How to Make a Heart Tree Paper Craft

Looking for a festive and colorful decoration the kids can help you make for Valentine’s Day? If so, you will love this gorgeous Valentine’s Day craft! In this post learn how to make a beautiful heart tree paper craft with the help of our our easy step-by-step tutorial and video.

We had some party hats leftover from our New Year’s Eve celebration last week and rather than toss them I decided it was a great opportunity to repurpose them into something crafty for Valentine’s Day. We layered paper hearts in festive red, pink and purples around the hats, added a cardboard roll base for a tree trunk and then decorated the tree with cheerful ribbon and heart toppers. The result is a beautiful heart tree paper craft that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

This beautiful heart tree paper craft makes a great decoration for a mantle or shelf for Valentine’s Day. We made three in varying colors and using different ribbons and the combination of all three trees together is a gorgeous sight. I found a couple clear, glittery stands in the Target dollar spot and they work perfectly for layering the trees together in a collection.

You are going to adore making these pretty paper heart trees! Go grab your supplies and get ready for an afternoon full of fun creating these darling Valentine’s Day decorations.

How to Make a Heart Tree Paper Craft

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  • party hats
  • red, pink and purple paper
  • heart punch
  • cardboard roll
  • heart stickers
  • toothpicks
  • ribbon
  • Glue Dots or hot glue gun
  • glue stick
  • tacky glue
  • scissors


1. Begin by using scissors to cut out the stretchy cording at the bottom of the party hat and remove it from the hat.

2. Gather one or two colors of your colored paper. Use your heart punch to cut out a handful of hearts of each color. We cut hearts out of two pieces of each color of paper we used.

Let’s put together the heart tree paper craft

3. Add glue to the bottom half of one of your paper hearts and glue it upside down at the bottom of your paper hat. You will want the heart to hang below the bottom of the party hat so none of the color shows through from the hat.

4. Add glue to another paper heart and glue it onto the bottom of the party hat, overlapping the previous heart a little. Continue adding hearts around the bottom of the party hat to complete the colored segment.

5. Add another layer of hearts in a different color overlapping the bottom row about half way. Continue adding the paper hearts in layers up the tree.

6. When you reach the top of the party hat glue two paper hearts, overlapping them with each other, to finish covering the party hat with hearts.

Time to decorate your heart tree paper craft

7. Grab your ribbon the decorate your heart tree paper craft. Attach the ribbon near the top of the tree with either a Glue Dot or a dot of hot glue. Wrap the ribbon around the tree several times from top to bottom. When you reach the bottom of the heart tree, use a Glue Dot or a dot of glue again to attach the ribbon to the tree. Cut off any excess ribbon.

8. Measure and cut off a section of a cardboard roll for the trunk of your heart tree paper craft. We used a cardboard roll from an empty roll of wrapping paper. Add a generous amount of tacky glue to the top of the cardboard roll. Place the heart tree down onto the cardboard roll and let it sit for a while for the glue to hold it place.

Add a heart topper to the top of your tree

9. To make a Valentine’s Day heart topper for your tree, grab two heart stickers and a toothpick. Remove the sticker backing on one of the heart stickers and place the toothpick down in the center of the sticker. Then remove the backing from the second heart sticker, line it up with the sticky backing of the other heart sticker and stick them together.

10. Insert the end of the heart toothpick in the hole at the top of the party hat.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Heart Tree Paper Craft

Watch the video below to be guided through each step of this heart tree paper craft. You can view more easy kids craft tutorials on our Facebook page, or right here on our website.

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