“Slap the Ghost” Halloween Color Game

I was looking for a Halloween-themed way of practicing colors with my preschooler and after remembering how much we loved playing Slap the Ghost a couple years back, I decided to make a color version of the game. (Links to download the game are at the bottom of the post)

The rules of playing the game are simple:

1. Cut the ghost cards out and spread them out so that all players can reach them.

2. Take turns rolling the dice. Once the dice is rolled, see what color it rolled to.

3. Slap the ghost with the correct color. The player that slaps the correct ghost first gets a penny (or bean or M&M, whatever you want to use).

4. The person with the most pennies at the end of the game
wins. You can determine how many times the dice is rolled before
the game is over. We did 15 rolls each game.

This game is best played with two children the same age for a fair advantage, but I just went easy on her when we played together.  🙂  She also enjoyed playing by herself.

I wanted to stretch my daughter’s brain a little so I made one board with the classic rainbow colors and another board with common colors (black, white, grey, brown, pink and gold). I had a hard time thinking of a sixth color on the second board, but my daughter likes the color gold so I went with that. To make the dice, I used a set of big dice purchased from Dollar Tree. I covered the dots on each side by taping on a 2″ circle of the different colors.

Want to download this fun game to play with your preschooler?

Click HERE for this printable.
Click HERE for the dice colors printable.


**The ghost clip art used in these printables was found at Clker.com**

My older boys (8 and 6) were eyeballing this game when I played with my daughter and wanted a try so I laid out all 12 cards and we rolled both dice each turn. You had to slap not only one color, but two, making it a little more age-appropriate for them.

I had to laugh because they seriously had just as much, if not more, fun than my 3yr old. I think next time I will tape the cards to the floor so they stay in place a little better with my rambunctious boys.

To check out the addition practice version of this game, go HERE.

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