Bear Valentine Craft

Awww! This darling bear Valentine craft is as cute as a button and sure to bring loads of smiles and fun to your Valentine’s Day! 

These adorable bears are such a cute and easy Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers and early elementary age children to make. Cutting out the simple shapes and gluing them together to make a bear is a fun way to incorporate scissor skills practice for a Valentine’s Day activity at school or home.

Children can also write a Valentine’s Day message on the inside of their heart and give their bear as a Valentine card to Mom, Dad, Grandparents or a friend.

Polar bear, black bear and brown bear Valentine Craft all touching and laying next to each other on a pink background with hearts scattered around.

My favorite part about this easy paper Valentine craft is how children have the option to make any type of bear they want. They can make a polar bear, black bear, brown bear, or one of all three!

These cute bear Valentines are a perfect make and take craft for kids to create at a Valentine’s Day party at school or at home. They are simply adorable!

Horizontal image showing a polar bear, brown bear and black bear Valentine craft all laying next to each other on a pink background with heart stickers scattered around them.

Bear Valentine Craft for Kids

Once again we kept the supplies at a minimum for this easy bear paper craft so you probably already have everything you need on hand to make this cute Valentine’s Day bear craft.

Read our simple how-to instructions below for how to create your own Valentine bears. You’ll also want to watch our full video tutorial inside this post before you get started too.

Supplies needed for your paper bear craft:

  • Bear Craft Template <—– Purchase the template in our shop
  • colored cardstock paper (Your choice: brown, black, white, gray, pink, red)
  • white cardstock paper
  • markers or crayons
  • scissors
  • glue stick

“Where do I get the Bear Craft Template?”

To simplify prep for this cute Valentine paper craft, we have created a template you can purchase in our shop or our TpT store.

Included with the template is printable how-to instructions and helpful tutorial photos. Click the blue button below to be taken to our shop to purchase the template.

The template is optional and if you prefer not to purchase it, you can easily follow along with our tutorial instructions below and our video to see how to create your own Valentine bears. We truly appreciate you supporting our website!


NOTE: If you are in the EU, please visit our TpT Store to purchase any of our templates.

Instructions for How to Make a Bear Valentine Craft

1. Purchase and download the Bear Valentine Craft template in our shop. Choose which type of bear you want to create (polar bear, brown bear or black bear) and print out each of the bear template pages on colored cardstock paper based on that type of bear.

Print the eyes and nose page of the template on white cardstock and the heart on red or pink. Cut out each of the pieces from the template.

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Four image collage showing the printed out bear craft template and an adult gluing the pieces together to make the bear Valentine craft.

To conserve paper, you’ll find that we included two or templates on several of the pages. This way you can cut the printed template page in half or in quarters and have pieces for two or more children to make the craft.

2. Glue each of the inside ear pieces onto the ears and glue the nose inside the muzzle. Now glue the muzzle, ears and eyes onto the bear head.

Four image collage showing adult gluing together the pieces of the template to make their bear and then using markers to draw a mouth and message on the heart.

3. Glue the heart at the bottom of the bear body. Then glue the head at the top of the body. Finally, glue each of the arms on the body so they are holding the heart.

4. Use markers or crayons to draw a mouth on your bear and to write a message on the inside of the heart.

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Close up image of finished bear Valentine craft laying on a pink background.

Children can write a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” message on their heart. Or they can continue with the bear theme and write a message like “I love you Bear-y much!”

Another fun idea for older children is to create a 3D heart for their bear to hold. See our animal Valentine crafts tutorial to learn how to assemble your 3D heart together.

Polar bear, brown bear and black bear Valentine crafts laying next to each other on a pink background with heart stickers scattered around them.

A classroom full of cute bears would make an adorable Valentine’s Day display hung up inside or outside the classroom.

Letting children choose their favorite type of bear to create is a fun idea for helping to add some personalization to the classroom craft project.

Vertical image of polar bear, black bear and brown bear Valentine crafts laying next to each other with the text "Bear Valentine Craft" in the top right corner.

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