Antique Drawer turned Craft Supply Organizer

Craft Organizer


I’ve been working on organizing my craft closet the last couple weeks. It is a very narrow closet intended to be a linen closet and it’s pretty much the only extra storage space in my home. (I’m dreaming of a designated craft room in my unfinished basement someday!) With such a limited amount of space I have had to get creative with how to store some of my supplies.
I picked up this antique drawer almost a year ago at an Antique Store and it had been sitting in my basement collecting dust waiting for me to find some use for it. One day while drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino it hit me with how to use it.  🙂 



The drawer was originally painted fire engine red so I decided to repaint it in a lighter blue color. That was the easy part. The hard part was waiting patiently for my husband to finish drinking all of the Frappuccino’s over the next couple weeks. Hahaha! Luckily, they were on sale at Costco so that saved me some money.

My husband helped me remove all the labels off of the jars with a blow drier and then I removed the excess sticky residue with acetone and gave them a good wash in the dishwasher. I wanted all of my lids to match so I ended up spray painting them off-white. After filling them with supplies (mostly beads, buttons, sequins, etc.), I cut out a scallop-shaped label for the top of the lids.



I also had plenty of room to line up my large paint bottles which makes grabbing them so convenient.


You used to open up this closet and fear that a mountain would fall down on top of you, so you can imagine how refreshing it feels to finally have some sort of organization in there.


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