Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages

Have some colorful fun with the king of the dinosaurs with these Tyrannosaurus coloring pages!

Dinosaurs were once the rulers of the Earth, roaming the land in many huge and distinctive forms.

To this day, dinosaurs capture the imaginations of millions of people worldwide, and of all the dinosaurs few are more recognizable or loved than the mighty and terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex.

These free Tyrannosaurus coloring pages for kids are your chance to color in this mighty dinosaur and decide for yourself what the king of the dinosaurs may have looked like!

Because we don’t know exactly what dinosaurs may have looked like, you have a lot of freedom with how you color in these pages.

You can really experiment not only with color usage but also use different fun art mediums to create some awesome looking dinosaurs!

Once you’ve finished coloring in your favorite Tyrannosaurus coloring printables, we hope that you’ll share them on our Facebook page for us to see. We can’t wait to see your awesome completed Tyrannosaurus pages!

25 Brand New Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first image we have in this series of free Tyrannosaurus coloring sheets for kids has a very angry looking Tyrannosaurus on the rampage.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be on this scary dinosaur’s bad side! How will you color in this intimidating Tyrannosaurus?

I would use some bold, bright colors to illustrate that he’s an angry dino, but I can’t wait to see how you color him in!new tyrannosaurus coloring pages free printable

From a rather terrifying Tyrannosaurus in the previous page, we have one that’s looking like it’s having a very frustrating day for this Tyrannosaurus coloring printable! This one is looking quite annoyed and unhappy, and I wonder what happened to mess up this dinosaur’s day?

If I were coloring in this Tyrannosaurus, I would use some lighter blues and greens for the Tyrannosaurus itself to fit the mood that it is giving off.scary tyrannosaurus coloring pages free printable

This next Tyrannosaurus coloring page has a funny looking fellow who looks like he’s up to mischief!

I love the face on this Tyrannosaurus, as it has a lot of character to it. There are also plenty of great smaller details to this picture, so you can really get in there with your favorite colors to bring this to life!new tyrannosaurus coloring book free printable

For our next Tyrannosaurus coloring sheet, we have a very calm looking dino that’s looking like it is having a nice relaxing day.

Maybe for this Tyrannosaurus page, you could try out some new art mediums to give this a really cool look! How do you think you’ll finish off this page with your colors and art tools?black and white tyrannosaurus coloring pages free printable

There’s a lovely mountain setting for the Tyrannosaurus in this next coloring page.

This is another page that gives me a calming feeling, so if I were to color this in I would use some lovely watercolors for a much milder look to this laid back Tyrannosaurus printable.tyrannosaurus coloring book for adults free printable

We’ve had a few less intense dinosaurs to color in for the last few pages, but we’re back to coloring in another intense looking one in this next Tyrannosaurus coloring page!

This one looks like it’s letting off a bit of a roar, and I think some brighter colors would suit this fierce Tyrannosaurus perfectly. If I were to color in this one, I would definitely work in some arm reds to make this Tyrannosaurus look even more intimidating.cartoon tyrannosaurus coloring pages free printable

This next Tyrannosaurus coloring sheet has another dinosaur that looks more friendly than terrifying!

You can show different times of days and climates in a picture using just your colors, so for this one you could use some yellows and oranges to give this image a sunset or sunrise vibe.

Will you go for that kind of look or will you make it more of a midday scene using some blue for the sky?t-rex tyrannosaurus coloring book for adults free printable

It’s time to let out a loud roar as you color in this Tyrannosaurus printable! This dinosaur looks like it is making a roar that would probably echo for miles around.

What colors do you think that you will use for this intimidating dino?jurassic park tyrannosaurus coloring pages for adults free printable

I love the detailing on the dinosaur in this Tyrannosaurus coloring page! It has some spikes down its back to make it look even scarier than it already does while letting off a roar.

Since there are so many great details to this picture, you could use some colored pens or pencils to get in some subtle bright colors.jurassic park tyrannosaurus coloring pages free printable

There’s a fun design to this next Tyrannosaurus coloring sheet, as it has a giant, scary head on a much smaller body! How do you think you’ll color in this amusing image?

I would again use some brighter colors for this one, and I think that it could be fun to mix different mediums together for a vibrant look.

Maybe you could use crayons for some areas and paints for others to make this a wonderfully colorful picture!jurassic park tyrannosaurus coloring printable free pdf

For this next Tyrannosaurus coloring printable, we have one that looks to me like it’s just seen a tasty snack in the distance!

It could make for a fun image if you used more muted colors for the body of this dino and then drew in a bright red tongue out of its mouth to make it look like it’s licking its lips! How do you think you’ll portray this Tyrannosaurus?indominus rex coloring pages free printable

This Tyrannosaurus coloring page has a dinosaur that looks both a bit scary and cartoony at the same time!

For that reason, my thought when I saw this image was to use some darker browns and reds for this Tyrannosaurus to give it a mean and scary appearance.

I would use some acrylic paints for these colors, but what do you think you’ll use to bring this Tyrannosaurus to life?indominus rex tyrannosaurus coloring pages free printable

We have what might be the scariest dinosaur we’ve encountered so far yet in this next Tyrannosaurus coloring sheet!

Something about the detailing and spikes on this Tyrannosaurus makes it look especially intimidating to me.

The eyes on this Tyrannosaurus are also a bit scary looking, and I think that it would look really cool to give them a bright yellow coloring with a colored pen to give them an almost glowing look.jurassic world t-rex coloring pages free printable

I’m glad I’m not the thing being chased in this Tyrannosaurus printable! This scary dino is on the warpath, and I wonder what it’s chasing so ferociously?

Maybe you could draw in some kind of creature in front of this Tyrannosaurus to show what he’s trying to catch for his dinner!Jurassic world t-rex coloring pages for kids

There’s more great detail work on not just the Tyrannosaurus in this image but also the background of this next Tyrannosaurus coloring page.

If you have some acrylic paints handy, I think they would be great for this powerful looking Tyrannosaurus, as this medium can really bring color intensity to a picture.

What colors will you use for this roaring Tyrannosaurus?jurassic world t-rex coloring book free printable

We have another dinosaur on the rampage for this Tyrannosaurus coloring sheet!

When I saw this picture, my first thought was that it would really cool to make this another image that has a sky made up of reds, oranges and yellows to give off a sunset feel to this impressive page.

What kind of setting will you create for this Tyrannosaurus?jurassic world t-rex colouring sheets free printable

Can you imagine the sound it must have made when a huge dinosaur ran across the terrain after some prey?

I’m sure the thudding of their feet could be heard for miles, and that would certainly be the case for the rampaging dinosaur in this Tyrannosaurus coloring printable.

There are a lot of clouds in the sky in this image, so I would color it in with various grey colors to make it seem like an overcast setting.cartoon jurassic world t-rex coloring pages free printable

This next Tyrannosaurus coloring page has a dinosaur taking it a bit easy in a much more relaxed setting.

There’s another pretty mountain setting behind this Tyrannosaurus, and for this kind of setting my first thought is always to use some watercolor paints for a softer look.

What art mediums will you use for this image?black and white t-rex coloring pages free printable

I really enjoy the expression on the face of the dinosaur in this Tyrannosaurus coloring sheet.

He almost looks a little embarrassed about something, and I have to say I’m curious what a Tyrannosaurus could be embarrassed about!

I would use some milder greens, blues and yellows to color in this guy, but what colors came to mind for you?realistic Tyrannosaurus colouring page free printable

This Tyrannosaurus may be giving off the mightiest roar we’ve seen yet in this series of Tyrannosaurus coloring printables!

I definitely think that this Tyrannosaurus needs some bright and bold colors to really match the roaring intensity of this dinosaur.

Which of your favorite bright colors would you use for this intimidating Tyrannosaurus?Tyrannosaurus coloring page

We have a very athletic dino in this fun Tyrannosaurus coloring page! This running T Rex looks like it’s in a hurry to get somewhere, and I bet it spotted a tasty treat for lunch.

I would use some vibrant and cartoony colors for this less serious looking Tyrannosaurus, but I can’t wait to see what colors you choose for it!Tyrannosaurus coloring book free printable

I would normally hesitate to call a Tyrannosaurus cute, but the one in this next coloring sheet is kind of cute!

The way it is sitting makes me think of a puppy asking for a treat, and now I can’t help but wonder how cool it would be to have a Tyrannosaurus as a pet!

How will you color in this new Tyrannosaurus friend?Jurassic Park T-Rex coloring page for preschoolers

We have a slightly more cartoony dinosaur in this fun Tyrannosaurus printable! This one looks like it’s up to no good as far as I’m concerned, and I would use some bright fun colors to fill this one in.

I’ll look forward to seeing what fun mediums and colors you use for this guy!Jurassic Park T-Rex coloring page free for kids

This next Tyrannosaurus coloring page has a dino that looks like it’s trying its best to look scary and intimidating.

I don’t think it’s really succeeding, but the effort is certainly appreciated! I would use some colored pens to fill in the colors of this cute dino that’s trying its best to be scary.t-rex drawing coloring sheet free printable

For this final image in our collection of free Tyrannosaurus coloring sheets for kids, we have a rather unusual image.

This Tyrannosaurus is sticking its head out of a forest canopy for a really interesting scene.

Seeing as there will probably be a lot of green for the treetops in this image, I would make the Tyrannosaurus mostly red, as red is a complementary color to green.

What colors and mediums will you use to finish off this mighty coloring collection?t-rex drawing coloring book free download

Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Hopefully this series of free Tyrannosaurus coloring pages for kids provided you with hours of coloring fun with the king of the dinosaurs!

Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and art printables are 100% free for you to print, color and enjoy, so feel free to print out as many copies as you like!

This really gives you the freedom to experiment with different fun colors and art mediums for different variations on your favorite pages.

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We also hope that you will share your favorite completed Tyrannosaurus printables to our Facebook page for us to admire! We can’t wait to see your colorful and creative dinosaurs!original and free tyrannosaurus coloring pages

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