“Out of This World” Craft

Since we learned some about the Moon this week, I thought it appropriate to learn about the Solar System and our Planets. My boys love Space! They love looking up at the stars at night, they love talking about how the Sun is lava hot, and they love to fight debate over which Planet is the coolest. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to find a craft that I know my 6 yr old and 4 yr old will both fall in love with but this week I found it! We created our very own Universe.



I am a HUGE fan of art that has several different layers to it like this one. I think it really gives children a chance to be imaginative and create exactly what they want to. After we finished this project my 6 yr old said, “Can we make this again tomorrow?” That is how much they loved it!

This is how we created this cool project.

Materials you will need:
-Black sheet of card stock paper
-spray bottle (I bought one at Wal-Mart for .97)
-white paint
-a variety bright colored pieces of card stock paper
-glue stick
-glitter glue
-star stickers

1. Put a small amount of white paint inside a spray bottle and dilute it down with water.

2. Spray a couple sprays onto your black sheet of paper. This creates that Galaxy look to your picture. Let the paint dry completely. It was sunny outside so it only took like 10 minutes to dry.

It really only takes a couple light sprays. Ours looked liked this after spraying.

3. Draw different sized circles onto a variety of bright colored pieces of card stock. These are Planets so we didn’t want them all to be the same size.

4. Cut out the circles and glue them onto your black paper.

5. Add whatever details you’d like to your Planets with crayons and glitter glue.


My boys loved using the glitter glue for a ring around a Planet.

My son suggested we make shooting stars. He even came up with the idea to add the gold star on the end of the tail. He is a Genius, I know! hahaha And I totally copied HIS idea on my own Universe, I’m such a copy-cat. LOL!

And there you have it….An “Out of This World” Craft.


Oh, and here are a couple books you can use with this craft.
“The Planets in our Solar System” by Franklyn Branley.


“There’s No Place Like Space” by Tish Rabe.
We love all the Dr. Suess Books at our house like this!
Happy Crafting!!
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