When I Grow Up Preschool Emergent Reader Printable

My preschooler has worked hard this past year on learning her alphabet. We have excitedly chartered into new territory recently beginning to blend words and learn sight words. One fun way to encourage this beginning stage of reading is with emergent readers. I know firsthand the excitement my daughter feels when she learns how to read a small book all on her own, so it’s a great tool to use. The creative preschool theme this week is “what I want to be when I grow up” so I put together this fun preschool emergent reader printable. It not only opens up great discussion on community helpers and occupations, but can help your preschooler learn the sight words, I, can, be and a.
preschool emergent reader printable

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Looking for some fun books to go along with your 

When I Grow Up Theme? Try one of these:

When I Grow Up by Mercer Mayer

Career Day by Anne Rockwell

When i Grow Up by Al Yankovic





  • emergent reader printable (You can print it out in either color or black and white.)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • crayons (optional)
1. Print out the emergent reader printable. I made a color option and a black and white option so you can use your preference. The clipart used for this emergent reader is from LittleRedsTreeHouse.com.
2. Cut each page in half, stack them in order and staple along the left-hand side of the pages to make your book.
preschool emergent reader
Rather than making the emergent reader a one-time activity, I love to spread it out over several days with smaller exercises to help my preschooler remember and learn the sight words inside the book. Note: I am not a licensed teacher or educator. I am a homeschooling Mom who loves to share fun and engaging activities that I use at home with my children. Here is an idea of how you can use the book for several days:
Day 1: Print out the book. Fold the pages in half and then have your preschooler use the fold line to cut out the pages. Help your preschooler put together the book and staple it. Then read the book with your preschooler three time. The first time, point to the words and read it out loud to your preschooler. The second time, have your preschooler point to the words and read the book together out loud. The third time, have your preschooler try to read the book herself, pointing to each word as she reads.
preschool emergent reader 2
Day 2: If you printed out the black and white copy, encourage your preschooler to color the pages of the book. There are quite a few characters in this book so don’t feel discouraged if your child only chooses to color a few. After they are finished coloring, read the book together 3 times just as you did in day one.
preschool emergent reader 3
Day 3: Have your preschooler work on finding all of the sight words on each page in the book. Have them circle the words “I” in the book with a red crayon. Then have them circle the word “can” on every page with the green crayon, etc, circling each of the four sight words I, can, be and a. Then have your preschooler read the book to you, pointing to each word as she reads.
preschool emergent reader 4
I failed to show a picture of the last page in the book, but it reads “I can be anything I want to be.” It ends the book with a great atmosphere to discuss different occupations with your preschooler and encourages them to talk about the things they love to do and what occupation they might like to be when they grow up.
community helper emergent reader
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