DIY Children’s Art Gallery Wall

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.Ever since I can remember, yellow has been my favorite color. I was always drawn to it as a child because I loved how bright and cheery it was, and seeing it has always made me happy. It’s not necessarily a popular color for inside the home, but still, I always wanted to have a yellow wall somewhere in my house. Since I also always wanted a place where my kids can display their art, I decided to combine both of my wants in a recent project. With the help of FrogTape® brand painter’s tape, I created this DIY Children’s Art Gallery Wall.

My options were a bit limited for which wall to use, but I decided the space behind where I do most of my work would be perfect. As you can see in the picture below, the area was pretty drab before I started and in some desperate need of color. The Art Gallery Wall was exactly what the space needed. It is in my family room so it’s also in a space that my entire family and any visitors we have can enjoy it.

I used to get nervous when starting projects like this. Painting an accent wall and getting those corner lines and baseboard lines perfect is no easy task if you don’t have the right painter’s tape. I have had mishaps in the past but not since I started using FrogTape® Painter’s Tape. FrogTape’s PaintBlock® Technology prevents paint from bleeding no matter what surface you’re using it on. It comes in both Multi-surface and Delicate Surface so you can make sure to get exactly what you need. I decided to stick with the Delicate Surface tape for my project based on my past experiences of painting the walls in my house. It is great for delicate surfaces, freshly painted surfaces (24 hours), faux finishes, primed wallboard and wallpaper. It will also remove from most surfaces for up to 60 days.

The FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is really simple to apply. It feels so sturdy up on the wall and as I did my cutting in with my brush, I could feel and see that the tape was doing its job perfectly. I gave my wall two coats of paint (waiting 3 hours between each coat) and then removed my painter’s tape.

As usual, I was in awe of how perfect my corner lines and baseboard line turned out. I almost didn’t want to put anything else up on the wall because I love the look of a freshly painted wall. And the yellow..oh how I love my new yellow wall!

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Although I loved my newly painted wall by itself, I decided to transform it into a Children’s Art Gallery Wall. You probably recognize most of these fun crafts pictured above from right here on I Heart Crafty Things. The top of the gallery wall consists of 3 frames on top, all with the glass and backing removed. My husband helped me add copper wire across the top of the frames so we could easily add art with mini clothespins. The FrogTape® is also great for marking lines of where you want to hang your photo frames on the wall.

Below the frames we added photo hanging wire and also a small photo shelf that we purchased from Ikea. I love how there’s three components to the wall with the frames, hanging wire and a shelf. I added some small frames onto the shelf with artwork inside them which helps to tie everything together.

The new Art Gallery Wall brightens up our room and has added a new level of fun to all of the crafting we do at our house since there is now a special place to display some of the kids’ artwork.
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