Paper Bag Zebra Craft

We’ve been having fun this summer making animal crafts of some of our favorite animals at our local zoo.

So far among our favorites we’ve made a giraffe, lion and bear and this week we had a blast making this adorable paper bag zebra craft. The fun element in this craft, other than the fact you get to have fun playing with it as a puppet after making it, is that we used foam curlers to print the stripes onto our bags.

I love using unique things for painting and the foam curlers were a huge hit! This craft also works great as a letter Z alphabet craft for preschoolers.


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How to Make a Paper Bag Zebra Craft

Supplies Needed to Make this Zebra Craft

white paper lunch bag
black paint
– foam hair curlers (for printing stripes)
– black and white cardstock paper
– googly eyes
– white crayon
– scissors
– glue

Directions for this Paper Bag Zebra

1. Start by adding some black paint onto a piece of cardstock or paper plate. Dip your foam hair curler into it and then print it onto your white paper bag to make zebra stripes. Continue dipping and printing to make stripes down the length of the bag and a few on the face of the bag.


2. Cut zebra ears out of your white cardstock paper. Glue them onto the paper bag. Then, use your foam hair curler to print some black on the tips of the zebra ears. Let the black paint dry completely.

3. While your paint is drying, cut out a black zebra muzzle from your black cardstock paper and small rectangle strip for the zebra hair. Cut slits along the top of it to make individual hair strands.


4. Glue your black muzzle onto your zebra face and your black hair on the back of your zebra face. Then glue on your googly eyes. Finish your paper bag zebra craft by using a white crayon to draw on nostrils and a mouth.


Looking for a zebra picture book to go along with this craft? Try one of these:
How the Zebra Got It’s Stripes by (A Little Golden Book)
The Zebra Who Ran Too Fast by Jenni Desmond
A Zebra’s World by Caroline Arnold
Zebras by Catherine Ipcizade


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