Paper Straw Bendy Snake Craft

This paper straw bendy snake craft is simple for kids to make and it’s sooo fun to play with. Since there are so many paper straw colors and patterns available now of days, kids will have a blast creating a unique style for their snake. Stripes or polka-dots, black, green or pink…you get to decide! And if you can’t decide, don’t worry…You can just make several different snakes to play with. Find some great book recommendations at the end of this post to go along with this fun snake craft.

[This craft was originally posted on May 8, 2016.]

bendy snake craft 2 small

How to Make a Paper Straw Bendy Snake Craft

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– paper straws in varying colors
– pipe cleaners
– cardstock paper
– googly eyes
– scissors
– glue

Paper Straw Bendy Snake Craft for Kids


1. Start by cutting a few paper straws into  1-inch sections.

2. Overlap the ends of two pipe cleaners about one inch and twist them together to connect them. We used two pipe cleaners to make our snakes but you could add more pipe cleaners to make your snake however long you’d like.

Paper Straw Snake Craft for Kids

3. Thread your paper straw pieces onto your pipe cleaners. You’ll need to bend down the end of the pipe cleaner after threading on your first piece so they don’t fall off. Then continue adding on the paper straws until you reach the other end of the pipe cleaner. Bend down the end of the pipe cleaner at the end so the pieces don’t fall off. My daughter had fun with this because she loved making different patterns with each of her snakes.

4. Cut out a snake head from your cardstock paper and a small snake tongue. Glue them onto the first paper straw piece. Then glue on your googly eyes.

Bendable Snake Craft for Kids

After your glue has dried, your snake craft is all ready for play. You can bend him and twist him and make him slither around any way you want.

bendy snake craft 3 small

Looking for some great books to go along with this craft? Try one of these:
Snakes by Gail Gibbons
Elmer and Snake by David Mckee
Snakes Long Longer Longest by Jerry Pallotta and Van Wallach
Snakes Wear Socks by Kyle Chandler-Issacksen

Paper Straw Bendable Snake Craft for Kids

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