DIY Mother’s Day Photo Frame Gift

My daughter and I made this DIY Mother’s Day Photo Frame Gift the other day. I added the lettering onto the frame for my daughter but my daughter really did most of the project by herself. It is a perfect gift to give to Grandma for Mother’s Day or it would also make a fun Father’s Day gift.



Supplies you will need:

(We received both our Creatify You’ve Been Framed and Junk Drawer from Horizon Group USA. All opinions expressed are my own. You can find both products at your local Target.)



1. Start by removing the backing and plastic photo cover off of your frame. Set them aside. Paint the entire frame with your black acrylic paint. We painted two coats. Let it dry completely.


2. Attach your vinyl lettering or letter stickers to the frame. As an alternative you could also use a white chalk marker to write your message on it.



3. Get out the star embellishments from your Junk Drawer Kit. We opted to use only the gold stars but do whatever you want. Glue them all over the empty spaces of the frame with your tacky glue.



4. Insert the plastic photo covering back into the frame. Add a picture to the frame and then put the back cover onto the frame. I let my daughter choose which picture she wanted to put in the frame to give to Grandma.


Grandma is sure to feel extra loved for Mother’s Day! What other fun ways would you decorate this frame for Mother’s Day?



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