Spinosaurus Coloring Pages

Go back to the age of the dinosaurs with these spinosaurus coloring pages!

The spinosaurus is one of the most unique looking dinosaurs of them all, and that’s saying something with how weird some dinosaurs can look! With it’s finned back and long body, this would have been a fearsome dino to encounter in real life!

Seeing as we don’t know what colors dinosaurs would be exactly, this leaves an opportunity for us to get creative and decide what we’d have liked them to look like.

That means that these free spinosaurus coloring pages for kids are the perfect opportunity for some prehistoric creativity! So don’t feel shy to get bold with your colors and come up with some awesome patterns and color schemes for these spinosaurus coloring sheets!

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10 Brand New Spinosaurus Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

For this first free spinosaurus coloring page for kids, we have a little spinosaurus that looks way cuter than his real life counterpart would have looked! He’s looking very happy in a prehistoric jungle setting, so maybe you could use brighter colors to reflect this happy dino’s mood.

You can also be creative with the background. It’s a prehistoric coloring sheet so maybe the trees also had colorful patterns on them!dinosaur spinosaurus coloring pages free download

We have another cute little dino in the next spinosaurus coloring sheet. This one seems very friendly, so much so that it looks like it would enjoy it if you walked over and pet it!

What colors will you choose for the friendly little dino in this spinosaurus printable?cute baby dinosaur spinosaurus coloring pages

In this spinosaurus coloring sheet we have another happy looking little dino who’s wide eyed in excitement! I wonder what’s happening to make it look so happy?

You could try to draw in a background for this coloring sheet to show what kind of environment this one could have lived in to really complete this sweet spinosaurus printable.

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easy dinosaur spinosaurus coloring pages black and white

Another cute and happy dino is the focus of this spinosaurus coloring page for kids. For this coloring sheet, you could try to come up with some cool and colorful patterns for his body.

Maybe you could alternate using pens and pencils for some variety in the patterns and textures on this dinosaur’s body for a more dynamic look.spinosaurus coloring pages cute picture

We have a much younger little dinosaur to color in for this next spinosaurus printable. It’s much smaller than the previous ones and has great big eyes looking at us, so I’d say this might be a baby one.

Maybe you could use some lighter shades of blues, yellows and green to show that this could be a younger dino than the rest.

How will you color in this cute spinosaurus coloring sheet?cool spinosaurus coloring pages free download

For the next spinosaurus coloring page we have one in a bit of a different style than the previous ones. This one has an interesting facial expression; what do you think it’s thinking about? I think this one would look really great if you colored each spot on it a different color to help this dinosaur to stand out from the crowd!

Do you think you’d use a set of complimentary colors for his spots or just use your favorite blend of bright and bold colors?

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jurassic park 3 spinosaurus coloring pages

This spinosaurus coloring sheet has a dino on his way somewhere and looking pretty happy!

This might be a fun opportunity to draw in a creative background to show what this little guy might be up to. Where do you think he might be heading?baby spinosaurus coloring pages for toddlers free

The dinosaur in this spinosaurus printable has a lot of personality! He looks like a mischievous fellow, so I think some bright, clashing colors could help show that he’s a bit of a trickster.

I’d go with some bright yellows and reds alternating for him, but what colors will you choose to complete this spinosaurus coloring sheet?detailed baby spinosaurus coloring pages

This dinosaur is looking like a real star in this spinosaurus coloring page! It’s clear as he’s literally surrounded by stars and doing a fancy pose.

While having drawn in backgrounds was something to try in the previous spinosaurus printables, I think this one would look awesome with a solid background color; maybe a nice red contrasting with yellow for the stars?

How will you make this spinosaurus coloring sheet pop with color?jurassic world spinosaurus coloring pages free printable

We’re getting a thumbs up for a great job of coloring with this final free spinosaurus coloring page for kids!

This cheerful guy deserves some bright and equally cheerful colors, don’t you think? Maybe you could draw in a dinosaur party going on in the background with some colorful balloons floating around. That would help explain why he’s looking so pleased!

How will you color in this final spinosaurus printable?

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dinosaur spinosaurus coloring pages free pdf

Spinosaurus Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We really hope that you had a wonderful time with these free spinosaurus coloring pages for kids. Don’t forget that all of our coloring printables are free for you to print, color and enjoy!

Maybe you can print out a couple copies of your favorite spinosaurus printables and try out different color schemes and mediums like paints, pens and pencils to create a great variety of different looks for these cute dinosaurs.

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We’re really looking forward to seeing some colorful interpretations of how these dinosaurs might have looked!

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original and free spinosaurus coloring pages


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