Belle Coloring Pages

Relive some classic storybook moments with these Belle coloring pages!

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most classic and beloved Disney films ever created.

This timeless tale has delighted audiences worldwide since its release in 1991, and it has since seen sequels and even a live-action remake.

This collection of free Belle coloring pages for kids is here to celebrate this lovable character from the film!

These 20 pages feature various moments starring the beautiful Belle, and all are free for you to print, color or share with others.

When you have chosen and colored your favorite pages, we also hope you will share some of your artworks on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

20 Brand New Belle Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

We will start this collection of free Belle coloring pages for kids with a closeup of our beautiful heroine!

This is such a great portrayal of Belle, and there is plenty of space in the background and surrounding areas for you to add some extra details or elements of your own.

How will you color and add to this first page as you get this collection going?Belle Coloring Pages for kids free download

There are so many great details to color in this next image. We get a great look at one of Belle’s hairstyles, and she looks really glamorous!

This closer look also allows for some more intricate color details, so this is one you can really take your time with as you make it look even more incredible.Belle Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Twirl and whirl at the royal ball with this lovely belle. She is dressed in an elegant white gown with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves. The skirt is covered in pretty rosettes and swirls.

Her hair blond is styled in a fancy updo. She holds the skirt with one hand as she spins gracefully across the dance floor.

Belle gazes to the side with a joyful smile, as if she’s having the time of her life dancing at the ball. belle coloring pages for kids

Belle is looking lovely in this next image! She is dressed in the casual clothing that we see throughout the film, so you can refer to some of those scenes if you wish to make her look how she does in the film.

You could also go for a completely unique look if you prefer, and it’s totally up to you!Belle Coloring Pages free pdf download

It’s time for another close-up with this fourth picture we have for you.

Belle is again looking very pretty and glamorous in this image, and you can make her look even better with the colors and details you use.

You could even draw some background details to show off what one of your favorite scenes from the movies may be!Belle Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

This is a lovely portrait of a belle in a ball gown, holding her gown. She has long hair styled in a sophisticated updo.

Her gown is magnificent, with a sweetheart neckline, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a long train. The gown is also embellished with roses and ribbons, giving it a romantic and elegant touch.

She is standing in a graceful pose with her head turned to the side, as if looking for someone to dance with.original belle coloring pages

This is a wonderful pose that we have for you to color in this Belle coloring sheet.

There is a softer feel to this image, so we would possibly use some lighter colors done with watercolors or colored pencils if we were coloring this one.

That would look great, but what other ideas do you have for the colors on this one?Belle Coloring Book free printable

We have another wonderful Belle moment for you to color with this next image! She is admiring a beautiful rose, and it is a moment that could have come right out of the film.

The flower in this picture also allows for a spot of beautiful, bright color in the image. We would go with a lovely red, but you could put your own spin on it by using another color for the flower instead!Belle Coloring Book for kids free printable

This belle coloring sheet is ideal for anyone who loves princesses and roses. Her gown features a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves with a satin bow.

The voluminous gown is covered in flowers like roses, tulips and daisies. She is smiling and looking to the side, as if she is happy and confident.

When you are done coloring this page, we hope that you will share your masterpiece on our Facebook and Pinterest page.

Let your creativity bloom by coloring the flowers on her gown. Add sparkle to the tiara and rose.realistic belle coloring pages

Belle is joined by many wondrous characters throughout her adventures, and here we have one of the cutest: Chip the teacup!

This pose with these two characters is really adorable, and there are some great smaller details to color in.

Will you try to replicate the colors from the film or create a unique look for these characters?Belle Coloring Sheet for children free download

There is another glamorous image of Belle for you to color with this next page!

We again get a great look at her gorgeous hairstyle, and there are so many ways that you could color this wonderful portrayal.

Which colors and details will you use to finish off this eighth page of the collection? We can’t wait to see!Belle Coloring Book for adults free download

This elegant belle is dressed to impress in a ball gown. It has a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves made of satin.

The full skirt is covered in glistening flowers like lilacs, lilies and violets.

The skirt has a scalloped hem and is decorated with swirls and flowers. She is holding her skirt with one hand, as if she is ready to twirl.

Color this page with your favorite princess hues and add some bling with stickers or glitterblack-and-white belle coloring pages

We think that this Belle coloring printable really captures the essence of her character! Her face is really expressive here, and there is a lot of personality projected by this pose.

It’s another scene that could have come straight from the frames of the film, and we would try to make it as screen accurate as possible if we were coloring it in!Belle Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

The lovable Chip is back for another pose with this next image!

There is a really happy feeling given off by this particular image, and we would try to capture that mood with some bright, happy colors.

What colors and art mediums do you think would best suit this happy scene?

Remember that you can show us by sharing the finished page on our various social media pages!Belle Easy Coloring Pages

Twirl across the ballroom with this lovely belle. She wears a gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a sweetheart neckline decorated with ribbons.

Her skirt sparkles with rubies and rose prints as she spins gracefully. With rosy cheeks and a delighted smile, she dances with the prince at the roya.

You can use color pink, red, blue,for her gown and add glitter details.

When you have finished coloring this sheet, we hope that you will share your artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. belle coloring printable

Belle is looking to be in a dreamy mood in this next image.

This is another page where we would go for some lighter colors, as this would help to capture the dreamy feeling that is captured in the drawing.

That’s not to say that you couldn’t use brighter colors, though! Each approach would look great in its own way, so which will you go for?Belle Coloring Pages for kids free download

Another gorgeous portrayal of Belle is here for you to color with this twelfth page!

Her hair is flowing beautifully in this one, so one suggestion would be to use some paint with large, expressive brushstrokes to capture this flowing movement with color.

What other art techniques would you like to use here?Belle Coloring Pages for adults free printable

There is another glamorous portrayal waiting for you in this next page! There are some more amazing details here, and this time we get a bit of a better look at her dress details.

Will you give Belle a color makeover here, or will you give her a look that more closely captures her appearance in the movies?Belle Coloring Pages free pdf download

This might be the closest look we’ve gotten at Belle in this collection!

This image is really fun and creative, and we think it would look even better if you added some shapes, details or colors to the background.

What can you think of that would add even more dimension to this picture? When it’s done, you will then be ready for the final page!Belle Coloring Book free printable

We’re closing things off with one more delightful Belle coloring sheet for you to enjoy. She is looking very happy here, and there is such a bright feeling given off by this one.

We would go all out with our favorite bright colors if we were coloring this one, and we would use mediums such as colored markers or acrylic paints for colors that pop!Belle Coloring Book free printable

Belle Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

That will conclude this collection of free Belle coloring pages for kids! We hope you had an amazing time reliving some of your favorite Belle moments as you expressed yourself with these pages.

Don’t forget to share these pages with other Belle fans you know!

You can also check out many more coloring page collections on our website, and then you can share some of your finished Belle pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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