5 Awesome Hot Air Balloon Crafts

I love hot air balloons! The bright and fun patterns on the balloons against the blue sky is simply amazing to me.

I’ve been dreaming of going to a hot air balloon festival this last year but haven’t made it. Instead we’ve had fun crafting up some colorful hot air balloon crafts at home.

Here are 5 awesome hot air balloon crafts for kids that I hope leave you inspired to get crafty with your little ones. With such a wide array of crafting materials, you are sure to find something you love!


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5 Hot Air Balloon Crafts for Kids

Click on the links below to be taken to the original tutorials and to pin individual crafts.

1. Painted Newspaper Hot Air Balloon Craft

2. Printed Bubble Wrap Hot Air Balloon Craft

3. Washi Tape Hot Air Balloon Craft

4. Cupcake Liner Hot Air Balloon Craft

5. Recycled CD Hot Air Balloon Craft

Hot Air Balloon Books to go along with these crafts:

Sebastian and the Balloon by Philip Stead
Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure by Stephen Huneck
Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon by H. A. Rey


More fun balloon crafts from our friends:

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We turned rocks into an adorable pet rock lion craft. Put them on display on a shelf or dresser or use them as a paper weight on a desk. Fun summer kids craft, animal craft for kids, preschool craft and nature crafts for kids.

Adorable Pet Rock Lion Craft

This simple painted newspaper apple tree craft is perfect for a preschool apple theme and fall kids craft. Fun apple craft for kids, recycled newspaper craft, preschool craft and fall craft for kids.

Painted Newspaper Apple Tree Craft