Pig Coloring Pages

Have fun and use your imagination to color these all new pig coloring pages

Pigs might have a reputation for being messy creatures, but there is much more to these interesting creatures.

Pigs are adorable, smart, and very useful animals, with cute personalities and excellent memories.

Believe it or not, there are many different kinds of pigs that come in all different colors, so they are a great subject for pig coloring pages.

Pigs are even widespread in pop culture, from Charlotte’s Web to Peppa Pig. If you grew up on a farm, you might even have had a pig as a pet. Recently we can’t get enough of these cute and interesting farm animals.

There is a big demand from our readers for printable pig coloring pages that you can download and enjoy for free.

So at long last here are 25 brand new and completely free pig coloring pages that you can color any way you want. Enjoy!

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Pig Coloring Pages – 25 Brand New Printable Sheets

Pigs are much smarter than you think. They have excellent memories and can recognize and remember objects and solve problems.

In fact, pigs are smarter than any other domesticated animal. The pig in this coloring page gives us a knowing smile as she walks around.Pig 1

A pig’s intelligence and excellent sense of smell make them very useful creatures. They have even been used to help people find special mushrooms called truffles buried in the ground.

This pig appears to be searching for something. Maybe he has spotted a truffle! Pig 2

Pigs also have a good sense of direction! The happy pig in this coloring sheet appears to know exactly where he is going. He trots happily by thick grass and a forest of tall trees in the background. Pig 3

We can’t get enough of the happy little pig in this free printable sheet. Although pigs are usually thought of as big pink creatures, they actually come in all different shapes and sizes.

This might be a mini pig. She has a cute little patch over one eye a she looks like she is squealing happily.

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Pig 4

This coloring page features a cheerful pig walking and having fun. His curly tail and round belly are perfect for coloring with piggy pinks, purples and oranges.

The background scene sets a festive mood. Color a confetti-filled sky with fun shapes and multi-colored stars. Add balloons, party hats and other decorations to take the page to the next level.pig coloring pages

Who knew that pigs were such interesting creatures? Feel free to print and color as many fun images as you want. These pig coloring pages are completely free! Pig 5

The friendly pig in this printable sheet for kids turns around to smile at us.

Pigs can recognize their owners and they even love to get massages or a good scratch on the belly. They sure know how to live a luxurious lifestyle. Pig 6

For a creature with a reputation of being messy, pigs are actually very clean animals. They keep their bathrooms far away from their living areas and even enjoy grooming each other.

You can tell the pig in this coloring page likes to keep his pen nice and clean. Pig 7

This pig looks like he’s ready to explore the farm. It has large, floppy ears and a cute, upturned nose.

Its eyes are round and bright, and its mouth is curved into a happy grin. Its body is chubby and peachy, with a corkscrew tail that bounces with energy.

This coloring page is perfect for anyone who loves pigs and farm life. Give the piggy light colored spots or patches over its rosy skin.little pig coloring pages

Did you know that spotted pigs, like the one in this coloring sheet, are called Gloucestershire Old Spots? They are a rare breed of pig that mostly live in the UK and grow to be very large. Pig 8

This little pig has a messy tuft of hair on the top of his head. Pigs don’t really have fur like cats or dogs. Instead, most pigs have stiff hair called bristle all over their bodies.

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Pig 9

Did you know that pigs like the water and that some are very good swimmers? This pig in this free printable seems to be enjoying splashing around in a shallow puddle on a warm day.Pig 10

This pig coloring page features an adorable piggy who’s eager to meet you. With perky, floppy ears and a tiny snout, this friendly pig flashes a warm smile.

Its eyes twinkle with curiosity as it stands in the middle of a road. The pig’s round, body and tightly curled tail give it an extra cuddly appearance.

As you color in this cheerful page, have fun bringing the piggy to life. Use pinks, browns, yellows, greens, and reds to fill in details of the environment.pig coloring printable

Pigs definitely have very cute and fun personalities. This pig appears to be dancing. She waves her hooves from side to side and grins happily. Pig 11

Did you know that a newborn pig is called a piglet? We love the imagination in this pig coloring sheet of a piglet wearing a little diaper with a flower on the front.

Piglets recognize their mother’s voice and run to her when she calls. Pig 12

This pig looks playful as if it’s waiting for its friend. It is standing on all fours legs and has a large smile and a curly tail.

The pig has big ears that stick out to the sides and a small nose that sniffs the air. It also has a white body and a black nose. The background is white, so you can add any color or pattern you like. original pig coloring printable

After you finish your pig coloring pages, remember to post your favorites onto our Facebook page. Every month we do a contest where the best uploads win a special prize! Pig 13

The pig in this coloring page appears to be taking a quick rest. Pigs need almost as much sleep as we do, close to 8 hours a night! Pig 14

Meet the happiest piggy on the farm with this joyful coloring page. At the center is an adorable pig with a round, oversized head and tiny body balanced on four little hooves.

A huge, cheerful smile stretches across its snout, and its beady eyes are filled with delight. Perky, floppy ears stick out on either side of its head as its curly tail curls up with excitement.

Color in this cute piggy however you’d like! Give it brown spots or patches, or go crazy with different colored polka dots.pig coloring sheet free download

The pig in this coloring page has found the smallest mud puddle we’ve ever seen to soak in! Pig 15

We love the imagination in this coloring page of a pig in a chef’s hat and apron holding a steaming plate of something tasty. Pigs love most fruits and vegetables like lettuce, squash, and berries, but a pig will also eat just about anything.

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Pig 16

Our coloring page designers seem to love imaging pigs as chefs. Perhaps they have taken their inspiration from Chef Pig, a character in the Angry Birds series. However, this pig looks a lot more friendly than him. Pig 17

Pigs love mud! But it isn’t because they like to be dirty like most people think. Pigs can’t sweat like humans can and they don’t like hot temperatures very much.

Because of this, they like to cool off by splashing around in a nice mud muddle. This pig looks like he could not be having more fun.
Pig 18

The pig in this coloring sheet looks a little more timid about getting muddy. He steps slowly and carefully into his puddle, but surely he will soon be splashing around and having a great time soon. Pig 19

Pigs make amazing pets that can form strong bonds with their owners. This pig seems to have a nice big fenced-in home, with plenty of grass for him to munch on.

The best things about this pig are his big ears and curly tail! Pig 20

Keep in mind that we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets. Check back every week to see which new animals and characters are available for you to print, color, and enjoy.

Once you have chosen and colored your favorite printables remember to post your finished pig coloring pages onto our Facebook page. We love to see all the creative ways you color these super fun images. See you next time!

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