Tom And Jerry Coloring Pages

Have some crazy coloring fun with these Tom and Jerry coloring pages!

In nature, there are some animals that just don’t get along. The dynamic of cats and mice is one of the most famous, and it is a rivalry that is captured in the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.

This cartoon started in the 1950s, so that’s over 70 years of madcap antics!

This collection of free Tom and Jerry coloring pages for kids is here to celebrate these two characters that just can’t get along.

All of your favorite Tom and Jerry characters are here for you to color, and there is so much fun to be had!

So let’s begin the first page as we meet up with everyone’s favorite cartoon rivalry.

20 Brand New Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

These two characters may be at war most of the time, but they look almost friendly towards one another here!

We get our two heroes posed together with their logo, and it’s a great Tom and Jerry coloring sheet to get this collection started. How will you color this first page of the collection?Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for kids free download

In this Tom and Jerry coloring page, Tom’s latest scheme to finally catch Jerry has failed again, and now Tom is running away in a panic!

See his hands flung high in surprise as he turns to flee from whatever trap Jerry has set against him this time.

Use your colors to imagine what Jerry might have done to outsmart Tom and send him running away. Maybe he rigged a bucket of water to splash Tom or set up a tripwire to send him tumbling.tom and jerry coloring pages

Even mice need to have a treat every now and then, and Jerry is ready to tuck into the ice cream he is holding!

The type of ice cream it is depends on you, and you could show what your favorite ice cream is with the colors that you use. Which flavor would you choose for this icy treat Jerry is about to enjoy?Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for kids free download

The peace was never going to last long, and now the two boys are back at it as Tom frantically chases his enemy!

Tom is looking very determined and serious, but Jerry seems to be having the time of his life here.

This should be a really fun one to color!Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for kids free download

Jerry is scurrying along with a big, mischievous grin across his face, up to some silly prank as usual.

Look how fast Jerry’s little feet are moving as he rushes off, probably to set up his next joke against Tom.

Jerry just loves outwitting his feline foe! The laughter and excitement Jerry feels from pulling tricks on Tom is clear from the energetic expression on his furry face.

Use fun, bright colors to bring Jerry’s playful personality to life in this scene as he schemes up his latest joke against Tom.tom and jerry coloring printable

Jerry is looking a bit uneasy in this Tom and Jerry coloring page. He is almost always in control of the situation, but here it seems as if he may have been caught off guard by something.

You could show what you think the situation could be by drawing some background details or props for the scene!Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for kids free download

As we mentioned in the previous image, Jerry is almost always in charge of the situation. This one captures another moment where he is not looking very happy!

It shows a moment that may be after one of the rare times that Tom gets the upper hand. This could be another fun one to draw some background details for!Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Here we see Tom striking his signature pose, paw placed confidently on his hip while his other hand is raised up boldly.

He has a sneaky, sly look on his face, like he is coming up with another brilliant scheme to finally outwit Jerry and catch him at last.

Tom is always thinking up elaborate traps and plans to try and get the best of Jerry, though they usually backfire! Use your colors to imagine what Tom’s latest plot could be. tom and jerry coloring printable for kids

We’ve covered how cats and mice are mortal enemies, but poor Tom has another enemy he needs to watch out for!

This page shows that character: the bulldog Spike. Spike is always on Tom’s case, and his expression here shows that he is not looking happy, which is probably bad news for Tom!

How will you color Spike here?Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Tom has a lot of misfortune in the cartoons, but this page in our collection of free Tom and Jerry coloring pages for kids shows him looking pretty happy!

This could mean that he has bested Jerry for once, and you could again show what the situation could be by adding some extra details, characters and props.Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages free pdf download

Jerry has found a colorful ball to play with, holding it up happily in his paws. What kind of ball do you think it is? It could be a beach ball, a bouncy ball, a tennis ball, or even a big ball of yarn.

Jerry looks excited to have something fun to play with and pass the time. Choose bright, vibrant colors to show what Jerry’s new toy is and to show how he feels about his new discovery. tom and jerry coloring sheet free download

Jerry can sometimes be a bit mean to old Tom, but you wouldn’t think so by how innocent he looks here!

He looks as if he is trying to charm someone here, and it makes you wonder what the situation could be. Now it’s up to you to finish off this cute portrayal of Jerry with the colors that you use.Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages free pdf download

We’re turning back time for this next page! There was a series called Tom and Jerry Kids a few years ago that followed the duo in their younger years, and this picture shows Tom as a kid.

If you’re feeling creative, maybe you could draw the kid version of Jerry alongside Tom here!Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Tom is ready for his close-up in this next picture. We get a good look at his face here, and he looks really happy.

This one could be fun to add to as well. For example, you could draw a circle around his head to make it look like a title card.

Or, maybe you could draw his body beneath him and finish off the scene! What do you think you will choose to do?Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

This next Tom and Jerry coloring printable captures a moment for Tom where he is not exactly looking dignified! He seems to be taunting someone, and it could be Spike the dog.

If that is the case, Tom is really playing with fire here! What do you think could be causing Tom to act this way?Tom and Jerry Coloring Book free printable

It’s time for another Tom closeup! The focus is on our feline friend again, and his hand is extended. This is another case where you could add to the scene with some extra details.

It could be fun to draw something in his stretched-out hand! Maybe it could even be Jerry, and if you did that then you could use one of the other pages to copy from.Tom and Jerry Coloring Book free printable

Speaking of Jerry, here he is for some more coloring! He is looking as if he has just seen something he really likes in this image.

Knowing Jerry, it’s probably a hunk of cheese that he would like to claim as his own! What do you think Jerry is looking at here?Tom and Jerry Coloring Book for kids free printable

Tom is rarely lucky in his exploits, and this page shows the results of one of his schemes going wrong!

He has been completely flattened by one of Jerry’s traps here, and he is definitely not looking too happy about it!

You could possibly draw the object that made Tom’s head into a pancake in order to finish off the scene shown here.Tom and Jerry Coloring Book for kids free printable

Oh no, something Jerry did has shocked Tom once again in this Tom and Jerry Coloring Page.

See how Tom’s eyes and mouth are wide open in surprise, and he even has one leg comically lifted up in the air.

What sort of crazy prank could Jerry have pulled this time to startle Tom so much? Did he drop a bucket of water on Tom’s head, spray him with a silly string, or pull some other nonsense?

Use your best colors to illustrate the joke Jerry played that took Tom so by surprise in this funny scene.original tom and jerry coloring pages

To finish off this collection, we have a Tom and Jerry coloring sheet where Jerry has claimed the ultimate prize, cheese! He looks as if he is being chased here, so Tom is probably in hot pursuit.

How will you close off this collection with your colors? That cheese would look great with some bright yellows! We look forward to seeing how you finish off this frantic scene.Tom and Jerry Coloring Sheet for children free download

Tom And Jerry Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed reliving some classic cartoon adventures with this collection of free Tom and Jerry coloring pages for kids!

We tried to incorporate a wide variety of different scenarios for you to color, and we wanted to allow for plenty of creativity.

If you had fun with this collection, we have many more covering a wide variety of subjects ready for you on our website!

We would also love to share in the cartoon mayhem, so please share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy!

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