Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages

Bring out the bright colors in these Powerpuff Girls coloring pages.

On this page, you will find 25 all new Powerpuff coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Three pre-school-aged girls with superpowers? Yes, please!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, also known as The Powerpuff Girls, are the little heroes we never knew we needed.

The Powerpuff Girls is an animated TV series featuring the adventures of the three little girls from saving the planet from mad scientists, local criminals, or aliens using their superpowers.

Each character on the Powerpuff Girls has their color designation and kids are fascinated not only by the action-filled stories but also because of the visuals of the series.

We created these new Powerpuff Girls coloring pages to be enjoyed by kids. These free printables are easy to download, print, and color.

Kids will learn to associate colors with characters and their motor skills will also be used on these intricate illustrations.

Time to bring out those super bright colors!

25 Brand New Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The Powerpuff Girls each has their personality, unique superpower, and designated color.

Blossom, the leader of the group and is in the middle of this Powerpuff Girls coloring page for kids, is known for her pink signature looks and red-orange hair with a red bow.

Bubbles, the one on the left, is the sweet one on the team. Her signature color is blue and her blonde hair is in pigtails.

Buttercup, flying on the right side, is regarded as the tough one of the Powerpuff Girls. Green is her signature color and has short black hair.

These little girls are seen flying upwards on these free Powerpuff Girls printables with heart-shaped lines above their heads.powerpuff girls coloring pages all 3 pdf

Blossom looks ready for action as she soars upwards with determination in her eyes. As the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, she is always focused on saving Townsville from evil villains.

Blossom is known for being the most level-headed of the sisters. She comes up with plans and is great at taking charge in tough situations.

Make sure to use bright shades of red and pink when coloring her. You can also draw in the cityscape of Townsville behind her as she flies off to fight crime and save the day.powerpuff girls coloring pages

These girls are superheroes and they may be strong but they’re also just little girls who are sweet and playful.

In the show, even though it’s about saving the world, the kids are also faced with normal issues young children encounter, such as going to school, bedwetting, sibling rivalries, etc.

In this Powerpuff Girls coloring page for kids, the girls are seen waving and smiling, with their signature big round eyes looking happy.free powerpuff girls coloring pages printables

The leader of the team, Blossom, is featured on this Powerpuff Girls coloring sheet.

As you will see in the TV show and her other appearances, Blossom has a red and pink color scheme for her hair, clothes and even her eyes.

In this image, she is floating high in the sky, and it makes for a really cool pose!

If you use some reds and pinks for Blossom, you could use some blues for the sky to really make her stand out from the background. How will you color this portrayal of the team leader?powerpuff girls coloring pages free printables

Buttercup has her fists clenched as she flies into the air in this Powerpuff Girls coloring page. It’s clear she’s powered up and ready for some butt-kicking action!

Known as the toughest fighter of the three sisters, Buttercup always relishes the chance to punch and kick the bad guys.

You can color her in her signature green outfit, use dark and moody shades that match her tough attitude.

To make the scene more high-impact, you could add some colorful comic book action words like “POW!” and “WHAM!” around the determined Powerpuff Girl.new powerpuff girls coloring printable

The Powerpuff Girls are back in action on this free printable! They are seen flying on their signature flying poses with heart-shaped geometric lines.

Heart shapes are a common illustration in the series as the Heart Stones, three heart-shaped crystal stones (pink, blue, and green) possess magical powers and are acquired by Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.black and white powerpuff girls pdf printable sheets

Professor Utonium, with his square head, looks like the perfect father figure in his white lab coat and shirt and tie.

But don’t let his gentle smile fool you – Professor Utonium was the scientist who accidentally created the Powerpuff Girls during an experiment!

While he may seem mild-mannered, he is actually quite brilliant, using his scientific knowledge to come up with all kinds of inventions and formulas in his lab.

If you want to get creative, draw in some smoke coming out of the tobacco pipe he’s holding.Professor Utonium powerpuff girls coloring pages

In this Powerpuff Girls coloring page, you’ll see the three female heroes flying with one of their known flying poses.

Blossom leads the group, followed by Buttercup just below her and Bubbles behind them in the middle.

This coloring page will activate a kid’s color association skills as well as color combination skills. Pick colors that suit or match the flying path of the Powerpuff Girls.free powerpuff girls coloring pages printable pdf

As superheroes, the Powerpuff Girls often find themselves in some perilous adventures where they have to face off against some supervillains.

Blossom seems to be in the middle of one of those fights now, and she seems to have landed a solid punch against whichever villain she is up against.

There is quite a large roster of villains in the Powerpuff Girls series, and if you want to take this image to the next level you could show off who you think it could be.

Which villain would you choose to draw into this image?powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

The Powerpuff Girls – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup – look totally inseparable as they join hands high in the sky. Their smiles show the close bond these super-powered sisters share.

Make sure to use their signature colors – pink for Blossom, blue for Bubbles, and green for Buttercup – to fill in their outfits. This will give the scene a bright, vibrant look.

For extra fun, you could add details like white clouds floating around them or draw in the city skyline far below them as they fly upward. powerpuff girls coloring sheet free download

It’s another bright and colorful page!

The series is also known for its intricate drawings’ of 1950s futuristic pizzazz. The beautiful art and visuals of the animated series positioned it among pop culture’s favorites.

This Powerpuff Girls printable highlights the three girls with wave lines on their background. It’s an illustration where you can mix and match and play with different colors.

powerpuff girls coloring pages flying

Our Powerpuff Girls coloring pages are all about the strong, little girls that are always saving the world.

In this image, you’ll see them doing another pose, with stars as designs on this print.
These girls are indeed stars in their own right!powerpuff girls coloring pages black and white printable

It must be pretty fun to have superpowers, and Blossom seems to be enjoying them in this picture. She is zooming through the sky and looking very happy as she does it in this picture!

To suit the happy feeling of this picture, we would use some bright colors done with some colored pens or markers in order to create a bright and vibrant picture.

There is also a lot of empty space in the background, and you could draw some fun details into it.

One example would be to draw the city of Townsville behind her for an awesome backdrop to the scene!powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

Bubbles has a determined look on her face and her fists clenched as she powers into the air.

Though she’s the most cheerful and sweet-natured of the sisters, Bubbles always gets serious when it’s time to use her powers to fight crime.

Known for her bubbly personality, Bubbles provides the empathy and compassion in the group. Her sonic scream is powerful enough to shatter glass!

Make sure to use bold blues and bright yellows when coloring in her signature outfit. Since Bubbles loves animals, you could draw cute creatures like squirrels and chipmunks flying with her. original powerpuff girls coloring printable

Shown in this image from Powerpuff Girls coloring pages the little superheroes with Buttercup’s personality shining.

Bubble and Blossom are both smiling while Buttercup, with her arms crossed, is grinning showing off her playful and strong personality.

They are standing on a heart-shaped flooring with stars shining above their heads.images of powerpuff girls coloring pages

There are so many awesome details to color on this next page of our collection of free Powerpuff Girls coloring pages for kids!

Once you have colored in Blossom, there are tons of stars beneath her as she flies through the air.

These stars allow you to use all sorts of amazing colors, and there are tons of options you could go for!

Maybe you could make them all yellow, or you could try and color every one a unique shade for a color explosion. We’re sure this one will look absolutely incredible once it is done!powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

Buttercup is known to be the toughest of the three sisters, and she is featured on this next page we have for you. She has a green color scheme for her clothes and eyes, but her hair is pure black.

In this image, she seems to be in an action scene, but her smile indicates it is one she is in control of.

If you want to finish off this scene, don’t be shy about adding some background details or even more characters from the show to really make it even cooler!powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

Powerpuff Girls is set in the fictional city of Townsville, USA. It’s an American city with many major skyscrapers and has become a background for the many fights of the girls.

This free Powerpuff Girls printable shows the little girls flying over the big skyscrapers of the city they are protecting.free powerpuff girls coloring sheets to print out

The Powerpuff Girls are set to take on another adventure!

In this illustration, you’ll see them flying away looking happy and excited as they gear on towards their next escapade – although Buttercup is looking a little less happy and more serious.

She is regarded as tough and hot-headed. Possibly showing off her serious fighting face.powerpuff girls coloring pages for kids

The character of Buttercup is known to be rather serious, but here we get to see a lighthearted side to her. She is flying through the air with a big smile on her face, and it’s nice to see her so happy!

In this picture, we would again go for some bright colors done with some vibrant mediums in order to suit the happy feeling given off in the scene.

There are some more stars to color in here, so you can really go to town with all of your favorite colors.powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

Now, we have a Powerpuff Girls coloring printable that features Bubbles. She has a blue color scheme for her eyes and clothing, but her hair is a bright yellow to contrast it.

She is also known to be the happiest and bubbliest of the three sisters, and she is certainly showing that side of herself here.

We once again have some stars in this picture, and you can color them any way you like.

You could also use some crafts such as small stickers around the stars to make the image even more cool and vibrant!powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

On this last page of our Powerpuff Girls coloring pages, you’ll see three smiling little girls flying towards the sky. They are surrounded by different cute designs of flowers and peace symbols.

These symbols represent what the Powerpuff Girls is all about – girl power and peace as they try to protect their city from the bad guys.powerpuff girls coloring pages all 3 flying to print out

Bubbles is looking very excited on this next page. It doesn’t take much to make her excited, but something has really done it this time!

She is surrounded by many lines that separate the background into sections, so you can color these sections in many different ways.

If you want to try and show what has gotten her so excited, you could add something to the background to show what could be causing her happy mood.

What do you think could have her feeling this way?powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

This picture has so many stars for you to color, and once they are all done it will surely be one of the most vibrant pages in the collection!

There are so many ways that you could color these stars that it could be hard to choose.

If you’re worried about making a decision you’ll regret, remember that these pages are free to print as many times as you like!

That means you can print out a few copies in order to try out all your ideas to see which one you like best. It can be fun to experiment, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

Bubbles is having a wonderful time soaring through the sky in this Powerpuff Girls coloring page.

This is a page where the background has been left blank, so you could either draw a scene into the background or just use some solid colors.

If you’re feeling extra creative, maybe you could draw her sisters Blossom and Buttercup flying close behind her.

You could use some of the previous pages from the collection if you need some help drawing them. What are some other ideas you have for how you could fill in the background?powerpuff girls coloring pages free printable

Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages – Bright Colors for these Free Printables

The Powerpuff Girls may be small but they indeed come with great abilities and are filled with such personalities!

The series has highlighted the relatability of these characters that’s why kids love them. The visuals are stunning and the colors bring out so much life to these characters.

We created the Powerpuff Girls coloring pages for kids of all ages to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan or not of the series, you can appreciate these free printables because of the attention to detail we’ve put into them.

This unique set of coloring pages will surely bring out the creative side of each child. The stunning visuals and design of this series and the characters will make coloring activities fun and engaging.

If you like these Powerpuff Girls coloring pages for kids, share them with friends. You can also post your finished artworks on our Facebook page as we would like to see them.

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