Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages

Enjoy high octane coloring thrills with these Dragon Ball Z coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 30 all new Dragon Ball Z coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

When it comes to action and adventure, few series deliver as many thrills as the Dragon Ball Z series.

This series follows the adventures of Goku and his superpowered friends as they battle the forces of evil.

This collection of free Dragon Ball Z coloring pages for kids will help you to relive some of their most epic adventures!

These pages are perfect for some coloring fun, and you can share them with others to enjoy as well!

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30 Brand New Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

We will begin this collection of free Dragon Ball Z coloring pages for kids with the man himself: Goku!

There are many different characters in the various Dragon Ball Z series, but Goku is usually at the center of most stories.

In this form, he typically has black hair with blue and orange clothing, so you have a reference to work from if you want him to be screen-accurate.Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages for kids free download

This Dragon Ball Z coloring page shows Goku as a young boy. At this age, he still has a monkey tail, which is visible on this page.

There are lots of great details to color here, even though it shows him as a small child! Which colors will you choose?Dragon Ball Z Drawing

Son Goku stands tall and ready, his powerful muscles bulging as he assumes his fighting stance. Color in his wild, spiky hair and fierce expression as he focuses intently.

Goku usually wears his trademark orange gi, the uniform of a master martial artist. Give him a backdrop – perhaps the World Martial Arts Tournament arena where he first battled as a child.

Goku is pure-hearted and defends the Earth with unmatched courage. Bring out his incredible Super Saiyan strength as he prepares for combat!dragon ball z coloring pages

Warriors from Dragon Ball Z often have to draw power from around them when summoning their powers. That’s what seems to be happening on this page.

You could draw some additional power effects surrounding this character and then color them in to make this page look even more awesome.

What move could he be preparing for on this page?
dragon ball coloring printable

In the Dragon Ball Z series, we see Goku in many periods of his life, and this second page features him as a young boy.

With this portrayal, we even get to see him with his monkey tail that he had at that age, and that allows for extra detail to color!Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages for adults free printable

The character Krillin doesn’t always have the best of luck, but he is looking rather confident on this page.

You could add some extra background details and other objects to show why he’s having a good day.

Perhaps you can think of a scene from the show that you could use as inspiration for the background that you use for this page.dragon ball coloring pages

While Goku may be considered the main character of Dragon Ball Z, there are many other characters that share the spotlight.

Here we have Gohan, another character that is prominently featured. How will you color this famous character?

He looks like he is in the middle of an action scene, so you could draw a background as well to take this image even further.Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages free pdf download

Goku knows all sorts of amazing martial arts moves, and he is performing one on this next page. It makes you wonder who he could be using this move against.

If you have a favorite Dragon Ball Z villain, then you could draw them into the page or maybe add some clues as to who it could be.goku dragon ball coloring pages

Double the fun with these adorable, grinning twin Gohans! Only their robes are different. Color in their matching spiky hair and gis as they smile lightly together.

Both of them look ready for their next big adventure, ready to train and grow stronger. As the son of Goku, Gohan has immense hidden power within him, even at a young age.

Use your creativity to customize each Gohan and bring out their unique personalities!original dragon ball z coloring printable

This next Dragon Ball Z coloring sheet shows a close-up of Goku, who is arguably the main character of the series. He can be very tough and powerful, but he also has a calm and good nature.

This page seems to show off that good nature, and you can highlight this part of his character with the colors you use.goku head dragon ball coloring pages

There is a fierce pose on show in this next image, and now you get to make it look even cooler with your colors!

When coloring famous characters, you can either replicate their common look or create a brand new look for them, and it’s up to you to decide which approach you take.

How will you color this character?Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Beerus is a very unique character from the series that is inspired by the look of ancient Egyptian gods. He appears on this page, and he looks very interesting to say the least.

The unusual look of this character compared to the others in this collection will definitely make it stand out once you have finished coloring it.
beerus dragon ball coloring pages

This next Dragon Ball Z coloring sheet features another image from the past as we see Kid Gohan in this one.

The colors for his clothing in this form consist of purple with red details, so that can get you started for a screen-accurate version if that’s what you would like to create!

Which colors will you use for Kid Gohan?Dragon Ball Z Coloring Book free printable

We have another portrayal of Kid Goku for you to color, and this time he is looking very confident. It looks as if he could be saying something on this page.

If you have a favorite line from Goku, then perhaps you could add it above him in a speech bubble. Which quote would you choose for this purpose?
dragon ball z coloring pages kindergarten

Young Gohan focused intently as he practices his martial arts techniques. Lightly shade his hair black and gi purple as you color.

Give him a backdrop – perhaps the forest where he was first taught to survive by Piccolo. Gohan is gentle but has the heart of a warrior within.

Unleash your creativity to reveal his immense inner strength!

Don’t forget to share your finished Dragon Ball Z coloring sheets with us on Facebook and Pinterest when you’re done.dragon ball coloring printable for kids

Kid Goku stars on this next page, but this is a more action packed pose for him! He is performing a mighty punch on this page.

The look on his face is happy, so it would suggest that he is in the middle of training as opposed to danger.

You could draw some training equipment around him if you agree that is what could be happening here.
dragon ball z coloring drawing

We’re not done with this version of Kid Gohan yet! This time we have him with a different hairstyle, and he is also looking decidedly angrier than the previous image.

What do you think has happened to make him so mad? You could show us what you think by drawing some background details!Dragon Ball Z Coloring Book for kids free printable

This next portrayal of Gohan features him in a different outfit, and this one is a lot more colorful than how he was dressed in the previous images.

With this look, we see him in bright colors like red, yellow and green for a really vibrant look.

We would use some colored pens or markers for this one to make the colors even brighter, but what art mediums can you think of?Dragon Ball Z Coloring Sheet for children free download

This next pose that Goku is in is very cool indeed! He looks ready for action and looks pretty confident in himself. You also get a great look at the details of his outfit.

Will you use the regular colors he has in the show or maybe go for some unique colors instead?original dragon ball z coloring drawing

Triple the half-Saiyan excitement with these Gohan triplet clones! Though identical, make each Gohan unique by adding your own special details and colors.

Do you think they can all fight and defeat the powerful monster named Majin Buu

Give one a fierce glare, another a warm smile, and the third an energetic stance. Accessorize their gis differently or shade each one’s hair.

Young Gohan is noble and brave, with untapped power lying dormant. What legend will you create for these three Gohans?dragon ball z coloring sheet

Kid Goku is back for another calmer image with this next page. He is again drawn in a different outfit, and it has lots of great details included on it.

Which colors are you thinking of using for this particular look for Goku? We will be interested to see what you go for!Dragon Ball Z Coloring Book for adults free download

This is a really fun pose that Goku is in for this ninth Dragon Ball Z coloring printable we have for you!

He is flashing a peace sign while looking really friendly, so we would use some softer colors for this calm image.

You can also use certain art mediums depending on the mood you want, for instance you could use some watercolor paint or colored pencils for a softer look.Dragon Ball Z Coloring Book for adults free download

Krillin is not always the coolest character, but he does look pretty cool on this Dragon Ball Z coloring page. He is performing a really cool kick, and it suggests that he is in the middle of a battle.

Who do you think he could be aiming this powerful kick at?new dragon ball z coloring drawing

The legendary Super Saiyan Goku gathers his energy, focusing intensely as he prepares to unleash a devastating Kamehameha Wave.

Color his glowing yellow spiky hair and bright aura with care as his power builds. In the distance, draw a shadowy outline of a menacing villain appearing as Goku prepares to defend the Earth!

When transformed into a Super Saiyan, Goku’s strength increases one hundredfold. Bring Goku’s attack to life in a clash of cosmic proportions!original dragon ball z coloring printable

The previous picture was quite calm, but this one is pretty much the exact opposite! In this one, Goku is looking particularly fierce as he is in the middle of an action moment.

To further contrast this one, we would also make the colors more bright and intense for this particular one.

Which colors and mediums will you choose for Goku in this awesome pose?Dragon Ball Z Coloring Book for kids free printable

Adult Goku is back, and this time he is in his Super Saiyan form. When in this form, his hair changes shape and becomes bright yellow.

This not only looks cool, but also gives you the chase to use some bright mediums and colors to make the image pop!

We would use some acrylic paints or colored markers for details such as his hair to make the colors brighter.Dragon Ball Z Coloring Sheet for children free download

Goku has many amazing superpowers, and in this image he is flying through the air.

For a picture like this, you could have even more fun by drawing some background details behind and below him to show where he is flying.

Do you have a favorite Dragon Ball Z location that you could use for the background?Dragon Ball Z Coloring Book for adults free download

Krillin is one of the more humorous characters from the Dragon Ball Z series, and he is here for you to color in this next image.

He is looking rather annoyed here, and it makes you wonder what kind of situation he is in. You could show us what may be making him have this facial expression by adding some extra details!Dragon Ball Z Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Kid Goku is back for one more picture with this next image!

When coloring this pose, you could maybe try to use different colors or art tools to ones you may have used for previous images of Kid Goku.

How would you shake things up with colors and mediums as you finish off this portrayal?Dragon Ball Z Easy Coloring Pages

Adult Goku is back for this final Dragon Ball Z coloring sheet! He is looking like he may have just finished an intense battle, but despite this he is still looking pretty calm and content.

How do you think you will finish off this collection with your colors? Let your creativity flow and see what happens!Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages for kids free download

Dragon Ball Z Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

That was quite a colorful adventure we went on with this collection of free Dragon Ball Z coloring pages for kids!

We hope you had a great time with some of your favorite characters as you expressed your color creativity.

Now you can share the collection with others and check out some of our other coloring page collections on our website!

When you have finished some of your favorite pages, remember to share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to check out.

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