Pony Bead Flag Craft

Pony Bead Flag Craft


We finally got some 4th of July crafting in!! I was excited that my 8yr old wanted in on this craft too. He seems to steer away from crafty things lately, so doing projects with him is a special treat for me.
The craft is pretty straight forward but I started by cutting out a piece of cardboard about 5″ x 7″. We used a left over pizza box from dinner last night. I punched a hole at each end at the top with a hole punch so we could hang it after we were finished.


We started gluing our beads on in the blue section first. Squeeze school glue on a small section and then place your beads on and continue until you have the size you want. Our Pony Beads came from Craftprojectideas.com and were in a special patriotic pack. I couldn’t find the exact pack on their website, but if you can’t find the patriotic pack at your local Wal-Mart you could always buy individual packs of red, white and blue.

Then continue gluing with your red and white stripes down the flag. We decided to do rows of 2, but afterwards I thought “why didn’t we just cut the cardboard at the right size to get 13 single stripes like the real flag?”  :-/


Your toddlers don’t have to sit out on this one either. This is a great activity for color recognition and hand-to-eye coordination. I put a section of glue down and told her which color bead to put on the glue. She is Miss Crafty lately so she loved this!!



It is hard to tell but we conveniently covered our holes in the corners with beads. Just make sure the hole is showing inside the bead so you can get your string through it later.



For the stars we used this Patriotic Stars Spangle Mix also from Craftprojectideas.com. This little pack is so fun! We used them for another project too that I’ll show you in a couple days.


Pull some white stars out of the pack and glue them down on your flag.

After the glue has completely dried, attach some string to each corner of your flag and you are all done! This is my 8yr old’s flag.
Look how cute my toddler’s flag turned out!




She’s pretty proud of it!!




Find a fun place to hang up your new flag in your house and you have perfect 4th of July decor!






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*We received our Patriotic Pony Beads and Patriotic Stars Spangle Mix for free from Craftprojectideas.com, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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