Monster Coloring Pages

Creepy and cute monster coloring pages for creative kids who love talking about fantastic creatures

Who’s afraid of the big bad monster lurking in the closet at night?

Don’t worry, there’s nothing terrifying here because these monster coloring pages are so cute that your little one won’t resist smiling at them.

From original characters to monsters inspired by popular cartoons, here are some fun monster coloring sheets for you to enjoy.

10 Brand New Monster Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Here’s a jolly and playful baby monster that can’t wait to meet you! This monster printable depicts a small fantastic creature that may very well be a baby, judging by his small size.

He has two horns, one big eye, and two fans, but let these things scare you because this adorable monster looks like he only wants to make new friends.

What shades could we use to color this monster printable? Green is always a good choice when coloring monsters, but we can get creative with other options.

For example, you can try something like baby blue or bright orange.Monster Coloring Pages for kids free download

Straight from a haunted forest comes this spooky little monster tree trunk that has two big eyes and a mouth.

It resembles the monsters from the night forest scene in Snow White, so if your child watched the old cartoon, they’ll definitely recognize it.

This monster looks pretty intimidating, so black or dark brown would be a good choice for coloring the trunk.

As for the eyes and mouth, they should stand out, so we could use yellow, bright orange, or red. If you have glitter coloring pens, that’s even better.Monster Coloring Pages free printable for preschoolers

This big monster looks amazed, I wonder what he saw in the distance? Maybe an even bigger monster coming towards him?

Well, no matter what it is, we’re sure he’ll be fine because he looks pretty strong!

The monster in this coloring sheet has three big eyes and his big mouth is wide open, as if he’s screaming.

Or maybe he’s just really surprised? His legs are also pretty big, and he even has dragon-like nails.

For this powerful-looking monster, you can use bright colors such as green, purple, or orange, and you can also encourage your child to think of a story about why he looks so surprised.cute Monster Coloring Pages free printable

Our next monster coloring page shows an adorable baby monster covered in fluffy fur. He has two big curved horns, three eyes, and fangs.

He doesn’t have hands, and his feet only have four toes. He definitely looks like he’s coming from a magical, far-away land!

This little monster may look uncommon, but he has a big smile on his face, so he must be friendly.

The first option that comes to mind when choosing the main color for this printable is brown because most animals we know have brown fur, but since this is a magical creature, let’s get creative and use other colors too, such as green and purple!cartoon Monster Coloring Pages free printable

This monster looks like he had a pretty bad day. By his frown and the way he holds his arms, something definitely bothered him. He even has two big fangs out!

We could make this monster look a bit scarier by using darker colors like dark purple, navy blue, or black, or we could try to make it a bit friendlier by using lighter shades.

This monster coloring page is a great creativity exercise because your child could think of the story behind it.Monster Coloring Pages for adults free download

Here’s another funny printable of a monster that doesn’t look so happy. This monster is a bit smaller and skinnier than the rest, but, with the spikes on his back, he could be scary too!

This monster has two big eyes that aren’t the same size, two long hands that almost reach the ground, and two short legs.

His skin is covered in thin lines that could be hair, or maybe that’s just the pattern of his fur. Could he come from another planet, and he’s just trying to introduce himself?

When your kid colors this monster printable, encourage them to think of a funny story behind the monster.scary Monster Coloring Pages free printable

Not all monsters have fur, arms, and legs. This sad little monster is made entirely out of slime and has two big scary horns.

He could be living in a swamp or in another realm, so let’s see how we could add a fantasy touch when coloring him.

Now, when we hear slime, we automatically think of green, and this monster would indeed look cool colored in green and with red horns, but we can also use other color combinations.

What about purple and black, or red and black?

This is definitely one of the creepier-looking creatures from our monster coloring sheets, but we’re sure a brave boy or girl would still have fun coloring it.Monster Coloring Pages for adults free printable

We may think of monsters as big, scary creatures, but many of them are really just misunderstood. Look at this fluffy fellow who’s smiling and waving at us!

He looks a bit like an old plush toy that has come to life and wants to make friends.

He definitely received a lot of love as a toy because the fabric is torn and stitched together.

Maybe your kid can color it in the same colors as their favorite plush toy and imagine what they’d talk about if the toy were real!Monster Coloring Pages for children download pdf

Here’s a cute little bat that no one would be afraid of! He’s small as a pumpkin, has scaly dragon skin, bat wings, and, last but not least, one huge smile. Who wouldn’t want to be his play buddy?

The monster on this printable only occupies a small space, and there’s plenty of space in the background where your child can draw cute patterns, and perhaps even other tiny monsters playing together.Monster Coloring book free printable

If you’re looking for a fun monster coloring sheet for Halloween, here’s a fun one: this playful round monster that looks like a pumpkin!

It has fur, three horns, and a spiky tail, but it will definitely look adorable colored orange! He looks as if he’s hiding behind something, so maybe he’s playing Hide and Seek.

We hope you enjoyed these cute monster coloring pages, and don’t forget to come back soon for more!cute Monster Coloring book free download


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