Taco Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s time to TACO ’bout how cute and adorable these taco Valentine’s Day cards are!

If you have a friend who gets giddy about tacos, this taco Valentine card is sure to be a hit! Our handy printable template makes these taco Valentine cards super easy for kids (and adults) to create and they are certain to bring a big ol’ smile to your taco loving friends’ faces.

Close up square image of two taco Valentine's Day cards on a pink background laying one on top of the other.

Taco Tuesday a regular thing around my house. Say the word “taco” and I’m literally in, no question. I love tacos! My love for the deliciously crunchy food was my inspiration behind creating these fun taco Valentine’s Day cards.

My favorite thing about this simple Valentine card is when you open up the taco and reveal the personal message written on the inside. After kids finish making a taco card for each of their friends, they can spend time writing out a sentence inside the card sharing something that makes each friend unique and special.

Image showing to taco Valentine's Day cards propped up with one in focus in the front and one out of focus in the back.

How to Make Taco Valentine’s Day Cards

Read our easy step-by-step tutorial below for how you can make these fun and easy taco Valentine’s for your friends and family. Make sure to watch our video tutorial inside this post before get started too.

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Supplies needed for your Taco Valentine:

  • taco valentine printable template <—- Get the template HERE
  • yellow cardstock
  • lime green cardstock
  • red cardstock
  • brown tissue paper (or any brown paper)
  • small heart punch
  • googly eyes
  • black marker, colored pencils or crayons
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Instructions for creating your taco Valentine cards

1. Download the taco Valentine printable template. Print out the taco shell on yellow cardstock paper and the inside card page on lime green cardstock paper. We used green for the inside of the card piece since it pokes out from the top of the card to look like lettuce.

You’ll notice we included two lettuce pieces on the second page of the template. This is to help conserve paper if you are making more than one taco Valentine.

2. Cut out each of the pieces from the template.

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Four image collage showing printed out taco Valentine template, how to fold the taco in half, adult writing message on green lettuce piece and adult cutting out small red hearts from heart punch.

3. Fold the taco circle in half along the dashed line to create the taco shell card.

4. Use a black marker, crayon or colored pencil to write a special message to your Valentine on the green lettuce section from the template.

5. Cut out several small hearts from red cardstock paper using a small heart paper punch.

Four image collage showing how to glue the brown tissue paper inside Taco Valentine, how to glue the green lettuce message inside taco, how to glue the small red tomato hearts onto card and how to draw a smile on the front of the taco card.

6. Cut out a small section of brown tissue paper to use for the taco meat. Open up the taco card. Place glue along the bottom section of the front of the taco shell. Crinkle up the brown tissue paper and attach it to the glue for your taco meat.

Note: We used tissue paper because we loved the extra texture and thickness it gave to our taco cards. If you don’t have brown tissue paper or don’t want to purchase any, don’t sweat it. Simply glue a rectangle section of brown cardstock or construction paper on the inside of the card for your taco meat.

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Close up image of DIY taco Valentine's Day card laying on a pink background with heart stickers scattered around.

7. Add glue on the back of the green lettuce piece and glue it on the inside of the taco Valentine’s Day card. Then glue the small red hearts along the top of the green lettuce to look like little heart-shaped tomatoes.

8. Glue two small googly eyes on the front of the taco card to bring your cute taco to life. Then finish your taco Valentine by drawing a small smile under the googly eyes.

Image showing an adult holding open the taco Valentine's Day card showing the message written on the inside that reads "You have the best smile! Love, Rachel".

Give your taco Valentine’s Day cards to your favorite taco-loving friends and watch as their face lights up with happiness when they open up the taco to reveal the fun message written on the inside of the card.

Vertical image of two taco Valentine's Day cards propped up with the front taco up close and in focus and the back taco out of focus. Text "Taco Valentine" in the bottom left corner of image.

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