Chicken Coloring Pages

Chicken Coloring Pages Keep your Children Entertained

Foghorn Leghorn, Miss Prissy, Heihei, and Panchito Pistoles are some of the many examples of beloved chicken characters from cartoon TV shows and books.

Why do children love chickens? Well, there’s something about these small and domesticated birds that makes them adorable.

We created a list of the cutest chickens to celebrate the latest homesteading trend of getting feathered pets.

If you’re living in the suburbs and your children dream of playing with chicken, check our collection of coloring printables.

We’ve got a whole farmyard full of free coloring pages.

15 Brand New Chicken Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Do your children want to meet chickens? It may be because they find them some of the funniest domestic animals or because their favorite cartoon character is one.

This rooster looks hungry. Maybe he’s on the hunt for some worms lurking in the grass surrounding him, or perhaps he wants some seeds.

This coloring printable for children depicts a small bird that looks like a Rosecomb Bantam, a breed of petite chickens with brightly colored plumage, voluminous tails, and deep red ridges.Chicken Coloring Pages free printable

Look at this cute fluffy chicken gazing up with its big round eyes. It has a soft, round body and tiny wings tucked at its sides.

The chicken’s head tilted curiously, maybe it was looking for its mother or some food. Its beak is opened a bit wondering what’s up above.

Color its downy feathers with bright sunny yellow, its beak orange, and don’t forget its cute feet. Add some green grass blades and a big blue sky to complete the scene.chicken coloring pages for kids

Take a look at this cute baby chicken.

Farm fowls may look all the same to your children, but you should teach them that they can recognize each other because chickens can distinguish over 100 faces of their family.

If you’re looking for chicken coloring printables to download for free, here is a page with a baby chicken that just hatched from the egg.

It has fuzzy fluff and its little wings directed forward as it’s ready to leave the eggshells and go on its first adventure.lettle Chicken Coloring Pages free download

Roosters crow because they have an internal clock that helps them anticipate sunrise. They need to see the daylight coming to run ahead in defending their territory and hunting for food.

This coloring page shows a rooster crowing in the morning. He climbed on a rock to elevate himself above the ground to ensure that the other birds living at the farm see him.

He has a prominent ridge, layered plumage, and a magnificent Chicken Coloring Pages free printable

Foghorn Leghorn is a fictional rooster that appears in the Looney Tunes films. We were inspired by his character when we created this coloring sheet because we know children love him.

If your children asked you what’s the rooster’s name that says “Hey, whatcha making there boy? Looks like sodi-pop.

Hyuk yuk! Watch it fizz!!” is, you need to search no more because here he is. He may usually be referred to as the Looney Tunes Chicken, but now you know his name.

In this chicken coloring sheet, you can see a large rooster that seems to smile while telling a joke. He has a huge ridge and beads and a voluminous tail.

If your children want to paint it to resemble Foghorn Leghorn, they should use white for the rooster’s body and red for its head and tail.male Chicken Coloring book free printable

This energetic chicken is ready to explore its world. Playing around with its wings outstretched, it looks eager to take off running and playing.

It has fluffy feathered cheeks and inquisitive eyes focused ahead. Use zig-zagging strokes for its downy coat and dashes of orange for its beak and feet.

Draw a fun background with more chickens wandering through long grass and wildflowers.chicken coloring printable for kids

This rooster doesn’t look as fierce as the one from the previous image; however, looks can always be deceiving.

Did you know that there’s an evolutionary link between Tyrannosaur Rex dinosaurs and domesticated chicken? It seems chickens inherit their leg bone points from them.

The sumptuous rooster in this printable sheet has quite imposing legs to match its intricate plumage, large beads, and magnificent tail.cartoon Chicken Coloring sheet free download

The rooster in this chicken page definitely looks fiery with his furrowed brows, intense eye contact, and the way he takes up space by standing tall.

You can use the printable sheet to help your children read body language in pets and birds and tell when they shouldn’t approach them.

This chicken printable page depicts a bird with rich plumage, a heavy tail, a large ridge, and big beads. He most likely is an adult rooster considering his spurs.realistic Chicken Coloring Pages free printable

Meet the cutest little chick around! She’s standing there with her wings spread wide and a friendly smile on her beak. Look at how fluffy and sweet she is.

Let’s use sunny, cheerful colors to bring out this chick’s cuddly personality. Give her feathers fun patterns and textures.

Decorate her wings with pretty designs. And don’t forget fanciful details for her feet like fun socks or shoes!

In the blank background we can create any scene you can dream up! Is she playing in a meadow? Splashing in puddles? Or snuggling in a cozy nest? original chicken coloring pages

Here is another example of a ferocious rooster. You can tell he is the king of the farm from how confidently he watches over his territory.

From the way his plumage looks, he surely has multicolored feathers.

Use this chicken page to encourage your children’s creativity when it comes to coloring. They can use multiple shades to paint this rooster and enhance his grandeur.Chicken Coloring book free printable for kids

Children growing up far away from the countryside can have the misconception that chickens aren’t very exciting animals.

But if you introduce your children to these farm birds with cartoon TV shows like Moana, Chicken Run, and Looney Tunes they will learn that they have fascinating lives.

The hen in this coloring page looks like she’s on her way to hunt for food for her baby chicken. She has a fluffy plumage and an impressive ridge.

Hens have more petite tails than roosters, but their feathers are as beautifully colored as theirs.Chicken Coloring sheet for toddlers free printable

Check out this cute little chick with the fluffy tuft of feathers on its head! This baby chicken is looking to the left with a curious expression.

With those wide eyes and tilted head, it seems very interested in something. Chickens have excellent vision and can see in color!

Let’s use curving lines to shape this chick’s soft, fuzzy body. Add some green grass blades below its yellow feet. Give this cutie a bright red comb on top of its head – that’s where chickens release heat! black-and-white chicken coloring pages

Use our chicken coloring pages to teach your children that these domestic animals have a full-color vision, and they can easily distinguish between different types of foods; unlike other pets, they are not color blind. Chickens see the world in color, just like humans.

For example, this coloring sheet offers them the opportunity to see how a hen looks in detail as it shows a bird with a fluffy plummeting sitting on a pool of grains.Chicken Coloring Pages free pdf download

Parents can use chicken coloring printable sheets to teach their children about farm fowls. Hens and roosters look very different, and it’s easy for children to tell them apart.

For example, this page depicts a hen walking on grass, probably searching for food or watching over her baby chicken.

Hens have soft and silky feathers, red-colored ridges and beads, and short tails. Chickens come in several breeds.

You can show your children pictures of different kinds of chicken before they start painting coloring pages to help them picture how to color them.

Even if chickens are some of the most common and widespread domestic animals, your children probably never saw a real one if you’re living in the city.

Download and print our chicken coloring pages for free to teach your children everything about them.Chicken Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Look at this cute little chick looking as curious as can be! Its beak is open slightly as it gazes with wide eyes, wondering about the world around it.

Chickens are very intelligent and can even solve problems and learn tricks!

Let’s use curvy lines to shape this chick’s soft, downy body. Give it bright yellow feathers just starting to sprout.

Add some grass for the chick to explore – chickens love to peck and scratch the ground.chicken coloring sheet free download


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