Rick and Morty Coloring Pages

Have some wacky coloring adventures with these Rick and Morty coloring pages!

Many of us have wondered what it would be like to explore the universe at one point or another, and the Rick and Morty show provides that fantasy quite effectively.

The show chronicles the adventures of supergenius Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith along with their dysfunctional family.

It’s known for its mix of crude and smart humor along with the colorful backgrounds and characters the duo encounter.

This collection of free Rick and Morty coloring pages for kids will help you to relive some of those adventures! You will find 15 pages showing Rick and Morty and a few surprise characters as well.

By the end, you will have been able to use all of your favorite colors and art mediums, so strap in for a wild coloring ride!

15 Brand New Rick and Morty Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

You’re not seeing triple on this first Rick and Morty coloring page! That is indeed three instances of Rick on this page, which may seem odd to anyone unfamiliar with the show.

In the show, Rick and Morty often encounter versions of themselves from parallel universes, which can cause situations such as the one on this page.

You could color them all with Rick’s normal color scheme, but you could also try and differentiate their colors as well! Which approach will you choose?New Rick and Morty Coloring Pages

On this next page, we only have one half of the Rick and Morty duo, but it’s still a very cool page! This time, we have Rick paired up with Summer, his granddaughter.

They look like they mean business, as Rick is aiming a weapon while Summer has a stern look on her face. In the background, the planets suggest that they’re on some alien world.

The show is famous for its vibrant colors, so you could use all sorts of amazing ones for this background!rick and morty coloring pages for kids

It’s another Rick and Summer adventure as they’re cruising in Rick’s spaceship for some adventure. They’re on the way to some fun adventure, and you get to show what that could be.

You could draw some background details to show what they’re up to on this page. The background has been left relatively blank, so you could create some fun scenarios.

These background details could be based on some moments from the show, or you could come up with your own ideas as well. It would be great to see what you choose to add!rick and morty coloring pages for children

One running concept throughout Rick and Morty is the titular duo enjoying interdimensional cable. This allows them to enjoy all sorts of weird and wonderful TV shows from other dimensions.

This page shows them sitting down to enjoy some of this interdimensional cable, and it makes for a relaxing picture as well.

I would use some lighter colors and mediums to reflect the relaxing nature of the scene.

These segments are known for the banter between Rick and Morty, and so you could also add some speech bubbles to show what they could be commenting on.original rick and morty coloring pages

This Rick and Morty coloring page sure shows an action packed moment! Rick is aiming two weapons at once, and he seems to be in dire straits.

This is another page that would be perfect for some background details. You could show some of the forces that he is up against, or you could draw a cool setting for him to be a part of.

There are some small details on the guns, so you may want to use colored pens or other small mediums to color those smaller details.black and white rick and morty coloring pages

In the series, Morty often serves as the everyman that is learning things about these strange alien worlds at the same time that the viewer does. Luckily, Rick is there to explain it all.

That is what is happening here, as Rick educates Morty on the wonders of the alien world that they find themselves in.

Morty seems to be amazed at what he’s learning, and it makes you wonder what Rick is saying.

This is another page that you could add some dialogue to in some speech bubbles to show what is being said at this moment.rick and morty coloring sheet free download

Rick and Morty go on many perilous adventures, but there is always some time to have some fun as well. This page is showing a sweet scene, as Rick and Morty are dancing on an alien world.

I would probably go for some bright and vibrant colors for this page, as that would give off a party feeling. You could even draw in some extra details to really finish off their party.

Adding some music notes or even snippets of lyrics would help to show what song they could be dancing to as well!rick and morty coloring printable free download

The next scene that we have for you to color is quite an unusual one! Rick and Morty seem to be in a bit of a sticky situation here, as Rick is hanging on for dear life as Morty falls.

The thing that Rick is hanging from looks a bit like a plug for a kitchen sink, so it makes me think that they have been shrunk down. Judging from their adventures, I would say it’s quite likely!

What do you think is happening in this bizarre scene?rick and morty coloring pages for kids

There’s nothing like relaxing with a cool beverage with people that you love, and Rick and Morty are enjoying such a moment on this next page.

However, there may be more to this scene than it seems! The drinks are bubbling with lines above, so it could be one of Rick’s bizarre concoctions.

Of course, it could also be regular old soda! You can be the judge and show what you think they’re drinking with the colors you use.

Will it be soda or some strange chemical mixture?rick and morty coloring printable for kids

On this next Rick and Morty coloring printable, Rick is wearing some kind of device over his eyes. To me, it looks like a virtual reality headset, and he could be using it for training purposes.

Or, it could be a piece of gear that he needs to use for an adventure. It’s up to you to decide, and you could show what you think by drawing some fun additions or background details.

It would be interesting to see what you think this headset could be.rick and morty coloring sheet free download

I really love the chaotic feeling of this next page, as Rick and Morty seem to be traveling through a portal to a new world. The looks on their faces show that something may have gone wrong though!

There are so many cool details in the background, and these would allow you to use all sorts of amazing colors.

I think that I would use some colored pens for this page, as that would help to make the colors pop.

This will surely be one of the most vibrant pages in the collection once you have worked your color magic on it!easy rick and morty coloring printable

As a super genius, Rick is often in deep thought while pondering the mysteries of the universe. That is what is happening here, as he seems to be having some serious contemplation.

As he thinks, he is snacking on something as well, which is a good idea to help the creative process!

You could show what he could be thinking with a speech bubble.

The colors you use could also make it seem like he is snacking on one of your favorite snacks. It could also be nice to have a snack of your own as you focus on this page!full size rick and morty coloring pages

When you’re as smart as Rick Sanchez, many different scenarios may seem a bit boring to you.

This page shows him in a situation which does not seem to be engaging his intellect in a stimulating way.

This is another page that I would use some lighter colors on, as it is a bit of a chilled moment in Rick’s day. That would be one way of doing it, but you could just as easily use some brighter colors too.

It’s up to you, so go with whatever feels right for you!rick and morty coloring printable for adults

The swirly background behind Rick looks very cool on this page, but it could be a bit tricky to color. Intricate shapes that are thin and twisty can be hard to color with the wrong tools.

Using a crayon for shapes like these would likely make you color outside the lines unless they have a sharpened tip.

However, mediums like colored pens and pencils allow you to color in small spaces.

If you have mediums that would make it easier for you, then those are the ones to use.rick and morty coloring pages for kids

Rick’s portal gun has gotten him out of many jams and tough spots, and he is using it on this Rick and Morty coloring page. The portal gun makes a round shape made of different shades of green.

You could use these bright greens for your own picture, but don’t be shy about using other colors as well. This is your coloring page, so you should use any colors that seem like a good idea to you!

Hopefully, you will share this page for us to see when it is done, as it would be great to see it!cartoon rick and morty coloring pages for kids

Rick and Morty Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Hopefully you enjoyed going on some colorful adventures with this collection of free Rick and Morty coloring sheets for kids! We got to show Rick and Morty in a wide variety of situations in this collection.

This variety allows you to use all sorts of amazing colors for the collection, and you can experiment with all of your favorite colors and mediums.

Remember to share the collection with other Rick and Morty fans to enjoy as well!

Comparing your pages can be a fun way to spread the joy of coloring and see how different people tackle different images.

When you have finished your favorite pages in the collection, please do share some of them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can enjoy your amazing artwork!

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