Four Seasons Tree Craft

Learning about the four seasons is a fun and popular preschool theme. Here’s a way to incorporate a fine motor activity into your learning unit by making this four seasons tree craft.

Kids will have so much fun making a spring, summer, fall and winter seasons tree all while strengthening the fine motor muscles in their little fingers and hands. Our free template makes prep time for this four seasons craft super easy too.

Close up square image of spring, summer, fall and winter yarn wrapped trees laying flat on a pink background.


Four Seasons Tree Craft with Template

If you are looking for fun seasons activities to make with your little ones, look no further! These yarn wrapped tree crafts are sure to be a hit!

One of my favorite ways to incorporate fine motor skills in craft time is with yarn wrapping activities. It’s a great way for preschoolers to strengthen the muscles and fingers in their hands to help get them ready for learning how to write.

Close up image of spring, summer, fall and winter yarn wrapped tree tops.

Our added seasonal details on these yarn wrapped trees like the pink cherry blossoms and red apples is what makes them a great craft for learning all about the seasons.

You can customize the trees with whatever you have on hand to show how the trees change throughout the seasons of the year.

Some items you might have on hand is colored buttons, colorful craft pom poms and any season themed stickers like leaves or snowflakes. Kids can even color the cardboard tree pieces with crayons or markers before wrapping it with yarn.

You can download our free tree template for creating your own season trees HERE. Or visit each of the links below to see how we created each individual seasonal tree craft and grab the craft template there.

Yarn Wrapped Blossoming Spring Tree

What are some of the popular blossoming trees that live in your neighborhood? Preschoolers can customize their spring tree craft to look like their favorite smelling tree.

Square close up image of yarn wrapped spring tree craft.

Yarn Wrapped Summer Apple Tree Craft

This apple tree craft would be so much for kids to make after visiting a local apple orchard. Cut up a variety or different apples for kids to try out for snack time to discover their favorite as another fun apple themed activity.

Square close up image of yarn wrapped apple tree craft for preschoolers to make.

Yarn Wrapped Autumn Colored Tree Craft

The fall season is a great time to learn about red, yellow and orange in preschool when fall leaves have changed colors. Take a nature walk around the neighborhood in the fall season before making these colorful autumn trees.

Square image of yarn wrapped fall tree craft for preschoolers.

Yarn Wrapped Winter Tree Craft

Wrapping these trees with white yarn is a fun way to look like snow covered winter trees. Kids might like to draw tree branches the cardboard tree top with a brown marker before wrapping their tree. The added snowflake stickers add an extra fun compenent to this winter tree craft.

Square close up image of yarn wrapped winter tree craft.

More Yarn Wrapping Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Do you have bird lovers in your house? If so, kids will love creating this yarn wrapped cardinal craft or yarn wrapped blue jay craft. They are so colorful and great for a preschool bird theme.

This yarn wrapped mummy craft is sure to be a hit for Halloween. It’s such a great way to add fine motor work into craft time! We have a free template for this craft too.

Thinking ahead to Christmas? This yarn wrapped Christmas Tree ornament is a fun way to incorporate nature and fine motor work for preschoolers.

Two image collage featuring all four seasonal tree crafts in top image and close up image of the tree tops together in the bottom image.

Square close up image of yarn wrapped winter tree craft.

Yarn Wrapped Winter Tree Craft

Paper hedgehog craft holding a 3D paper pumpkin laying flat on a pink background with the corner of a green polkadot piece of scrapbook paper showing in the top right corner.

The Cutest Hedgehog Craft