Ultimate List of Newspaper Craft Ideas

If you are a super fan of using newspaper for crafting you are going to adore this ultimate list of newspaper craft ideas.

Whether you have already discovered how much you love crafting with newspaper or it’s something you would love to try for the first time, this amazing list will give you ideas galore of wonderful newspaper crafts.

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If you’re a regular around here, you already know how much I love working with newspaper. Hands down, it is one of my top 3 favorite art mediums to work with.

I love the crisp texture of the newsprint and how you can easily paint it with both acrylics or watercolors and get vibrant results every time. I also love mixing newsprint with different materials to create beautiful mixed media art projects.

Below you will find over 30 fabulous newspaper craft ideas to enjoy yourself or with your children.

Ultimate List of Newspaper Craft Ideas

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Newspaper Lion Craft

Newspaper Raccoon Craft

Colorful Newspaper Owls

Newspaper Hippopotamus Craft

Mixed Media Penguin Art Project

Newspaper Fox Craft

Painted Newspaper Turkey Craft

Easter Bunny Newspaper Craft

Colorful Painted Newspaper Snails

newspaper craft ideas 4

Newspaper Jellyfish Craft

Newspaper Shark Craft

Mixed Media Fish Newspaper Art

Newspaper Polar Bear Craft

Painted Newspaper Earth Day Craft

Newspaper Koala Craft

Cardboard Roll Bees with Newspaper Wings

Stuffed Paper Bag Snowy Owl Craft

Painted Newspaper Butterfly Craft

newspaper craft ideas 5

Mixed Media Winter Landscape Art Project

Painted Newspaper Sunflower Craft

Puffy Newspaper Tree Craft

Newspaper Fall Tree Craft

Puffy Newspaper Heart Craft

Apple Tree Newspaper Craft

Watercolor Painted Hot Air Balloon Craft

Painted Newspaper Robot Craft

Winter Birch Tree Newspaper Art

newspaper craft ideas 6

Newspaper Witch Craft

Santa Claus Newspaper Craft

Newspaper Reindeer Craft

Painted Newspaper Christmas Tree Craft

Mixed Media New Year’s Eve Fireworks Craft

Recycled Newspaper Snowman Craft

Easy Newspaper Flowers DIY

Mixed Media Columbus Day Craft

Newspaper School Bus Craft

ultimate list newspaper craft ideas

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paper plate hippopotamus craft

Paper Plate Hippopotamus

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