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Discover and enjoy a collection of free Ariel coloring pages suited for kids of all ages

On this page, you will find 15 all new Ariel coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Fans of Disney princesses, you have come to the right place! Our free printable coloring sheets this time include Princess Ariel.

She is the protagonist of Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid, and she embraces the leading role with grace.

Princess Ariel yearns for human life and falls in love with Prince Eric, and the film has a happy conclusion after a few twists and turns.

The Little Mermaid, launched in 1988, is a cartoon loved by many and remains a timeless classic meant to be enjoyed by both kids and adults even today.

If your little one is a Disney fan, they will surely enjoy these Ariel coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed for free!

15 Brand New Ariel Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

It may seem like there is not much you can do on the bottom of the ocean, but Ariel and her friend Flounder – a tropical yellow fish – always find interesting adventures to join.

While Flounder can be shy and a bit wussy at times, he always joins Ariel and stays by her side, no matter the challenge.

Whether the kids choose to go by the color scheme of the movie or reimagine Ariel and Flounder in other colors, they are free to explore and let their creativity run wild.

A yellow-tailed Ariel with a red seashell bra? Why not? Imagination truly has no limit!Ariel Coloring Pages for preschoolers free

This coloring sheet features Ariel, the adventurous mermaid princess, and her best friend Flounder, the adorable fish.

They are having fun under the sea, surrounded by coral, seaweed, and bubbles. Ariel is smiling and waving, while Flounder is swimming next to her.

You can use red, purple, and green to color this and make it look like the movie, or you can use your imagination and use different colors. Be creative and have fun coloring this image of Ariel.Ariel Coloring Pages Free Download

This coloring sheet depicts a young version of Ariel with her father, Triton, the ruler of the underwater kingdom called Atlantica.

He is a very powerful merman, and his powers come from the Trident he carries with him everywhere.

His tail is blue-green in the movie, but it does not mean your little creative genius can’t explore other color combinations and reimagine Triton using their favorite shades.

Challenge them to imagine how Ariel and Triton would play underwater and bring their ideas to life through Ariel Coloring Pages free download

In the movie, Ariel finds a music box, and this is where her adventure starts due to her desire to find true love. The music box plays a lovely song and depicts King Triton and his wife, Ariel’s mother.

The box was created as a present for the underwater queen and was lost when the queen was no more.

When Ariel found it, she wanted to bring it to her father to remind him what happiness is.

Now, your kids can color the crystal cave where Ariel found the box, together with the little mermaid herself. All you need to do is download and print these Ariel coloring pages!Ariel Coloring Pages free printable pdf

This image shows a beautiful mermaid with long flowing hair. She is looking upwards and has a smile on her face.

She’s also surrounded by various sea creatures and plants. Schools of tropical fish swim on either side of her flowing hair.

What do you think elegant Ariel is waiting for? Maybe she is waiting for someone to join her for a swim.

What color will you choose for her? You can try pairing vibrant pinks and oranges with sophisticated blacks and grays.Original Ariel Coloring Pages Free Download

The Little Mermaid is a story full of adventures, but like all fairytales, it has a happy ending.

Your little Disney fan can imagine Ariel and Prince Eric’s future as they get married and live happily ever after with their little daughter.

Fairytales always have happy endings to remind us that good always wins, and we must have hope that things will work out in the end.

This is a life lesson that the Little Mermaid can teach children and, by using our Ariel coloring sheets, your kid can create their own happy ending to their favorite fairytale.happy Ariel Coloring Pages free pdf for kids

One of the main themes of this animated movie is love and the power it has to motivate people to overcome challenges.

Ariel was in love with Prince Eric from the moment she saved him, and she almost lost everything to be with her loved one.

This coloring page depicts Ariel and her prince surrounded by bubbles of love, as she imagines him when she is still living in the ocean.

While they have plenty of obstacles in the way, love conquers it all in the end!Ariel Coloring Pages for adults free printable

The central figure in this Ariel coloring page is a mermaid with a long green fish tail curled behind her.

The mermaid’s arms are stretched out to the sides in a welcoming posture. She also has a friendly smile on her face.

Let’s use our prettiest crayons and markers to color beautiful Ariel. I think some pastel shades would look lovely.

We can make it pink, purple, blue or any color we like. We can also add some glitter or stickers to make this dress coloring page even more fabulous.Free Ariel Coloring Printable

Because Ariel is the daughter of the underwater king, she is a princess and will become the queen of the ocean one day.

Here we have Ariel wearing her crown and embellished seashell bra as she celebrates her kingdom.

Her red hair and green tail sure are the center of attention, so invite your little one to color the rest of the image in a way that sets those two elements apart.

This is a great way to teach children about complementary color combinations and how certain shades go together.simple Ariel Coloring Pages free printable

Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian are the best of friends and they explore the ocean together. Flounder and Sebastian even help Ariel go ahead with her plan and get her pair of feet to visit the land.

What could their next adventure be? Let your children tell the story by coloring this printable Ariel sheet however they like.

To exercise their ability to tell stories, you can then ask your little one to describe the adventure they imagined and how Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian managed to overcome the challenges.princess Ariel Coloring Pages free download

The Little Mermaid is a great theme for a birthday party, and if you are out of ideas for activities to keep the kids entertained, we propose an Ariel-themed coloring book.

You can print out the pages we have presented here and let the kids express their creativity through colors.

They can paint according to the color palette in the movie or to their own tastes. For the seashell bra, they can use blue, purple, or even red, and the tail might be pink with purple.

Her beautiful flowing hair can range in hue from reddish-brown to black, or even a bold green if they want to.mermaid Ariel Coloring Pages free printable

This coloring page features Ariel’s with a long green fish tail and purple seashell bikini top, facing to the side. She is smiling and looking to the side, as if she is admiring the beauty of the ocean.

Behind the mermaid is a background of assorted sea plants. Strands of seaweed are shown growing from the ocean floor beneath her.

You can use colors of orange, red, blues and green,or purple and pinks.Ariel Coloring Printable for Kids

Flounder keeps Ariel company every day and has been the best of friends to her.

Their relationship is an example for children, as they can learn about true friendship, doing things for others, and caring about the world around them.

Invite your kid to color this Little Mermaid-inspired printable page however they want to and give life to Ariel and Flounder!

Colors are seen differently underwater, so let them imagine the Little Mermaid universe however they want to.Disney Ariel Coloring Pages free printable for preschoolers

Seashells are known to hide treasures, but Ariel uses one as her chair. Perhaps they are more comfortable than we think?

If your kid adores mermaids, they may discover their world through all of these Ariel coloring pages and color them to their liking, to give the little mermaid and other sea animals gorgeous colors.

This is an invitation to learn about Ariel, as well as the bright, colorful stunning seascapes, and explore their adventures!

The only thing left to do now is picking their favorite pages and begin coloring!full size Ariel Coloring Pages free download

This Ariel has long, wavy hair that flows down over her shoulders and back. She has a friendly smile on her face.

A fish is swimming across her body, which could be her pet or her snack. There are bubbles and seaweed in the background, creating a natural underwater environment.

You can color the fish and the seaweed in different shades of green, blue, and yellow, or use any colors you like.Ariel Coloring pdf Sheet


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