Magical Mermaid Coloring Pages

Dive under the sea with these all new magical mermaid coloring pages

On this page, you will find 46 all new Mermaid coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Mermaids are magical mythical creatures that live their enchanting lives under the sea.

Movies like The Little Mermaid have made these creatures all the rage for birthday parties, decorations, toys, and more.

They are also a fascinating part of mythology, and tales of mermaid sightings date back for centuries.

Mermaids are one of the most popular mythical creatures around. They are known for their beauty and charm and we simply cannot get enough of these enchanting creatures.

The popularity of mermaids in pop culture has created a big demand in our readers for mermaid coloring pages that you can enjoy for free.

Finally here are all new completely original mermaid resources that you can download and print for free. Enjoy these wonderful and magical creatures!

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Mermaid Coloring Pages – 46 All-New Printable Sheets

This cute mermaid printable shows a mermaid who has come ashore to sit on top of a rock and look around.

Her hair is beautifully braided at the top of her head and flows down her back. She looks like she might be ready to start singing.mermaid coloring pages

For this mermaid coloring sheet, we have a wonderfully elegant mermaid for you to color in.

She is looking really calm and peaceful here, and there are many amazing small details that you can get creative with.

From her outfit and accessories to the sea scenery around her, you could work in many different color techniques and effects to create a really interesting picture to look at.

What kind of color scheme are you thinking of for this one? We can’t wait to see how you finish off this pretty picture!mermaid printable

Mermaids make friends with all kinds of marine life. This mermaid coloring page shows a beautiful mermaid sitting near some coral and holding her hand out as a little fish comes swimming up to her.

She wears pearl earrings and a big bow in the back of her hair. mermaid coloring page for kids

Some mermaids have beautiful and mesmerizing singing voices and are very talented with music.

This mermaid cartoon holds a flute and looks ready to play a melody. A fish swims by to listen to the tunes she makes. mermaid free download

In this next image, we have another pretty girl mermaid, and this time she seems to be looking at something.

As luck would have it, the area she is looking into has been left blank, and that’s where you come in! If you’re feeling creative, you could draw something for her to be looking at in that empty space.

You could even go a step further and add your own bits onto this image and go full on with a full on mermaid unicorn vibe!

For example, you could draw some imaginative little fish or some sea creatures of your own design.

You could even get very fancy and use some vector coloring techniques…

There are so many ways you could add to the image, so what are some ideas you may have?mermaid printable

This mermaid coloring page shows a mermaid sitting on a big rock ledge above a coral reef.

She has an extra fin on the side of her tail to help her swim through the water, and she seems to be flipping her short hair.

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mermaid coloring pages for adults

The way this next mermaid is sitting almost makes it look a bit like she’s doing yoga!

Regardless, she is certainly looking very calm and relaxed, and if we were coloring this one then we would use colors to emphasize that.

For example, some lighter shades of blues and greens done with some watercolor paints or maybe some colored pencils would look amazing.

That is one approach you could take, but it would also look great in its own way if you went for brighter, more vibrant colors. It’s up to you when coloring cute mermaids, and we can’t wait to see what you go for!mermaid coloring free printable

Mermaids are pretty well-known for having beautiful hair, and the mythical creature in this printable sheet is no exception.

She floats with her hair curling all around her and seems to be checking on one of her fins.
Free Mermaid Coloring Page

This mermaid has an especially cool tail. It has a pattern with interesting patches all over it.

She sits on a big rock and seems to be pondering an interesting thought. We wonder what she is thinking about. Printable Mermaid Coloring Page

The next page in our collection of free mermaid coloring pages for kids showcases a happy mermaid posed with some kind of staff or trident.

She is looking really happy in this one, and there is also plenty of room in the background for some creative colors and techniques.

It would also be another good one to add some extra background details to, as there is plenty of empty space to play around in.

The possibilities are endless for a picture like this, and it will be very interesting to see how you decide to go about finishing it off.mermaid coloring sheet

The sweet mermaid in this coloring sheet seems to be posing or even stretching after a nap.

She has a unique tail with a striped pattern on the sides and the end of her tail looks a lot like a leaf or a feather. mermaid coloring pdf

This next image shows off a mermaid sitting on a rock. She also has a fun accessory in her hands that you can add some wonderfully subtle color details to.

With how she is sitting, you would actually have a few options for how you could color this. For example, one possibility could have her perched on a rock underneath the water.

The other possibility would have her on a rock that’s poking out of the water, and that would call for a completely different kind of background setting.

If you can’t decide, you could always print out two copies to try out one of each setting!mermaid looking shy

There are so many beautiful and wonderful mermaid coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Remember that all of these mermaid coloring pages are completely free to print, so feel free to print as many as you want. beautiful mermaid coloring pages

Wouldn’t it be awesome to talk with a mermaid? This mermaid coloring page shows the magical creature sitting on a rock and patting the space next to her as if she is inviting you to sit down!

What would you ask if you could talk with a mermaid?

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easy mermaid coloring page

The mermaid we have in this picture is so happy that she’s dancing! It makes for a really pleasant scene that makes you feel a bit happier just by looking at it.

For that reason, if we were coloring this one then we would probably go for some bright and vibrant colors.

Choosing such colors is just a part of it, and we would also go for some brighter mediums such as colored pens and markers.

A softer approach to the colors would also look great, however, so it’s up to you to see where your creativity leads you!funny looking mermaid coloring sheet

This mermaid seems to be pondering something deeply. She sits on a rock with her head resting on her hand and stares off into the distance.

She wears bracelets on one arm and a starfish in her very long hair. mermaid coloring free printable

The mermaid in this coloring sheet wears a heart-shaped pendant around her neck. Her hair is cut into bangs and she has a mischievous look on her face.

Maybe she is planning to play a trick on someone. pretty mermaid coloring

We get to see a bit of scenery both above and below the water with this charming mermaid coloring page!

This particular mermaid looks as if she may be attending a wedding or some kind of ceremony, as she is holding an elegant flower bouquet.

This is another one that we would probably use some colored pencils or watercolors on, as a softer look would help the image be even more elegant.

For the flowers, we would maybe use some colored pens, as that would make coloring this smaller detail easier and make them stand out.princess mermaid coloring page

This mermaid reminds us of Ariel from The Little Mermaid! The fish that swims next to her looks a lot like Ariel’s best friend Flounder.

He seems to be leading her somewhere. What adventures will these two get up to today? mermaid coloring sheet for kids

In this mermaid coloring page, two triangular fish swim past a mermaid. Little bubbles come up as they swim near her.

Perhaps they are even talking to the mermaid. She seems to be focused intently on one of them.

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mermaid under the sea

There are so many amazing details to color on this glamorous page. This mermaid is looking so elegant, and she has a lovely detailed pattern on her tail.

Even so, there is plenty of empty space on her tail that you could get creative with! You could extend the existing pattern or add a brand new one of your own design.

It would also be another great image to add some more fun fish or other sea life to really finish off the scene brilliantly.

We know you will have lots of fun exploring all the possibilities this page presents!queen mermaid coloring page

A mermaid’s tail is very important to them. They have to be strong to help them swim through the water at all times.

This mermaid sits with her tail bent in front of her and rests her head in her hands. mermaid coloring sheet

Mermaids know how to accessorize! In fact, it is thought that they invented the gemstone aquamarine and that it is made from their tears.

This mermaid wears a headband to keep her hair back, a bracelet on one wrist, and a delicate necklace with little jewels. A little starfish lays not the seafloor next to her. mermaid coloring page

We have another picture that has such a lovely calming feeling to it. It also has a background that is one of the most detailed settings we’ve seen so far in this collection!

We often recommend different mediums for different pictures, but remember that you can also mix mediums in order to create a highly dynamic image.

You can also print out as many copies as you like if you would like to get really creative and experimental without fear of messing anything up!mermaid coloring pages free printable

This mermaid has wavy hair that flows around her face and seems to match the wavy bunch of seaweed that dances behind her on the ocean floor.

These mermaid coloring pages for kids really are magical. mermaid coloring sheet for children

These mermaid coloring pages show that mermaids’ tails come in all shapes and sizes. This mermaid has a huge flowy tail with stripes on the end.

She wears a small braid in her hair with the ends flipped out. She also has a small necklace around her neck. mermaid coloring for adults

Mermaid kingdoms must have royalty, like in this mermaid coloring page. The mermaid wears a crown to show that she is the princess of her royal kingdom.

She also wears a pendant around her neck and has an interesting pattern on her tail. Maybe this pattern runs in the royal family!

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mermaid coloring book for adults free download

This next mermaid coloring sheet presents a really sweet and adorable scene! She is posed with a cute frog, and judging by the little hearts floating around it, the frog seems to be rather smitten.

There are so many smaller details and elements to admire here, and you can really have a great time bringing your favorite colors to elements such as this.

We would use some warm, rich colors to compliment the loving feeling of this picture, but what kind of color scheme came to mind for you when you first saw this charming scene?mermaid coloring pages free printable

This free mermaid printable shows a mermaid with her hands folded together. We love the little loops that her hair curls into at the ends.

She has an extra set of small fins at the bottom of her tail to help her swim. mermaid coloring book for adults free download

This mermaid has great style! She wears hoop earrings in her ears and brushes her hair back so that you can see them.

Perhaps she found the earrings in a treasure chest. Seaweed, coral, and starfish are all around her in this beautiful setting.
mermaid coloring book for adults free download

Mermaids are fascinating and mesmerizing creatures. Remember – when you finish your mermaid coloring pages, post your finished pictures onto our social pages.

Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!

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mermaid coloring book for adults free download

Our artists who create these mermaid coloring pages love to draw these mythical creatures with animals.

Here a beautiful mermaid extends her hand so that a bird can flutter on her fingertips. She must have hopped out of the water for a little while. mermaid coloring sheet for adults free download

Mermaids love to dance under the sea. In this fun mermaid printable, a mermaid dances with her arms above her head.

She swims and weaves among the fish who seem to be enjoying her performance…
mermaid coloring sheet for adults free download

…while this mermaid gracefully extends one arm to a fish coming towards her and swishes her tail to the side.

These mermaid coloring pages for kids really show the elegance of these mythical creatures. We especially love the way her hair swirls under the water.
mermaid coloring sheet for adults free download

This mermaid seems surprised and delighted to come across a fish friend who makes little bubbles like he is talking to her.

She listens intently to what the fish is telling her. What do you think they are talking about?

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mermaid coloring sheet free printable

These mermaid coloring pages bring out the creatures’ gentler side. Here a mermaid seems to comfort a fish who looks a little sad.

She puts her hand on the fish to make him feel better and gives him a kind look. mermaid coloring sheet free printable

A mermaid’s hair is very important to her. Here a mermaid carefully brushes her long hair as she sits on the seafloor.

She seems to know better than to brush her hair with a fork like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
original mermaid coloring sheet for children free download

Here is another royal mermaid! She wears a small crown placed in her delicately tied-up hair and greets a fish who floats by her.

Perhaps she is taking a break from her duties as a princess to enjoy a relaxing moment. original mermaid coloring sheet for children free download

Why do you think this mermaid printable sheet shows a mermaid holding a little fish?

Perhaps the poor fish has a hook or some other object stuck in his mouth and the mermaid is trying to free him. Mermaids care for all creatures under the sea. original mermaid coloring sheet for children free download

This mermaid coloring page shows a mermaid resting on a rock with her head in her hands. She looks like she is daydreaming about someone, maybe a handsome prince.

We love the braids in her hair that remind us a bit of rope on a boat.
original mermaid coloring sheet for children free download

All New Mermaid Coloring Sheets – Updated for 2024!

As an extra special treat for our readers who just love magical mermaids, our new artist Clare has just created these all new coloring sheets. Clare said that she loved all things to do with the ocean so we couldn’t resist letting her loose on these.

I think you will agree she did an awesome job in capturing the true essence of mermaids and really shows how unique and pretty they are.

Remember – you can print these as many times as you want – all that we ask in return is that if you find this page useful like and share it with your friends.

Evey share really helps us out and it means a lot to the artists who spend so long preparing all these cool coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Easy Mermaid Coloring Page For Kids

Easy Mermaid Coloring Page For Kids


Princess Mermaid Coloring Page

Princess Mermaid Coloring Page


Mermaid Unicorn With A Dolphin

Mermaid With A Dolphin


Mermaid Sitting Inside a Giant Oyster

mermaid sitting inside a giant oyster


Kawaii Mermaid Coloring In For Kids

Kawaii Mermaid Coloring In For Kids


Dive Into These Final Tips For These Mermaid Coloring Pages!

Mermaids, by their very nature, will probably be associated with water. This means that you will typically use cooler colors for these pages, and this can look great.

If you want to use cooler colors for these pages, then using colored pencils or watercolor paints would be great. These give the colors a beautiful soft look that would be perfect for a watery setting.

Of course, this is not the only way you can color your favorite mermaid pictures. While cooler colors would suit the setting and subjects of the images, brighter colors would also be great in their own way.

The ocean is filled with colorful plants and creatures, so there are many different opportunities for you to experiment with colors. Disney’s Little Mermaid film is one of the most famous mermaid films ever made, and it is a very colorful movie.

One approach that can also work would be to mix both and light mediums. For example, you could use watercolor paints for most of the image but then use colored pens for brighter highlights.

This is one approach you could take, but there are many ways to get creative with it. You don’t have to stop at traditional art tools and mediums either, as you could use various different tools, crafts and supplies.

Mixing as many mediums and tools as you can is a great way to make the colors look even more incredible and unique. You can also use your drawing tools to add additional details that can then be colored in.

Be sure to print out as many copies of your favorite pictures as you like and have fun experimenting! Which colors and art mediums do you think you will use to finish your artworks?

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets, so don’t forget to check back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which fun characters and animals that you can print and color.

There are so many fun printables to enjoy you could even combine a few of them and make your very own coloring book!

Mermaids are incredibly popular right now and we hope you have enjoyed coloring these majestic and legendary creatures.

Once you have finished your mermaid coloring pages don’t forget to post a photo of your finished masterpiece on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

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