Zombie Coloring Pages

Bring out your darkest colors for these new zombie coloring pages!

Zombies have become part of pop culture that everyone, kids and adults, are familiar with them. These brought-to-life corpses are known to terrorize and scare humans.

They are mostly found in horror and fantasy works but have appeared almost everywhere now – from books, TV series, movies, to children’s stories, and even on collectible items!

They’ve been part of our lives that they’ve become such a household name.

Does your kid love them? Do they dress up as a zombie on Halloween?

If you or your kids are fascinated with these creatures and would want to have an activity that kids can enjoy doing, we’ve created 10 new zombie coloring pages that you can download and print for free!

Our new set of coloring pages for kids features zombies of different shapes, sizes, and looks. Explore them here and we look forward to you enjoying them!

15 Brand New Zombie Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

A zombie is a dead person reanimated through magic and in these modern times, by fictional scientific methods.

On this free zombie printable, this smiling zombie looked like it came from a scientific experiment gone wrong (or in its case, maybe right). Its head has large stitches. While its eyes are looking very excited and happy even though it has lost most of its teeth.

It looks joyful for a zombie. What colors do you think would work on this free zombie coloring page? Would dark colors work to make it scarier? Or maybe go with neutral colors to highlight its smiling face?zombie coloring pages for kids

A creepy male zombie is sprinting down the empty street, tattered clothes flapping as he runs at us trying to scare us.

His mouth hangs open hungrily, showing sharp, rotten teeth eager to bite into human flesh.

Let’s color his ripped up shirt blue, muddy pants brown, and decaying skin a zombie green. The street is lined with crooked brick houses and dead bushes.

Draw in crows, smashed mailboxes, broken windows, and creepy shadows for an extra spooky scene!zombie coloring pages

Zombies are typically depicted and widely known in books, movies, and TV shows as creatures who walk while holding their arms out – this is believed to be because they need to balance themselves while walking as they are already dead and proper motor skills are not functioning.

But modern depictions of them have shown that they can walk and run very fast, even without their arms out in front of them.

You’ll find a bald, smiling zombie walking with its arms out in this second free zombie coloring page.

This zombie is wearing tattered clothes and one of its shoes is missing. Its shoeless foot is also out in front of it.zombie coloring pages for adults

Over the years, with their growing popularity, many different types of zombies have emerged. There are biological, supernatural, chemical, normal ones, and much more.

The zombie on our next free zombie coloring page looked like somebody who has undergone a chemical procedure.

Its head has grown so big with one of its eyes poking out of the socket and its face has multiple bumps, possibly due to the strong chemical used to bring it to life.free halloween zombie coloring pages

Over to our next free zombie printable is another smiling zombie.

This zombie looks as if it’s trying to reach out to you. Some of its teeth are missing but that didn’t stop this zombie from smiling.

The shirt of this zombie is surprisingly still in good condition and its jeans have one big hole on the knee.plants vs zombie free coloring pages

A wrinkled zombie shuffles crankily down the street, clothes ripped and stained from ages in the grave.

He’s walking towards us with a scary face as more zombies peek from the sides trying to scare us as well.

Color his skin a sickly green, faded cloth brown, eyes piercing red, and the other zombies in bright greens, blues and oranges.

Make the street cracked gray and the houses lively colors like purple, yellow and red.zombie coloring printable

On this printable, this zombie’s head is damaged, showing parts of its brain out. The zombie’s eyes are googly and the clothes are tattered and seemingly blood-stained.

Do you think it’s time to use dark colors on this one to make it look scary? Would dark red tones work?walking dead free zombie coloring pages

Our free zombie coloring pages contain interesting designs of how zombies are known in pop culture. This page highlights another cool zombie trivia.

Portrayed to have risen from the dead, zombies are known to come out of their graves – literally. Pictured here is a zombie’s hand reaching out of its grave, its suit looking worn out.

This zombie printable, with the different elements it includes (soil, background waves, and zombie’s hand) allows for a much more flexible mixture of colors.scary zombie coloring pages free print

A sneaky zombie with rough hair is running with his fists clenched, ready to attack any humans. He creeps along hunting for food, tangled hair dangling over his torn shirt.

The old houses are run down with smashed windows, broken steps and crows sitting on the rooftops.

Make his hair bright green, clothes ripped blue, and the street pitch black.

Color the houses grey and draw in broken windows, spiderwebs, crows, slithering cats and howling dogs for an extra spooky scene. original zombie coloring pages

This zombie coloring page for kids features a cool zombie portrait design.

Here is a zombie’s close-up shot with large stitches on its head, googly eyes, and decayed teeth.

On the sides of this zombie printable are bone parts where you can use different colors to create a more graphic look.adult zombie coloring pages free sheet

We want to highlight different looks on our free zombie coloring pages that’s why we are featuring another zombie portrait. This time, it’s a bit scarier.

With its decayed teeth, bald head, and elongated ears, this eyeless zombie is sure to make kids go “eeeek!”.

The zombie on this page has no eyes. Do you think coloring the eyes sockets would do this zombie good?crazy zombie coloring pages

A mean, angry zombie man sprints aggressively down the street, thick stitches across his head from previous fights.

He runs past dead plants and bushes with creeping shadows, desperate to find and attack fresh human brains.

Color his skin a fluorescent, unearthly green, bloody shirt crimson red, ripped pants brown, and eyes an eerie, glowing yellow.

Make the street and sidewalk dark, creepy gray and draw in gnarled, dead trees and bushes.black-and-white zombie coloring pages

It’s another zombie portrait, and yes, we heard you – it’s a smiling zombie!

This happy-looking zombie from the dead is smiling with its superbly excited eyes. Its head is damaged and its skull is showing but he looks happy, so why should we stop him from feeling good?black and white zombie free printout sheet

A wild-eyed zombie staggers quickly past abandoned buildings, his clothes torn and tattered. His teeth are also broken showing how many years he has spent as a zombie.

He looks like he’s escaped from a mysterious lab and limps hurriedly down the street. Make his skin a sickly green, lab coat dirty white, tubes and wires red and blue, and the buildings charcoal grey and black.

Draw in smashed windows, claw marks, glowing eyes peering out, and stray dogs howling at the moon for an extra creepy scene!realistic zombie coloring pages

This last printable from our free zombie coloring pages is a walking zombie. It looks lost and a bit confused. It probably has just woken up from the dead and is not sure how the zombie thing works.

Should we tell this zombie or just let it figure out everything on its own?funny zombie coloring page

Zombie Coloring Pages – Interesting and Funny Free Printables

Zombies are typically scary but we made sure these free zombie printables are fun to do. We made them interesting, funny, and a bit less scary so your kids will never have a dull moment coloring them.

Download these free zombie coloring pages if you have kids that are fascinated with them or if you simply want to have an activity themed around something scary or dark. We hope you enjoyed these printables.

What other themes or designs would you like to see next?

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