Fantasy And Mythology Coloring Pages

Embark on an adventure with these fantasy and mythology themed coloring pages!

Some of the greatest stories ever told are contained within myths and fantasy stories. Whether it’s a tale of the mighty Greek gods or a saga of elves and unicorns, it’s easy to sense the adventure bursting from these tales.

Such vibrant and varied stories deserve equally diverse color palettes, whether it’s Zeus holding a bright yellow lightning bolt or Poseidon under the deep blue sea, these printable coloring pages will let you unleash your creativity.

There’s unlimited opportunity to experiment with lots of different color schemes and palettes in these printables!

These free fantasy and mythology coloring pages for kids are the perfect outlet to unleash your sense of adventure and creativity.

Once you’ve finished coloring these fantasy coloring page printables, be sure to show us on our Facebook page so we can see how you’ve unleashed these gods and creatures!

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15 Brand New Fantasy And Mythology Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

In our first fantasy coloring page, we have a beautiful winged goddess. Doesn’t this remind you of a stained glass window in an old church?

I think recreating that look would make for a stunning image, so having the background in bright reds, yellows, greens and blues would really complete the effect.greek mythology coloring pages

There is a majestic queen starring in this fantasy coloring page. She looks ready for anything, and now you need to complete her look with some colors.

Some bright and majestic colors would be perfect for this incredible picture, but what colors come to mind for you when you see it?fantasy coloring pages

I love a good Greek myth story, and this mythology printable shows off the king of the gods himself; the mighty Zeus, ready to strike out with his signature lightning bolt. He looks like he means business and is ready to jump into battle!

I think a dramatic and bright color scheme would be great for this coloring page, and his lightning bolt would really stand out with your brightest yellow and more yellows and reds for the background to represent his power.greek mythology coloring pages Zeus

After a powerful Zeus in the previous printable, we calm things down a bit with this portrayal of the winged stallion Pegasus.

Zeus was in the midst of battle in the previous image, but here Pegasus looks to be having a much calmer day. I think calming things down with some cooler colors would really do this magnificent creature justice for this fantasy mythology coloring page.

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Pegasus mythology coloring pages

Some of the old Greek myths can get kind of creepy, and the creepiest of all in my eyes is the character of Medusa, portrayed in the next coloring printable. Medusa’s main aspects are her eyes that can turn you to stone if she looks at you and her head of snakes. Talk about a bad hair day!

I think some more muted greens and blues would show off her serpentine theme, and maybe a contrast of bright colored eyes would show off the power her eyes have!Medusa Greek mythology coloring pages

The queen in this picture has a beautiful scepter at her side, and this will look amazing with some colors.

You could even use some crafts such as beads or stickers for certain details to make it look even more incredible.

Will you go for a specific color theme to make her scepter match the rest of her outfit?original fantasy coloring pages

A beautiful fairy is the focus of our next fantasy coloring page, and she seems to be sparkling in the sunlight. She looks a little sad or contemplative, wouldn’t you agree?

I think this printable would benefit from more cool colors to represent her mood, and maybe the sparkles around her can be a bit brighter to give a sense of hope and balance.Fantasy female elf fairy coloring pages printable free

From a forest fairy to a mermaid under the sea, these coloring pages are really taking us on a grand journey! This printable takes place under the sea, so naturally I would suggest deep blues and greens to represent the ocean depths.

What do you think her hair color should be? Maybe bright red in reference to the mermaid Arial or perhaps some vibrant golden locks would suit her better.

I’d love to see what you all decide her hair should look like once you finish this coloring page!

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mermaid fantasy and mythology coloring pages printable

There are so many details to behold in this fantasy coloring sheet for kids. We have a close-up on a queen or a princess here, and this means you can have loads of fun bringing color to all of these details.

You could also use some glitter to add sparkle to her crown and other clothing items to make them look even fancier!black-and-white fantasy coloring printable

We’ve had a few images suited to cooler colors, but this next coloring page would be a great opportunity to get our your bright reds and yellows as we have a majestic goddess looking down.

I think her halo and the segmented background are begging for some bright warm colors that radiate love and care.female angel fantasy and mythology coloring pages

Here’s an unusual one; a woman with a horn like a unicorn! This fantasy coloring printable makes me think she could be a centaur in a forest, and like the fairy from before she seems to be glistening in the sunlight.

Her luscious hair is very prominent in this coloring page, so I think it should really be a highlight of the picture and colored in bright and striking palettes.woman unicorn fantasy coloring pages free printable

Back to Greek mythology, this next free printable shows the king of the oceans himself, the mighty Poseidon with his signature trident! He’s seated on a literal sea horse, and he seems to be on patrol, keeping his ocean realm safe from harm.

Much like the mermaid coloring page from before, I’d say some deep blues and greens would help create an underwater atmosphere, and maybe some dashes of purple would create a sense of royalty befitting of the king of Atlantis!

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Poseidon Greek mythology coloring pages free printable

This warrior looks ready for battle, as the look on his face is rather fierce indeed! Perhaps he could use a weapon to carry into battle, and you could draw that yourself.

A sword or an axe would do, but there are many others you could use. What would he carry into battle?fantasy coloring pages for kids

The details on the armor of this character make this fantasy printable quite a fun challenge to color. You will need to use all of your coloring skills to finish this one, but the end result will be worth it.

If you have a hard time coloring the details, you can use the right art tools for the job and switch it up.fantasy queen coloring pages

For our last free fantasy coloring page, we have a pretty elf. When I think of fantasy, I can’t help but think of elves, they’re definitely an iconic fantasy creature!

Elves often life in forests, and this elven woman would probably look great with a background of various greens to show her peacefully in her realm.woman elf fantasy coloring pages free download

Fantasy Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you love these free fantasy and mythology inspired coloring page printables! All of our coloring page images are completely free for you to print and share as much as you like.

These different fantasy scenes provide a great opportunity to really go wild with different colors and pallets, so why not print a few copies of each and really unleash your adventurous creativity?

We always love to see how you interpret these printable coloring book scenes, so please share your colorful mythical adventures on our Facebook page!

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