Celebrating LOVE Day!!

Nothing like a LOVE day to cheer up the soul, huh? I’m usually not big on Valentine’s Day because my husband just happened to be gone for it the first 3 years of our marriage so we always just tried to have a “every day is Valentine’s Day” attitude (ok, that’s lame!). But now that I’m older and wiser (LOL!) and because I have kids that make it soooo much fun, we decided to celebrate LOVE day today.So I made a chocolate cake last night for Valentine’s Day….or rather attempted to….But it ended up being an UTTER FAILURE! Seriously, it deserved a BIG FAT FAIL AWARD! Who messes up on a box cake for crying out loud? I am pretty much ashamed of myself (haha!), but my husband said he would eat it anyways and when I told my son it looked bad he said, “NO IT DOESNT, I’LL EAT IT!” haha Love that kid! So this morning I had to quickly redeem myself with homemade heart-shaped oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. I always add in a mashed banana and some cinnamon…ahhhh…Heavenly!! My favorite part of breakfast was after my son was extremely excited about his heart-shaped pancakes he said, “Mommy, did you make me heart pancakes because we are having a celebration today?” Yup, sure did!

I also made heart-shaped jello jigglers to spice up our dinner tonight. Beware, once you make jello jigglers in your house regular jello will never be good enough. Seriously! Even my husband is WAY INTO the jigglers and his look of disappointment if it’s regular jello is pretty much unbearable……so we just stick with the jigglers!

I surprised my sweet boys with a little something I made for Valentine’s Day….Crocodiles…

Inside the mouth reads: “I’d Snap at the Chance to be your Valentine!” My son has been on cloud 9 ever since he opened up his Valentine’s Monster Box (that I made last year) to see his little goodies and the Crocodile.

Aren’t they cute? I saw them on Skip to My Lou and just had to make them.

I also got them some M&M’s and my new Valentine’s tradition that I started last year, a NEW COOL TOOTHBRUSH! I figured it was a perfect compliment to all the candy they consume today.

Happy Love Day to All!!!

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