All New Fearsome Dinosaur Coloring Pages

All new, completely original and fascinating dinosaur coloring pages – explore all 59 printable sheets!

On this page, you will find 59 all new Dinosaur coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Dinosaurs are mysterious, fascinating creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago. There were once many different kinds of interesting and enormous dinosaurs.

They were plant-eaters, meat-eaters, or something in between. They came in all shapes and sizes, with different distinctive features from long necks, to little, arms to sharp teeth.

Dinosaurs might be extinct today, but they are everywhere in pop culture. Dozens of children’s movies like Ice Age and The Good Dinosaur feature these prehistoric creatures. We can’t get enough of them.

The popularity of dinosaurs has translated into a high demand from our readers for printable dinosaur coloring pages that you can enjoy for free.

So without further ado – here are 59 brand-new and exciting dinosaur coloring pages that you can download and print for free. Enjoy!

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Dinosaur Coloring Pages – 59 Brand New Printable Sheets

Dinosaurs are prehistoric reptiles. This means that they all reproduced by laying eggs. The dinosaur in this coloring sheet looks like a proud mother.

She is grinning while guarding her three spotted eggs that will one day hatch into three little dinosaurs.dinosaur coloring pages for kids free download

It’s easy to recognize the dinosaur in this printable as a Triceratops. These dinosaurs had three distinctive horns and a unique frill around their heads.

This little Triceratops looks like it just saw something scary. Hopefully, it wasn’t a T-Rex.cute dinosaur coloring page

This tiny baby T-Rex hatchling sits perched happily with its big eyes shining with curiosity. Its round, spotted body is perfectly petite, with little arms and claws extended.

Give this adorable dino bright colors to bring its charm to life. Use fun shades like sky blue, sunny yellow, or cheerful pink to color its happiest parts. Add green spikes down its back and purple spots all over.

You can finish it off by coloring the eye a bright, beaming orange.Triceratops coloring page for kids free download

A T-rex is usually portrayed as a fearsome creature, but this dinosaur coloring sheet shows one that is quite adorable!

The dino itself has some lovely patterns on it that you can have fun coloring, but for some extra fun there are plenty of pretty butterflies flying around the T-rex.

These butterflies allow you to add spots of bright and vibrant colors that will make this an even more dynamic picture!

We think these butterflies would look great with some colored pens or markers to make the colors pop.

What colors will you choose for the patterns and other details in this scene?Dinosaur Coloring Pages free printable

The Tyrannosaurus was one of the most dangerous and feared dinosaurs around. They had very few enemies and plenty of prey to hunt.

The funny dinosaur in this coloring page has a huge snout and tiny arms. He looks a bit like a goofier version of a T. Rex.
dinosaur coloring page for kids

This cute dino looks to be having a lovely day outside! It has some sharp and pointy teeth which should make it look more intimidating, but try as it might this is still one cute dinosaur.

There are lots of small details on the dinosaur along with the background setting surrounding it, so you have loads of ways you could bring some color to this scene.

While the ground around the dinosaur is really detailed, the sky has been left blank, and that means that you could add all sorts of additional details! What can you think of to add to the sky?dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This scary-looking creature looks a lot like the Velociraptors featured heavily in the film Jurassic Park.

Although in the movie they are ferocious and human-sized, it is thought that a real Velociraptor would only have been the size of a turkey. We still wouldn’t trust this sneaky-looking dinosaur.

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small dinosaur coloring pagesLook at this cute dinosaur walking on its four legs. It has a long graceful neck and a small body with a spiky back and sweeping tail. Its endearing expression gives this dino a playful personality perfect for coloring.

You can make this sweet sauropod your own by choosing fun, vibrant colors. Give it a sunny yellow belly, rosy pink spikes, and bright green scales on its back.

I would also color his spikes in different colors and patterns and use purple to color the tail and orange for its beaming eyes.dinosaur coloring pages free printable

The Brontosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs around.

Luckily the creature in this dinosaur coloring page was a gentle vegetarian. He has a long neck and tail and looks like a pretty friendly guy. free dinosaur coloring page

Next, we have a dinosaur that is looking a bit more nervous than some of the previous ones we have seen.

We wonder what could be making this dino look this nervous? For a page like this, you could draw a little scene around the dinosaur that would suggest what could be making it feel this way.

You can also show off the mood by using certain colors. For example, we would use some colored pencils or watercolor paints in order to show that this is a less confident dinosaur.

dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This happy little dinosaur has frills all down its back and interesting stripes like a tiger.

Although he looks small now, we wonder how big he will be when he grows up.

dinosaur coloring sheets for kids

Say hello to our happy dinosaur friend in this dinosaur coloring page. Look how he’s sitting with a big smile on his face. Seems like someone said something funny and he’s all happy and excited. He looks so adorable and playful.

Let’s use our brightest crayons to color this cute dino. We can make him green, blue, orange, or any colors we like.

We can color his tummy with a different color. We can even draw some trees or flowers around him. dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This next page in our collection of free dinosaur coloring pages for kids features a dino design that is based around a stegosaurus.

It also showcases a really happy-looking dinosaur that seems to be having a wonderful day. The sky is again quite blank here, and you have a few ways you could color it.

One would be to use some lovely blues to suggest it is the middle of the day.

Otherwise, you could use some reds or oranges to show that it is dawn or maybe dusk. How will you color the sky here?dinosaur coloring pages

The dinosaur in this coloring sheet appears to be looking over his shoulder for someone. Who do you think he is waiting for?

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a dinosaur with glasses coloring

Check out this smarty pants dino showing off its cool glasses. It has a row of spikes along its back and tail. It also has a big smile on its face and looks very confident and happy.

What colors will you use for this trendy dinosaur? You can make his spikes pink, his body green, and his glasses rainbow stripes. We can even add stickers and sparkles to his glasses too.

For me, I would also draw a fun background, like a classroom or library, since he looks so smart.dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This dinosaur coloring sheet reminds us of Dino, the pet Brontosaurus belonging to Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

He has short legs and a long neck and munches hungrily on a tuft of grass. Do you think he would let people slide down his back? cute dinosaur coloring page

The diplodocus is the inspiration for this next cute dinosaur design. This dino is famous for its incredibly long neck, and it reminds us of the dinosaur equivalent of a giraffe!

This one is looking very happy and friendly, and it’s up to you to show off how you think this cute dino should be colored in.

Maybe for a fun touch, you could color this one with the same colors and patterns you would see on a giraffe! That would be fun, but what other kinds of patterns and colors can you imagine for this dinosaur?dinosaur coloring pages

Some dinosaurs, like the one in this coloring sheet, have triangular bony plates on their bodies to protect them from harm.

Remember – all these dinosaur coloring pages are completely free to print, so feel free to print as many as you want. dinosaur printable for kids

We love the creative design of this next dinosaur! This one seems to take inspiration from a few different dinosaur species, and it makes for a really imaginative dino species.

There are so many details to admire on this dinosaur from the subtle patterns to the spikes and plates on the tail and back.

The background setting is also wonderfully detailed with grass, rocks and maybe even water details to admire. You should be able to get really creative with the colors you can use here!dinosaur coloring pages

The bony plates and horned tale on the dinosaur in this coloring sheet make it look a lot like the Stegosaurus.

He looks very excited about something. What do you think it could be?an ugly dinosaur coloring page

In this dinosaur coloring page, we have a friendly and cute dinosaur who is smiling at you. This dinosaur is standing on two legs and has a large head with big eyes and nostrils. It looks so adorable and happy.

What colors will you use on this dino? Will you make him orange and yellow, or choose a different color scheme?

You can even draw some trees and rainbows in the background to make this dino feel at home.dinosaur coloring pages free printable

Even though the T. Rex was a dangerous creature, they still had to protect their babies. We love this dinosaur coloring page of a baby T. Rex hatching from an egg.

It sits on top of its mother’s back while she smiles and watches over three other eggs that have not yet hatched.

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dinosaur coloring pages free printable

How cute is this next dinosaur coloring printable? This one seems to be a bay dino, and it is simply adorable.

It is also one of the more detailed dinosaurs we have seen so far in this collection, and that means that you get to use all sorts of amazing colors for it.

For some of the smaller details, we would again recommend some colored pens or pencils so that you can really get in there with the finer details.

What other art tools, mediums and techniques can you think of for this one? We can’t wait to see!dinosaur coloring pages for preschoolers

This dinosaur lives underwater instead of on land. It has a head shaped like an alligator, but instead of legs, it has four fins to help it swim.dinosaur coloring pages free printable

Another cute T-rex is here to meet you for this next page! It’s another example of how this normally fearsome dino can be really adorable in the right context, and this one certainly shows that.

The background around this dino has been left a bit more vague and blank, and that opens up lots of possibilities.

You could use some simple colors for this background to keep the emphasis on the dinosaur itself, but you could also draw all sorts of creative environments.

There is a lot you can do here, so how will you finish off this page?dinosaur coloring pages

Another sea-dwelling dinosaur, this smiling creature has a spiny back, fins, and a long neck stretching out of the water, perhaps because it needs to come up for air.

It swims along in front of a smoking volcano.
dinosaur coloring pages free printable

You can have a cracking good time with this next page! This time, we have a triceratops that is emerging from an egg, and it’s such a cute little scene.

The eggs are also detailed with some simple ovals, and these give you the chance to use some wonderful color details.

You could make these eggs brightly colored, but you could also go for a more subdued approach if you prefer. If you can’t decide, remember that you can print out a few copies of this page so that you can experiment without fear.

It will be great to see what ideas you have for this page!dinosaur coloring pages

So many strange and wonderful dinosaurs once walked the earth. Just look at this interesting species with a long, curving crest at the top of his head.

Scientists believe that these crests were used to make a trumpeting sound to call to one another.dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This dinosaur coloring page shows a creature with a very long neck and fins down the top of its head.

It is standing in front of what looks like the entrance to a very small cave. It doesn’t seem like this dinosaur will be able to fit in there.

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dinosaur coloring pages free printable

The T-rex on this dinosaur coloring page is trying so hard to be vicious!

While it is achieving this with more success than most of the other dinos in this collection, it is still looking a bit too cute to be particularly vicious.

The background is nice and open again, and we think that a big volcano in the distance would look really cool for this one.

That is what we think, but what other kinds of background environments can you think of? Be sure to get creative with it and have fun!dinosaur coloring pages

We’re not sure if we’d want to run into this dinosaur in person. It has some characteristics, like its short arms and walking on its back legs, like a T. Rex.

However, it appears to have fewer teeth than are more square-shaped than sharp. dinosaur coloring pages free printable

The frills on the dinosaur in this printable look a lot like that of another dinosaur featured in Jurassic Park.

In the film, they could spit poison at their enemies, but in reality, no dinosaurs had that ability. This little dinosaur looks like it is probably only a baby. dinosaur coloring pages free printable

Our coloring page designers love to bring to life some of the most bizarre-looking dinosaurs imaginable.

This creature has a flat head with horns on the side, a short body, and a thick tail with long spikes. It stands bent forward, walking on two thick legs.

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dinosaur coloring pages free download

This dinosaur coloring sheet features another T. Rex-like creature. However, it has a much more slender body and a crest on the top of its head.

It also has very creepy snake-like eyes and sharp claws.dinosaur coloring pages free printable

Another powerful dinosaur steps onto the page. This one has a large spiny fin on its back as well as one on its head.

We wonder what this dinosaur used these fins for back in the prehistoric era. dinosaur coloring pages free printable

While dinosaurs roamed the earth, plenty of prehistoric creatures also conquered the skies.

Our coloring page artists have designed this bird-like dinosaur with large wings, a sharp beak and claws, and a huge feathery tail. simple dinosaur coloring pages free printable

The dinosaur in this coloring page has made a friend! Or perhaps it is even an insect-eating creature who has spotted a tasty snack.

Either way, it stands up on its hind legs to excitedly meet a flying insect buzzing through the air.

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easy black-and-white dinosaur coloring pages free printable

A Pterodactyl grins in this printable as it soars through the sky. These flying creatures have interestingly shaped heads.

Claws stretch out from below its wings, which make up most of this dinosaur’s body! dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This Pterodactyl looks a lot fiercer than the previous ones. Its angry expression and spiny head show that it is ready to attack.

These flying creatures probably ate small dinosaurs and marine life. Perhaps it has spotted some prey. dinosaur coloring pages free printable

This sea-dwelling dinosaur looks enormous as it swims next to a school of tiny fish.

It might have been big and strong enough even to give the T.Rex a run for its money. What do you think this creature liked to eat?dinosaur coloring pages free pdf

In this coloring sheet, a dinosaur with a crest on its head surveys the land from the top of a hill.

Remember – when you finish your dinosaur coloring pages, remember to post them onto our Facebook page. Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize! dinosaur coloring pages free printable

There were all kinds of dinosaurs roaming in the prehistoric era. Some were harmless herbivores while others were meat-eating predators.

The dinosaur in this coloring sheet looks like it is running from something dangerous. Although it has a sail on its back, it wouldn’t be a match for a dangerous T. Rex. dinosaur coloring pages free printable

Our dinosaur coloring page designers really love printables featuring the Brontosaurus. Who could blame them?

This little guy is absolutely adorable with his small body, long neck, and round head. He stands in a grassy field in front of a smoking volcano on what looks like a beautiful day.

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dinosaur coloring book free printable

This enormous dinosaur towers above all else as it storms through the forest. It is so tall that it can easily move aside two trees standing in its way.

The birds and even Pteradactyls overhead look tiny compared to this creature. How tall do you think this dinosaur is? dinosaur coloring sheet free printable

The dinosaur in this coloring sheet looks a lot like the creatures that were sometimes called “tank dinosaurs.”

They got this name from the thick armor running down their back, making these dinosaurs incredibly heavy.

It also has spikes on its back and the top of its head as an extra layer of protection. This little guy looks like he is crouched to play!

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dinosaur coloring book free printable


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Add Some Extra Fun To These Dinosaur Coloring Pages!

This collection of free dinosaur coloring pages features a wonderful collection of diverse dino pals! Even though these are already great as is, you can add even more details to the pages.

First, you could add to the backgrounds to make the pictures even more dynamic. There are already some minor background details in many of the images, but you could add even more.

This could be far in the background and be as simple as some clouds or maybe something more complex like a volcano billowing smoke. These are just a few simple ideas, but you can take it as far as you like.

You don’t have to feel limited to just background details, too. Many dinosaurs are believed to have traveled in packs, so you could add some friends for some of these dinosaurs.

If you were to do this, you can see how your favorite dinosaurs look in the images and then copy them to create different versions. You could make them look largely the same but change a few details.

These could be as simple as facial expressions and posing, or you could add new texture details on the dinos. Adding extra plants, objects and other surrounding details can also help.

It could also be fun to add some educational snippets about your favorite dinosaurs by writing them around the dinosaurs on the page. These are a few examples, but they show you how you can easily transform the pages with simple details.

Now that you have seen a few ideas, you should feel free to add any of your own! What other ideas do you have for this collection of dinosaur coloring pages?

We can’t wait to see what you’re able to come up with!

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets, so don’t forget to check back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which fun characters and animals that you can print and color.

There are so many fun printables to enjoy. We hope you have enjoyed exploring the world of these fascinating prehistoric creatures.

Once you have finished your dinosaur coloring pages don’t forget to post a photo of your finished masterpiece on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

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