Take Time for Yourself to Create {An Apostrophe S Craft Party}

This post is sponsored by Apostrophe S. All content and opinions expressed are my own.
One of the favorite aspects I love about crafting with my kids is the genuine sense of accomplishment they feel after they’ve created something. It’s a magical feeling as I watch their eyes light up with pride over their creation. Sometimes as adults we forget the joy that is created within ourselves from creating. We are busy…Whether we spend our time as a Mom, Educator or a working Mom, there just never seems to be enough time in our lives for creating!
As much of an advocate I am for providing children with opportunities to create, I’ve realized recently that I am also an advocate for taking time to create for yourself. Not only does it help to relieve every day stress, but just as children, it gives our hearts a deep sense of accomplishment.  

Since understanding that crafting every day is just not possible for most of us, I am excited to share with you a company that has these same beliefs as I do, and that makes it easier for adults like us to create. Aspostrophe S is a new company who has a mission to Empower everyone to be a Maker. 

They offer craft kits for all different skill levels where friends and family can join together at a craft party and create and make something for themselves. It is a no pressure sales environment where you order your kit in advance of the party and when you come to the party all you have to do is sit down, relax, laugh with your friends and create! Added bonus, a break away from the stress of Motherhood for a couple hours.

I was invited to host an Apostrophe S Party with several of my friends and to be honest, it was just what this busy Momma needed to feel recharged. Just as I love to watch my children feel happy over creating, I loved watching as my guests were excited and thrilled with their new creations. We giggled and laughed as we put together our kits and for a moment, life was pure bliss. 

The kits themselves are packaged together so nicely. You sit down and literally feel as if you are opening a gift to yourself. Everything is included in your kit (other than maybe scissors or a hot glue gun) so no big preparations are required at all to begin creating. Apostrophe S has video tutorials on their website which makes putting the kits together a breeze.

I enjoyed being a host and used that as another creative outlet in prepping my party with a Christmas theme full of food, goodies, decorations and even little party gifts for my friends. Here are some pictures of the details from my party.

Simple decorations helped set the tone for our Christmas theme and the personalized table setting frames made my guests feel extra special. We started out with eating some delicious food and after a wonderful evening of creating our Felted Forest Trees, my guests left with a party box with the message to “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

How did my craft turn out? Lovely! I’ve already had a couple people ask me where I bought my adorable Felted Trees. The response that I am able to give…”I made them!” 

If you are needing some time for yourself to feel the wonderful accomplishment of creating, make sure to check out Apostrophe S to find out how you can host a party of your own. Take time for yourself to create!

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Paper Plate Santa Claus

Kids Christmas Tree Ornament