Valentine’s Monster Box

I am so excited to show you my Valentine’s Monster Box today. I made some for my boys a couple years ago (which we still use each year) and decided it was time to make one for my daughter this year. Here are pictures of my boys Valentine’s Monster Boxes.




I started out with an empty shoe box, cut a rectangle hole in the top for the mouth, and then completely covered the outside of it with felt. I used a gluegun to attach the felt to the box.

Here is the underside of my lid. I wrapped my felt underneath the mouth and glued it so you couldn’t see any edges of the box peeking through.

To make the fur on the monster you will need to buy a roll of Fun Fur. I got mine at Walmart in the yarn section but I’ve seen it at other craft stores too. They have lots of different colors to choose from. I picked a striped pattern for my daughter’s box.

I used a glue gun to attach the Fun Fur to the box. I wrapped my Fun Fur over the top of the box, while adding a dab of glue at each end as I wrapped it. After I had made several rows, I lifted up the Fun Fur and put a line of glue down on the felt underneath it to hold it in place more. I usually put a row of glue in the middle and one on each end. Hope that makes sense.

(Yes, that is a Pineapple in my picture next to my juicer. Can’t wait to make me some fresh orange and pineapple juice. haha)

When you get to the opening in the mouth, go ahead and keep wrapping the Fun Fur along the left side of the mouth and down the rest of the box, and then go back and do the right side of the mouth. You can see in the picture below what I mean.

After putting Fun Fur over the top of the box, I went around each side of the lid and did the same thing. After you are done adding the Fun Fur, it is time to add all the Monster features.

I started with the eyes. Glue down 2 extra large pom-poms for the eyes with a large googly eye in each. Then add a medium sized pom-pom for the nose.

I have to say that my most favorite feature of this Monster box is definitely the jeweled eyelashes. Aren’t they adorable???!! LOL  Craftprojectideas has the cutest package of Heart Acrylic Jewels at Walmart and that is what I used. For my boys’ boxes I used the same exact jewels, but they had flower jewels instead of hearts. I simply hot glued the jewels along the top of the eyes to make eyelashes.

I also curled two pipecleaners around two fingers and then glued them on the side of the eyes to make fun antennae.

Then I cut out teeth and a tongue out of white and red felt and glued them around the Monster’s mouth.

To finish the box I used glitter glue to write “Feed Me” on the front of the box and glued on some more heart jewels. On the boys’ boxes I used foam stickers but I didn’t have any so I improvised. On my son’s it said “I’m Hungry” instead of “Feed Me”.

These boxes have held up sooooo good! This will be our third year using my boys’. We usually have to form the antennae again, but other than that, they are like new. And did I mention how much my kids LOVE them?!! They are so cute!

Happy Crafting!

Lyle, Lyle Crocodile

“A Bad Case of Stripes” by David Shannon