Axolotl Coloring Pages

Enjoy this truly unique creature with these axolotl coloring pages!

The axolotl is a creature that not only has a name that is quite a mouthful, but is also a very odd looking one. That’s not said as a bad thing, as being unique can be a positive attribute!

These amphibious creatures are known for looking like creatures from another word. They’re also quite adorable, with perpetually smiling faces displayed.

If you love these little creatures, then you will have a lot to enjoy with this collection of free axolotl coloring pages for kids. We have 15 pages dedicated to the axolotl for you to enjoy.

You can color these pages any way you like, and they are all free to print as many times as you like. So let’s begin and meet some of these marvelous creatures!

15 Brand New Axolotl Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first axolotl coloring sheet shows one of these amphibious fellows going for a swim. It certainly seems like a good day to be an axolotl on this page!

Once you have colored the axolotl, you can also bring some color to the background. I would probably use some different shades of blues for the background.

Using some softer mediums like watercolors would be a great way to keep the colors softer, bringing the focus to the axolotl itself. How will you color the background?axolotl coloring pages

The axolotl can come in many different colors, and so you have many options for the colors you use for this one. Some axolotls will even have patterns and other textures to their color schemes.

When you color this cute axolotl, you can make sure that the colors are accurate to a real one, but you could also use any other amazing colors you would like.

No one will be checking it for accuracy, so feel free to get creative with it! I’m sure it will look amazing no matter what you use.axolotl coloring pages for kids

The next page we have for you features a smiling axolotl that looks so cute. It is swimming toward us on this page, and it serves as an interesting view.

In addition to coloring the page, you can also add your own details by drawing them in. Drawing details helps to make the page look more unique, but it also allows you to add even more colors.

Drawing pens are great for this, but you could use pretty much any pens, pencils or other art tools that you have on hand. What details would you like to add here?axolotl coloring pages for adults

The next axolotl we have for you to color is pulling quite a swimming maneuver! It is making a sharp turn, and it gives us a good view of the axolotl to color.

While the background is simple, it still allows for you to use some interesting and amazing colors.

There are a few sections to the background, and you could vary the different layers of colors that you use.

Blues and maybe greens would be the obvious choices, and while they would look great, you should feel free to use whichever colors come to mind.axolotl coloring printable

It’s time for a swimming adventure on the next axolotl coloring printable! The angle on this page has the axolotl swimming directly toward you, and it gives you a great look at the smiling face on the creature.

You’ll notice that the background is separated into four different sections. If I were coloring this page, I would make the opposite segments complimentary colors.

You can find color wheels online that can show you some good colors to use for this purpose. That is one way to do it, but how else could you color these background segments?axolotl coloring printable free download

How fun is this next page? This axolotl has been drawn in a slightly more detailed style, but it is still absolutely adorable.

I also really love the effects surrounding the axolotl, and these give you some finer details to color.

Using a colored pen or marker for these particular details would be an easy and effective way to color them.

You could also add a lot more of these swimming effects if you wanted to, and that would let you add even more colors and art mediums. It would be great to see how this one turns out when it’s done!axolotl coloring pages for adults

This next axolotl is one of the most realistic we have seen so far. Because of how realistic and detailed it looks, I would probably use some more muted colors that are true to life.

You can find pictures of real axolotls online to use as references for some realistic colors that you could use. Watercolor paints would also be great for some more muted colors that look true to life.

Do you think you will go for realistic colors or something more stylistic?axolotl coloring pages

It looks as if this next axolotl has just dived beneath the water, and it is ready to do some exploring! It’s clear this is the case, as there are some bubbles and water effects around it.

There are some interesting ways that you can create bubbles on the page. If you were to glue white and blue beads onto the page, it would give the bubbles a 3D look.

It’s one of the more unconventional ways that you can portray the bubbles, but you could use any other crafts you would like as well.axolotl coloring printable free pdf

If you want to add some more life to this page, you could do so by drawing some more creatures. A good way to do that would be to draw a friend for this axolotl!

Adding another axolotl to the page would be a great challenge and allow you to try out some different color schemes. If you need some help, you could use any of the other 14 pages in the collection.

You could even cut out another axolotl and stick it on the page to make it axolotl coloring pages

We have another detailed portrayal of this curious creature on this axolotl coloring page. There are bubbles around it, and also some light detailing on the base of the page.

It makes it look as if this axolotl is swimming near the bottom of a lake or a river. Some extra details along the lake bed would be great.

These could include some plants, small fish, rocks or even just some sand mounds. It’s up to you, and you could add all sorts of cool details.

How could you make the lakebed more interesting?kawaii axolotl coloring pages

The detailing beneath the axolotl on this next page looks simple at first glance, but there are actually quite a few small spaces to color here.

I always use colored pens for small details like these, but there are other ways to do it. If you like to paint, you can use very small paint brushes to get those small details filled in.

It will of course require a bit more patience and time, but there is no rush. What mediums are your go-to for these kinds of fine details?white axolotl coloring pages

Axolotls always look happy due to the smiling look on their faces. This one looks particularly happy as it floats in the water, though.

When I see a picture that suggests happiness, I like to use colors that make me happy. So that could include bright colors like red, yellow or orange.

Vibrant mediums like acrylic paint and colored markers that help to make the colors pop can also be a great choice. You certainly don’t need to make those decisions for your own page though!

Any colors that make you happy would be perfect.axolotl drawing coloring pages

If you ask me, axolotls look a bit like they’re from another time or place. They could be space aliens or something out of a fantasy story.

When I saw this page, I thought it would be fun to draw a background that suggests this kind of origin. So, for example, maybe the axolotl could be floating through space with planets and spacecraft behind it.

It could also be a fearsome dragon flying above a fantasy town. These are a few ideas, but I’m sure you can think of many more fun backgrounds for this page!axolotl printable coloring book

This next page is something a bit different, as we see this axolotl from a side view. Even though the view may be different, there are still some great details to color.

Most importantly, this axolotl is still incredibly cute even from this angle! Because this picture stands out a bit, you could try to use some new art tools and techniques to color it.

If you don’t normally use paint, then you could try it out for this page to make it stand out. That’s one example, but it can be fun to try out something new every now and then.axolotl coloring pages

The final axolotl coloring sheet of the collection features another one swimming above the lake or river bed. There are some nice plant details to color, which helps to give it more of a sense of place.

You could also add even more details if you so desired! I often like to draw extra details, as it presents a challenge and makes the page totally unique to me.

If you need some inspiration, you can look up some underwater photos online to use as a reference for your picture!axolotl coloring book for kids

Axolotl Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free axolotl coloring printables for kids sure had a lot of these adorable little creatures to admire and color! There are so many ways that you can color these amazing pages.

Remember that you can also add your very own extra details to color as well. You could share the collection with other animal lovers that you know as well.

That way, you can compare the different ways that you went about coloring this unique creature. As you can see, there are so many ways to have fun with this collection!

We would love to see the results of your coloring, so please feel free to share your finished coloring pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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