Gnomes Coloring Pages

Check out these fun and adorable gnomes coloring pages!

Gnomes have been around for centuries. They still are, and we love seeing them popping out here and there. Now we know better why!

Gardeners used these little guys at night when others would be sleeping as they believed that gnomes could keep away bad spirits or bothersome creatures like witches who want nothing more than trouble.

The old world knew a lot about these bearded guys, and we’re lucky we can still contemplate their existence through these stunning gnomes coloring sheets.

15 Brand New Gnomes Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Check this tiny guy who’s so pleased by the magical powers he proudly possesses. Gnomes are mythological creatures and diminutive spirits in Renaissance magic and alchemy.

For gardeners, gnomes bear a symbol of good luck and are believed to help you grow your yield with their magical powers!

Give his powers a name and color with these magical gnome coloring sheets.Gnomes Coloring Pages for kids free download

Check out this cool gnome who is a master chef and a skateboarder. Gnomes are very talented and versatile creatures.

They can do many things and have many hobbies. He is a great cook and a skilled skateboarder.

He is holding a spoon in his right hand and standing on a skateboard. He is ready to whip up some delicious dishes and perform some amazing tricks.

Can you color this gnome and make him look more awesome?gnome coloring pages

Gnomes are playful by nature. They’re also incredibly tiny and love wearing casual bright-colored clothes.

This one, loves balloons which means he embodies the innocent and childish spirit who loves nothing but play.

Mythological bits about gnomes and children point out that these little guys love the sound of children laughing, playing, and having fun.

So, it pays to download these lovely gnomes coloring pages and listen to your little one’s delight!Gnomes Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Like many creatures based on oral tradition, every culture that incorporates gnomes sees these tiny guys somewhat differently.

Our gnome here seems to have something to do with winter, judging after his appearance. He wears warm clothes, cozy boots, and a hat, and he’s ready to help Santa pack his gifts!

In the more Nordic parts of the world, gnomes have been said to be the helpers of Santa Claus.

Scandinavian people, for instance, depict these bearded guys in the role that elves play in other parts of the Western world. Help gnomes help Santa with these magical coloring sheets.Gnomes Coloring Pages free pdf download

Say hello to this friendly gnome who is ready to work on his garden. Gnomes are very fond of gardening and nature.

They take good care of their plants and flowers, and they often use their magic to help them grow.

This gnome is wearing a pointed hat, a buttoned jacket, and boots. He has a belt with a buckle and a tool hanging from it. He is waving with one hand and has a friendly expression on his face.

You can make this coloring page more fun by adding some details to the gnome’s garden.

For example, you can draw some vegetables or fruits that he might be growing, or you can add some insects or animals that might visit him.gnome coloring printable

Gnomes are most often busy. They are engineers, sages, scholars, and inventors. Our 4th gnome seems to be an engineer judging after his worn-out union suit.

He enjoys breaking and then building, and doesn’t whine about getting his hands dirty. Make sure you add a few items here and there, as he loves to work.

Add earthy colors on his rompers and give him something to craft, twist, and transform with these lovely gnomes coloring sheets.Gnomes Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

What do gnomes do at night? They wander, they build, they mine and protect. But this one here seems to be in his pajamas which means outside is daytime.

Gnomes love to talk to each other, eat, play, and do mostly anything- except that they do it all at night and sleep during the day. We guess that makes them nocturnal creatures.

One of the reasons gnomes continue their lives at night is because they don’t want anyone to see them moving around.

That’s pretty practical, considering that if we see them talking and moving, we’d want to put them in some sort of abnormality museum!Gnomes Coloring Book free printable

Meet this cheerful gnome who loves to dance and have fun.Gnomes are very energetic and lively creatures. They enjoy music, dancing, and celebrating with their friends.

He is showing off his best moves and inviting you to join him. He is wearing a classic gnome hat, a long beard. He is smiling and waving at you.

Can you color this gnome and make him even more festive? Use your favorite colors and add some details to his outfit and background.

Maybe you can draw some musical instruments or other gnomes to keep him company. gnome coloring printable pages for kids

But what do they do at night? Well, It’s thought gnomes spend every second toiling over something. They are constructors, engineers, sages, and cleaners.

Our 6th gnome is a cleaner which means he’s the one who tidies up after everyone’s laborious day.

And to his enormous pleasure, when they have all finished work, and everything is clean and dandy, they sit down and have a feast!

Don’t forget to bring some cookies and a glass of milk, too, while laboring on these amazing gnomes coloring pages.Gnomes Coloring Book for kids free printable

Look at this gnome. He holds a big heart which means he’s the caring one! His cheerful face makes anyone, even the grumpiest Skeith, give a smile.

Gnomes love to share, and this one particularly shares love. Add the warmest colors in your arsenal, and make sure you make this beardy guy stand out from the rest of your gnomes coloring sheets.Gnomes Coloring Sheet for children free download

This focused gnome is hard at work in his garden. Dressed for the task in sturdy boots, rough-hewn trousers, and a timeworn tunic, he digs busily with his trusty shovel.

A floppy hat shades him from the sun, and fingerless gloves protect his hands as he plants and weeds.

The garden plot is tidy but could use some bursts of color. What flowers might he plant to attract helpful pollinators like bees and butterflies? original gnome coloring pages

One thing is certain about gnomes: they are fans of bright colors and patterns.

You can see them getting ready for bed in the early morning and wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts and PJs of bright purple, hot pink, lime green, and sunny yellow color.

Some have polka dots, some have stripes, and some even have swirlies!

Gnomes are fascinating, don’t you think? Now that you know what they love wearing the most, add some colors to their world with these gnomes coloring sheets.Gnomes Coloring Book for adults free download

Our last but not least beardy creature loves to jump. He’s full of energy and the fastest of all. Aside from crafts and magic, another thing gnomes enjoy is sports.

They might play their own version of soccer but kick around a rounded stone, or even play basketball by throwing a rock into a hole.

Sports not only provides exercise but gives gnomes lots of time together to just have fun.Gnomes Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Look at this lucky gnome who has found a treasure of gold coins. Gnomes are very curious and adventurous creatures. They like to explore new places and discover hidden secrets.

He has stumbled upon a wheelbarrow full of shiny gold coins. He is pushing it with all his strength and excitement.

He is wearing a pointed hat, a large nose, and a white beard. Can you color this gnome and make him look more happy?

Use your favorite colors and add some details to his wheelbarrow and coins. cute gnome coloring pages

You see, gnomes are just like people. They love to talk to each other, create, eat and play but sometimes we need someone to tell us exactly how things should be done.

Our last gnome is a conscious gnome. He leads and cares for his team and ensures everyone has something to do at night (once again, they’re nocturne creatures).

He’s the responsible one, the gnome who has everyone lined up in a row as he paces back and forth in front of them with a small twig in his hand like he’s the instructor of a military camp.

Of course, he doesn’t have a twig, but you can add one on this lovely gnomes coloring sheet.Gnomes Easy Coloring Pages


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