Curious George Coloring Pages

Have some fun coloring adventures with these Curious George coloring pages!

There are many classic characters who entertained us as kids with their adventures and lessons.

One of the most popular of these characters is Curious George, and he has appeared in many different books and other forms of media.

He has delighted millions of people with his whimsical adventures, and now you can color him in this collection of free Curious George coloring pages!

In this collection of pages, you will find a big variety of different scenes, activities and poses that Curious George is taking part in.

This will allow for all manner of different color and art medium choices for you to choose from! These Curious George printables will be perfect for unleashing your creativity.

Every one of these Curious George printables are free for you to print, color and enjoy as much as you like. You can also share these pages with other people you know so that they can join in the fun!

We hope that you enjoy joining in some colorful adventures as you take on this collection of free Curious George coloring sheets.

When you have completed your favorite pages from the collection, you can share the finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

10 Brand New Curious George Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Everyone knows that monkeys love bananas, so it’s no surprise to see George enjoying one in this first free Curious George coloring page for kids!

Curious George is usually seen in a darker brown color scheme, and if you go for that shade then you could add a splash of warmer color with some bright yellow for the banana.

This is just one suggestion, but it’s up to you with how you color in these printables! What colors will you choose for this first one?Curious George Coloring Pages for kids free download

We have a really cute picture of George in this second Curious George coloring sheet! He’s living up to his name in this one, as he looks rather curious about something in this page.

With these coloring pages, you can have fun coloring but you can also enjoy some extra drawing fun!

When the background is blank like this, you can draw all kinds of fun settings and environments for him to be in. What kind of setting would you choose to put Curious George in?Curious George Coloring Pages for adults free printable

What a cute portrayal of this character we have for you to color in this adorable Curious George coloring printable! He looks like he is enjoying a happy, peaceful day in this page.

Once again, this could be a fun page to draw a background for. There are so many cool settings that you can design for him in these pages.

Maybe he’s having a fun day in the yard or perhaps he could be in some indoor setting.

What are you thinking for this image?Curious George Coloring Pages free pdf download

George is looking excited for some coloring good times in this next free Curious George coloring page!

He is looking very happy and cheerful in this one, so we think some bright, vibrant colors would suit it nicely.

If you decide to go for a bright color scheme, you can emphasize these colors by using art mediums such as colored markers, acrylic paints or pens.

Which of your favorite art mediums will you choose?Curious George Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We have a really creative angle of George for you to color in this fun Curious George coloring sheet. We are looking down at him from above, and he is reaching out to us.

For this printable, you could draw some fun patterns or background details for the floor for an even more dynamic image.

It will be great to see how you finish this creative picture.Curious George Coloring Book free printable

This is a really relaxing Curious George printable that we have for this sixth page.

Curious George is laying down with a good book for a really calming image. We think that some milder colors would look great to suit the calming mood of the scene.

You could also use softer mediums such as watercolor paints and colored pencils to further create a soft, calm mood.Curious George Coloring Book for kids free printable

The previous Curious George coloring page featured a calm image, but this next one has him in an action pose! George is having a great time swinging from a rope, and he is looking very happy.

This is another picture that we think would be suited to some bright colors and mediums. As always, it’s completely up to you to decide how you color this printable!

What colors came to mind when you first saw this fun image? We can’t wait to see how you color this one!Curious George Coloring Sheet for children free download

This next Curious George coloring sheet shows a rather guilty-looking George with some paint all over him! With a face that cute, who could stay mad at him?

There are so many options for how you could color this printable.

The paint all over him gives you opportunities for some vibrant splashes of color, and you could also add some colorful swatches to the background to show what he was up to with that paint.

This should be a really fun image to add some color to, so let your creativity flow!Curious George Coloring Book for adults free download

The famous big yellow hat is featured in this next free Curious George coloring page. He is enjoying another tasty banana in this image, and he is leaning against the iconic hat.

If you want to create an accurate representation, you can get out your brightest yellows to color the hat!

Will you go with the classic yellows, or will you maybe create a unique variation of the hat?Curious George Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

We had George sitting against the famous yellow hat in the previous Curious George printable, and he is wearing it in this final page of the collection!

This is an adorable scene, and George once again looks very happy in this one. This should be a wonderfully bright and vibrant page to close off this delightful collection.

When this one is done, we bet it would make for a stunning poster for your room!

Curious George Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a wonderful time with this marvelous collection of free Curious George coloring pages for kids!

There are many fun poses and scenarios to color in this set, and you can choose your favorites or color every single one. Be sure to print them out as much as you like and share them with others!

Then, you’ll want to check out our website for more coloring fun. We have tons of coloring page collections we know you’ll love, and even more are on the way soon. Keep checking in to join the fun!

It’s always tons of fun to see your finished coloring pages, so when you have completed your favorite Curious George coloring sheets, we would love to see!

You can share your colorful artworks by sharing them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.Curious George Easy Coloring Pages


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