Dog Man Coloring Pages

Save the day with your favorite colors with these Dog Man coloring pages!

There are many different superheroes out there, and out of all of them Dog Man has to be one of the most unusual of them all!

As a half man, half dog hero, he spends half of his time as a great policeman and the other half as the brave Bark Knight, a superhero saving the day with his friends.

These free Dog Man coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have hours of coloring fun with everyone’s favorite half canine hero.

There are plenty of fun and imaginative images in this collection to keep Dog Man fans busy with hours of coloring fun.

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We can’t wait to share in the colorful adventures of Dog Man along with you.

10 Brand New Dog Man Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Dog Man’s police persona is the first image in our series of free Dog Man coloring sheets for kids. He’s standing with his fists out and ready for action with a bold segmented background behind him.

For this image, I would use some bright reds and yellows alternating in the background to make this image more man coloring pages free printables

The Bark Knight himself is up next in this Dog Man printable.

This superhero has different shades of blues for his outfit, so you could keep to this color scheme for this image or you could use your own color variations for a fun variation.

There are stars in the background which would look great with some bright yellows to finish off this Dog Man coloring dog man coloring pages free printables

We have a cool and creative image for our next Dog Man coloring sheet.

Dog Man is striking a triumphant pose in front of a giant cat head, so for a more unusual image like this I would suggest using some bright, fun colors to really make this image pop with color!new dog man coloring pages free download

Dog Man has dropped his police hat in this Dog Man printable, but he still has a smile on his face!

For this more subdued image, you could maybe use some darker blues for the background to create a calmer feeling. What colors will you use for this Dog Man coloring page?cute dog man coloring pages free printables

The Bark Knight is looking very heroic in this cool Dog Man coloring sheet.

There’s a circle forming a spotlight behind him along with bright flashing shapes, so you could use a combination of all of your favorite bright colors to create an explosion of awesome colors for this man coloring pages for kids free print out

We’re leaping into action for this Dog Man coloring printable.

The Bark Knight is running bravely towards us, and I think it would look really cool if you drew in and colored a huge explosion using oranges, yellows and smoke greys to create a very cinematic hero moment!bark knight dog man coloring pages free downloads

For this next Dog Man coloring sheet, we have him looking happy and confident in front of a background filled with shapes to color.

The shapes remind me of a honeycomb, so maybe you could use yellows and light orange colors for them and then a darker blue or a purple for the rest of a background.

Having these complementary colors together would make this Dog Man printable look so cool!new simple dog man coloring pages free printables

There’s another action packed image for you to have fun coloring in for this free Dog Man coloring page for kids! He’s running away from a giant, scary robot but he doesn’t look too fazed by the action going on.

For this image you could draw in some fires and destruction to show how powerful this robot is. Will you color in the robot with metallic greys or will you use some bright and striking colors to finish him off?dog man coloring pages free pdf download

Dog Man is leaping into action for this Dog Man coloring sheet. Maybe for this image you could draw in some city buildings behind him to suggest he’s patrolling a city skyline.

You could use black rectangles for the buildings with yellow dots on it to look like a building with lights on with a dark black sky to have a really cool look for this Dog Man and white dog man coloring pages printable pdf

We have both sides of the Dog Man character in this final image in our collection of free Dog Man coloring pages for kids.

Both his officer and superhero personas are present in this cool picture for you to color in. Once it’s finished you could use this as an awesome poster for your room!

I bet this page would look so cool if you chose your two favorite colors and separated the page into two with them for the backgrounds to represent two sides to the same character.

How will you finish off this last Dog Man printable?dog man coloring pages for adults free

Dog Man Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that these free Dog Man coloring sheets for kids provided hours of heroic coloring fun for you to enjoy!

All of our coloring pages and printable art are completely free for you to print out and have a great time with, so feel free to print out a few copies to share with friends or use them to try out different color variations on.

You could even try out different mediums like paints and colored pens for some even more bright colors that will make these Dog Man coloring printables really pop!

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Also, please do share your completed Dog Man coloring sheets for us to enjoy! We can’t wait to see how you colored in Dog Man’s fun adventures.original and free dog man coloring pages


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