Marble-Painted Glitter Shamrocks and Leprechaun Hat Treats for Scavenger Hunt

I wanted to put together a Scavenger Hunt for my boys for St. Patrick’s Day so earlier this week my preschooler marble painted some shamrocks for me. While the paint was still wet he sprinkled green glitter all over them to make them sparkle.


The best way I have found to do marble painting is by purchasing an aluminum cake pan with a lid from the dollar store. After adding the marbles covered in paint, just swish them around in the pan with no worries about spills or messes. The best part is that if you wash out the pan immediately after using it, it comes out perfectly clean and is reusable. Look how much fun my son had painting his shamrocks!


I wrote clues on the back of all the shamrocks and put them in their places around the house today for the boys to find. The last clue guided them to a cute little Leprechaun Hat filled with gold treasure (chocolate gold coins). I was inspired by THIS pin on Pinterest in making these fun Leprechaun hats.


I got out some of my trusty Dole fruit cups that I save to use for the hats and painted them green. I didn’t paint the inside of the cups, only the brim that was visible when you turn it over. Then I glued some black ribbon around it, a yellow buckle, and added a glitter shamrock sticker on the side of the hat. They turned out so cute!


Turn the hat over and fill it with chocolate gold coins and then package them in a clear bag sealed with some rainbow ribbon.


The boys were so excited to find their treasure! I think we will make it a yearly tradition. Hope you had a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day! I’m excited to move on to some Spring crafts this week!


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