frogs are super cute and easy to make!

19. Here’s a fun way for kids to get creative with cardboard tubes. Cut them into pieces to make a pretty flower wall art project.

20. Oh how I love the cute heart faces on this lovely cardboard tube fox craft.

cardboard tube crafts 7

21. Save up cardboard tubes and other recyclables to make a magical castle for kids to play with!

22. Did you know you can use cardboard tubes as a tool for teaching children how to knit?! Genius!

23. These awesome cardboard tube airplanes are another fun cardboard tube craft kids will love playing with.

24. Turn a cardboard tube into a stylish pencil pouch. A fabulous craft for older kids to enjoy making!

25. Cardboard tube phone stand and speakers? What? This is amazing! Another awesome craft for older children to enjoy!

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